Labour MP tells anti-fracking marchers: ‘You are not alone’

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop34

Dennis Skinner MP speaking at a rally in Bolsover, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

The Bolsolver MP, Dennis Skinner, told several hundred anti-fracking campaigners at a rally in Derbyshire that the Labour Party was behind them.

In the keynote speech, Mr Skinner said:

“You are not acting in isolation. Opposition to fracking is Labour Party policy.”

Mr Skinner called on the parliamentary Labour Party to get behind the anti-fracking movement. He said:

“When Jeremy Corbyn comes up here we want him talking about action against fracking.

“We have to make sure that every Labour MP understands that this is Labour Party policy. They should all be shouting it from the roof tops.”

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop35

Dennis Skinner MP speaking at a rally at Bolsover, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

The Not for Shale rally in Bolsover followed a five-mile march from the neighbouring villages of Clowne and Shuttlewood.

The area is covered by exploration licences held by INEOS Shale.

The company has been conducting seismic testing east of Bolsover area. It has submitted three planning applications for shale gas wells in north east Derbyshire and Rotherham. Two of the applications are to be decided at public inquiries.

Mr Skinner said the campaigners at today’s event “represented hundreds of people in the north Derbyshire and south Yorkshire coalfield”.

But he said:

“We are not just speaking for people in north Derbyshire and the surrounding area. We are voicing the opinions of most of the people of Britain.

“There are thousands of people who are going to be affected by fracking.

“If we put a stop to this here we will be putting a stop to it in the whole of Britain.

“I will be opposing fracking not just in these towns and villages but everywhere in Britain.”

180224 Not for Shale Sharon Poulter

Not for Shale march and rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Sharon Poulter


The organisers of the event, Bolsover Against Fracking, estimated about 500 people took part in the march and rally. People came from across the East Midlands. They included representatives from Marsh Lane and Woodsetts, where INEOS has applied for a shale gas exploration, and Misson, where IGas is beginning site construction work for two wells.

180224 Not for Shale Paul Evans

Not for Shale rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Paul Evans

Anne Weston, leader of the Labour group on Derbyshire County Council, said:

“One of the issues that needs to be made clear about INEOS is that this is not about national energy interests. It is about raw materials for the plastics business, just at the time when people are waking up to the environmental damage that plastics can cause.”



Keith Atkin, co-founder of Bolsover Against Fracking (above left), said the march and rally was the “culmination of a year’s hard work” for the group.

“I think if there were representatives of the oil and gas companies here they would go away thinking ‘We have a problem. The population is obviously totally against fracking and we are going to be hard put to overcome this’.

“The fight will continue until fracking is eliminated from the industrial scene in this country.”

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop36

David Kesteven, chair of Eckington Against Fracking, at the Bolsover rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

David Kesteven, chair of Eckington Against Fracking, which is fighting INEOS’s Marsh Lane application, said the anti-fracking movement was growing and winning people over. He said:

“We are turning the Tories round.”

Some of the biggest applause was for the National Trust, which is facing court action from INEOS over access for seismic testing at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.



Deb Hodson, of Frack Free Sherwood and Edwinstowe, said:

“We can bring about an end to fracking through raising awareness, peaceful protest and reminding our politicians that they are elected to listen to us.”

Reporting from this event was made possible by individual donations from DrillOrDrop readers

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  1. Martin I am elderly, I heat my home adequately, I come from a generation which wrapped up warm in winter. The likes of me don’t need lecturing about how age affects susceptibility to cold. We don’t need lecturing by a misguided person who tells us fracking will reduce our bills. We know it never will. I fail to understand why you are supporting the fracking sinking ship. I wouldn’t suggest for a minute that’s because you are paid to do so, because that’s outside my knowledge. But I am mystified. All the supposed benefits of fracking have been discredited, especially regarding cost and the future which necessarily excludes fracking. We have only one support base for fracking, and that’s the Tory party. Whether their support for fracking against all the evidence comes from vested interest, again I couldn’t possibly say.

    I don’t admire Dennis Skinner’s attitude on Brexit. He exemplifies the lack of support Corbyn has even from the left of his party. He talks fracking, not about leaving it in the ground. He is in denial about Brexit’s potential risk regarding environmental regulation. But he is right on fracking, and good for him.

  2. Easy to chase cheap votes on the anti- everything bandwagon. Whatever ones politics surely a party sticking to an unpopular policy in the interest of our economy, energy security &, yes, the environment deserves some respect, however grudging? They would earn more respect by publicly standing up to the “wind n Sunshine ” fantasists & their selfish nimby friends.

  3. Jack the lad, this is just unfounded scare mongering akin to the irresponsible anti MMR vaccine crowd ( who are responsible for increasing measles deaths.) If we just hope we can rely on & afford imported energy we risk real not imagined deaths from fuel poverty. For what it’s worth my only interest in investors profits is the potential tax yield without which there will not be the funds to support breast cancer & other calls on State expenditure. Protesting may be fun but it helps nobody.

