Labour MP tells anti-fracking marchers: ‘You are not alone’

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop34

Dennis Skinner MP speaking at a rally in Bolsover, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

The Bolsolver MP, Dennis Skinner, told several hundred anti-fracking campaigners at a rally in Derbyshire that the Labour Party was behind them.

In the keynote speech, Mr Skinner said:

“You are not acting in isolation. Opposition to fracking is Labour Party policy.”

Mr Skinner called on the parliamentary Labour Party to get behind the anti-fracking movement. He said:

“When Jeremy Corbyn comes up here we want him talking about action against fracking.

“We have to make sure that every Labour MP understands that this is Labour Party policy. They should all be shouting it from the roof tops.”

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop35

Dennis Skinner MP speaking at a rally at Bolsover, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

The Not for Shale rally in Bolsover followed a five-mile march from the neighbouring villages of Clowne and Shuttlewood.

The area is covered by exploration licences held by INEOS Shale.

The company has been conducting seismic testing east of Bolsover area. It has submitted three planning applications for shale gas wells in north east Derbyshire and Rotherham. Two of the applications are to be decided at public inquiries.

Mr Skinner said the campaigners at today’s event “represented hundreds of people in the north Derbyshire and south Yorkshire coalfield”.

But he said:

“We are not just speaking for people in north Derbyshire and the surrounding area. We are voicing the opinions of most of the people of Britain.

“There are thousands of people who are going to be affected by fracking.

“If we put a stop to this here we will be putting a stop to it in the whole of Britain.

“I will be opposing fracking not just in these towns and villages but everywhere in Britain.”

180224 Not for Shale Sharon Poulter

Not for Shale march and rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Sharon Poulter


The organisers of the event, Bolsover Against Fracking, estimated about 500 people took part in the march and rally. People came from across the East Midlands. They included representatives from Marsh Lane and Woodsetts, where INEOS has applied for a shale gas exploration, and Misson, where IGas is beginning site construction work for two wells.

180224 Not for Shale Paul Evans

Not for Shale rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Paul Evans

Anne Weston, leader of the Labour group on Derbyshire County Council, said:

“One of the issues that needs to be made clear about INEOS is that this is not about national energy interests. It is about raw materials for the plastics business, just at the time when people are waking up to the environmental damage that plastics can cause.”



Keith Atkin, co-founder of Bolsover Against Fracking (above left), said the march and rally was the “culmination of a year’s hard work” for the group.

“I think if there were representatives of the oil and gas companies here they would go away thinking ‘We have a problem. The population is obviously totally against fracking and we are going to be hard put to overcome this’.

“The fight will continue until fracking is eliminated from the industrial scene in this country.”

180224 Clownne-Bolsover Dale Glossop36

David Kesteven, chair of Eckington Against Fracking, at the Bolsover rally, 24 February 2018. Photo: Dale Glossop

David Kesteven, chair of Eckington Against Fracking, which is fighting INEOS’s Marsh Lane application, said the anti-fracking movement was growing and winning people over. He said:

“We are turning the Tories round.”

Some of the biggest applause was for the National Trust, which is facing court action from INEOS over access for seismic testing at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.



Deb Hodson, of Frack Free Sherwood and Edwinstowe, said:

“We can bring about an end to fracking through raising awareness, peaceful protest and reminding our politicians that they are elected to listen to us.”

Reporting from this event was made possible by individual donations from DrillOrDrop readers

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  1. Martin first of all I will ask,

    EVERYBODY PLEASE CLICK ON MY ABOVE LINKS to see how the great US fracking industry is going ..

    Martin unless you have direct personal contact with Mr Jim Ratcliffe and can prove otherwise….. What you say on where he may site any new car plant and the reasons why, we will just have to take as pure guesswork on your part .

    In the link below, words from the man himself , Jim Ratcliffe.

    As you will see ,NOT ONE WORD about other ” businesses being impeeded ” playing a central role on the decision as to where in the world this car plant is situated ……

    As Jim himself says , government Start Up Help and funding for training is what will tip the scales in favour of the UK.

    Billionaire Ineos founder reveals plans to produce his ‘son of Land Rover Defender’


  2. Jack-I have worked for a number of global companies and know how they make decisions on where they invest and why. Yes, Jim could decide to do differently, but why? He is not running a charity, he is not working on behalf of shareholders. His profitability is pretty direct. I think Nicola is about to find that out, which is pretty surprising as INEOS represents one of the largest contributors to Scottish GDP and it should not be unexpected.

    If a guy at the pub had deliberately smashed into your car, would you put him on top of your list to buy him a drink? Perhaps, if you were after some sort of community award, but I suspect Jim is not.

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