    • Is this list of names from the BMJ ( British Medical Journal ) just ” scare mongering ” Rod Jago ????

      As they are all warning about the dangers of fracking.

      Dr Robin Stott, Co-Chair, Climate and Health Council
      Professor Sue Atkinson CBE, Co-Chair, Climate and Health Counci
      Professor Hugh Montgomery, UCL
      Professor Maya Rao OBE
      Professor Martin McKee, LSHTM
      Dr Clare Gerada, GP and former Chair of RGCP
      Dr Christopher Birt, University of Liverpool and Christie Hospital, Manchester
      Professor John Yudkin, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, UCL
      Dr Sheila Adam, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer
      Professor Klim McPherson, Chair of the UK Health Forum
      Dr John Middleton, Vice President UKFPH
      Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, KCL
      Helen Gordon, Board Member, Climate and Health Council
      Dr Frank Boulton, Medact and Southampton University
      Dr Sarah Walpole, Academic Clinical Fellow
      Professor Allyson Pollock, QMUL
      Dr Julie Hotchkiss, Acting Director of Public Health at City of a York Council
      Professor Jennie Popay, Lancaster University

      The above list taken from the following report.

      Public Health England’s draft report on shale gas extraction


      • Jack the lad,
        The publication you referred to actually concludes that it is a potential but unproven risk. The risk of sugar causing diabetes are proven risk and yet they dont ban sugar. Coal particulates cause lung diseases and yet we still burning coal. Animal fat consumption cause heart disease but they dont ban them either.
        The best and irrefutable evidence are incidence cluster statistics. And after over a decade and 1million of fracked wells there are no hard evidence this risk systematically exist.
        In some medical report if a factor increase the incidence of a harm from 1 per 100000 to 3 per 100000 they still report it as a 3 fold increased risk but in real life there are other confounding factor that may contribute to this increase.

        • Nice to have you back TW.

          ‘The publication you referred to actually concludes that it is a potential but unproven risk’ as this is about the UK and fracking production thankfully has not taken place yet, they cannot conclude otherwise.

          ‘The risk of sugar causing diabetes are proven risk and yet they dont ban sugar.’ this is not a proven risk, but a contributory factor; it’s not the sugar per se that causes the risk, sugar has no nutritional value; it’s the hidden product in processed foods, coupled with chemicals that consumers are not taking into account when choosing their food.

          ‘Coal particulates cause lung diseases and yet we still burning coal; ‘ thankfully the coal burning has been wound down and renewables have taken its place. You could of course cite particulates from diesel and fossil fuel burn which are a much bigger risk overall.

          ‘Animal fat consumption cause heart disease but they dont ban them either’. – depends which camp you sit in, many nutritionists would not agree.

  4. Well there is some ignorance PhilipP, but many elderly are reducing their heating through anxiety regarding care costs, current or in the future. If you are unaware of that you live in a cosy cocoon. There are plenty of stats., just do your own research. I believe we are looking at over 40k avoidable deaths so far in the UK this winter (before the Beast from the East) from the cold and illnesses related to that, and yet you hone in on one rough sleeper. Tragic as that is, it shows what the antis focus on and are blind to the bigger picture. Educational.

    • Interesting reply Martin; as the homeless man did not have a home to heat and gas bills to pay?
      Many of the older and war years generations are very frugal, but also know how to wear a jumper or two. You must provide us with the research that pertains to 40K avoidable deaths; I hope you factor in the poorly funded NHS, stripped by the Cons, in your stats, with poor response times for elderly with chronic and life threatening conditions exacerbated by the cold; oh and pensioners robbed of their savings and pensions by unscrupulous ‘investment’ opportunities…..

  5. Well, Alan, “we” may know a lot about something but not about oil prices! Oil down to below $40/barrel due to the expansion of fracking in USA, and whilst it has now risen after much adjustment by OPEC, it is still fracking in USA which is maintaining downward pressure from it rising further. Numbers of rigs mobilising in USA rising further still.
    So, I would suggest avoid the economics of fracking because you are out of step with the facts. Speculate about the premise that fracking in UK will be a totally different picture, but recognise that it is speculation. I would not dream of speculating about whether you are paid to be an anti. It is of no concern to me, and unlike some on this site I suspect you will not be keeping cosy this winter by igniting your N.Sea share certificates.
    My motivation is quite simple. I want to see if fracking in UK can offer a group of benefits and the only way to do that is to test it. You meanwhile are part of a minority who want to prevent that happening, which is your choice, but do not misjudge that you are not still part of a minority trying to dictate to the majority and because of that using antisocial tactics which have required an injunction to control.

    I find it interesting that Mr. Skinner is welcomed for his support. His previous intervention over “Pipe-Gate” set a certain, but not gold, standard!

  6. Labour will literally say anything for votes and yet they’re still not going to win next election and that’s with one of the worst Conservative cabinets ever in power, maybe it’s time for a re rebrand!

  7. Patronising reply Sherwulfe. Not to me but to the elderly.

    Yes, I know many who will put on an extra jumper but unfortunately, that is simplistic, and in many cases, not enough. If you can’t be bothered to DYOR, try asking a few elderly persons what their concerns are and you will easily find anxiety about heating costs and care costs will be routinely top of the list. If you want to try and make black into white, as is routine, perhaps best to avoid this one as all it does is show how far from reality the antis will go to try and make a point however far removed from real life, and compassion it may be.

    If you want more money spent on the NHS then campaign to reduce gas imports and replace with UK gas to produce the taxation to pay for that.

    • On the roundabout again Martin?

      The money to spend on the NHS is there sitting in the pockets of the greedy in offshore havens. The only campaign required is to replace dirty fossil fuels, complete with hidden subsidies, with sustainable green energy powered by individual homes, co operatives and forward thinking business willing to share ideas instead of hoarding them or selling them for ridiculous tax free sums..

      The only person I am patronizing to, is you. It is a great insult to any generation to suggest they cannot make their own decisions. As regards to affordability, then that is down to the governance if they have the guts, to do the right thing.

      Am not ‘old’ yet, but still happy to wear a layer or three, instead of burning energy needlessly whilst wearing shorts in winter.

      You are indeed thrashing in the last death throes of an industry that, with its supporters, should have been sent to the naughty step many years ago.

  8. Well, well Jack. So, we should have not spent that money on air strikes that were aimed against Isis in Iraq and Syria?

    I think many would prefer that we did, and at the same time did the utmost to make energy economic for the elderly-either through cheaper energy costs or enhanced winter payments funded out of taxation gathered from UK oil and gas, or a combination of the two. There are solutions, it is those who prevent those solutions that are part of the problem.

    • Martin , we have freely armed to the teeth so called ” moderate rebals ” who have in turn turned the weapons against British and American troops ….. Your views on the matter please , do we continue ploughing billions £ in to a never ending war , or do we look at alternative solutions , of which there are many ??
      £1.75 billion and counting , is an awful lot of money to waste .

      It is widely accepted that energy costs will not come down ONE SINGLE PENNY on the introduction of fracking to the UK.

      Lord Browne: fracking will not reduce UK gas prices


      As you are aware , any produced gas will be sold on the open market to the highest bidder and therefore could end up anywhere in the EU/world .

      If you are so concerned about UK tax revenue, I would suggest you direct your efforts to a more worthwhile cause like backing Jim Ratcliffe ( Ineos ) idea for a UK based , Hybrid car production plant . With the promise of 1000 UK based jobs, don’t you think this would be a much better cause to fight for ???

      AND BEFORE we start talking about the great success of the US Fracking industry. Have you seen today’s headlines about the United States ” Fracking Nightmare ” legacy which is now unfolding ????

      While Big Energy profits, US taxpayers pay for toxic clean up


      AND WHAT ABOUT THIS ??? UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL. What do you think Martin ??

      Woman dragged out of hearing for exposing Big Energy donations (VIDEO)


    • ‘it is those who prevent those solutions that are part of the problem’ yes they are called investors who sit back on their arses with their hand out, demanding more money for doing nothing instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting down and dirty with the company they pertain to ‘support’.

  9. Yes, we are all investors in INEOS Sherwulfe-you and me through our plastic key pads. Other than that, very unlikely as you know. But, neither of us, or the population, turn down the revenues from taxation upon their business or their employees income to help fund our public services.

    Jack-do you really believe Jim’s car plant will end up in UK if he finds his other, totally legitimate businesses, are impeded?? If so, why? He runs a global business and he centres parts of the whole where he will get best return and support. His investment to date in this project is largely into Germany.
    I think you will find Lord Browne made his comment BEFORE the US shale revolution (2013!!!). That is pretty basic stuff Jack. If you are going to continually Giggle stuff best to check it first. Please forget the economics. I agree, they are a little opaque at the moment but the Norwegian Wealth Fund isn’t, which shows quite clearly how oil and gas revenues can aid a country’s population.
    Fracking in USA is NOT BIG Energy, so having read that, I will avoid delving any deeper. You do seem to have a love for what is “reported” out of the USA. Have they found out yet whether Elvis is alive and living on the moon?

  10. Reference your question Sherwulfe. ANOTHER reference published today-DYOR is my suggestion. But of course if you wish not to that is your choice, which would be educational in itself. Just like another spokesperson for the cause who blamed the last Labour Government for his purchase of a diesel, whilst I would suggest that is an error within DYOR, that could set a trend. But, that is my training from my previous life when I needed to identify from comments whether people really knew what they were talking about, and it could all be the old double bluff.

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