Picture Post: Oscar winner joins women’s protest at Cuadrilla’s fracking site


The Oscar-winning actor, Emma Thompson, visited Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool today for a regular protest by local women.

About one hundred opponents of fracking, many dressed in white to symbolise peace, walked to the Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton.

Ms Thompson last visited in April 2016 for a Greenpeace “bake-off” protest in a neighbouring field. Then, the landowner sprayed her and her sister, Sophie, with manure.

Lancashire County Council refused permission for the Preston New Road site in June 2015 but it got the go-ahead from the Communities’ Secretary, Sajid Javid, in October 2016.

Emma Thompson said today:

“It’s so inspiring to be here with these brave and determined women who have been opposing fracking for years. They speak for a community whose voice was first ignored then shouted down by the Westminster government.

“And what’s happening across the country shows these women were right. Seven years from the first frack, all we have are a pile of broken promises and some holes in the ground. Council after council have been rejecting fracking, and projects have been delayed. The future of this industry is so uncertain ministers have all but stopped talking about it. Fracking is a dud – it’s time to move on.

“Ministers should stop wasting time and energy imposing fracking and its imaginary benefits on local communities and focus instead on the real jobs and investment clean energy sources like offshore wind can create.”

John Sauven, Director of Greenpeace UK, (above) also visited the site today.

Cuadrilla is expecting to frack the first well at Preston New Road around June this year. A spokesperson said in a statement yesterday:

“We respect the right to lawful protest and hope that, as with other activists involved, the visitors from London ensure that local residents and commuters are not inconvenienced by any road blockages and unlawful behaviour.”

With thanks to Refracktion for the use of photographs

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  1. Thank you Emma Thomson for standing up with the protectors at Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton.
    The more the merrier!

    • Emma Thompson a 100% Labour Party supporter… Probably didn’t appreciate it in 2008 when The Labour Party issued the exploratory drilling licences to start the shale gas industry in the U.K.

      She probably wouldn’t like how Jeremy Corbyn last voted on hydraulic fracking :

      Jeremy Corbyn voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes

      Here’s an extract from The Radio Times regarding one of Emma recent films…

      “Emma did all the driving,” explained Joel Hopkins. In one scene, Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan’s characters go on a high-octane chase in a little red Citroen. “The part where the car goes down the steps… [Emma Thompson] did the last 10 steps,” explained Hopkins. “She also did the bit where the car goes up on to some steps at an angle,” he revealed.

      “She was only supposed to go up three steps, but she went up four by accident – the car was tilting much more than it should have been.”

      Thomson got a taste for the action, while the former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was gritting his teeth and holding on to the dashboard.

      “She loved it,” said Hopkins of Thompson’s car chasing, “she got a real taste for it. She said I want to do a full on action movie now. She was very game.”

      I wonder what Emmas carbon footprint is?
      But I expect if your making millions, who cares? Fuel poverty? First class flights? Of course…

      You’d think she would have more sense and sensibility…

      • You’re getting desperate Kish…..

        But for fun

        ‘The Comic Strip Presents’… Fracking
        They cry, ‘There’s Nothing to Worry About!’
        ‘Fortunes of War’….casualties thrown aside
        ‘Hospital!’ …not available due to cuts.

        ‘The Blue Boy’ David and his ‘Junior’, ‘Upstart Crow’
        gave the ‘Judas Kiss’ to the ‘Treasure Planet’
        ‘Last Chance Harvey’ to look again.
        And take ‘An Education’ in common sense.
        Otherwise you will find your self ‘ Alone in Berlin’.

        No ‘Saving Mr’ [Barclays] ‘ Banks’

        ‘In the Name of the Father’ and ‘The Tall Guy’,
        ‘Men, Women & Children’ now save what ‘Remains of the Day’
        This is not ‘Much Ado About Nothing’
        ‘Peter’s Friends’, ‘Howards End’, and ‘The Young Ones’,
        Sound ‘Impromptu’ ‘Cheers’ as fracking stopped in it’s tracks.

        ‘Dead Again’,
        Saved from those ‘Assaulted Nuts’ – Ha! ‘Take the ‘High Road’ and don’t look back.
        For ‘Beautiful Creatures’ by their sacrifice finish this that is ‘Stranger Than Fiction’.

        Just a ‘A Walk in the Woods’.

    • Tesla Gigafactory 2 coming on nicely

      Gigafactory 1 a bit behind schedule. I suppose when you are building the biggest building in the world there will be setbacks on the way.

      More Gigafactories on their way soon

      Modern high tech global renewable energy systems in the here and now

      UK shale gas. wrong place, wrong century.

      Wait for the sun to create life and then die. Wait millions of years. Use huge amounts of energy to dig up the dead life. Set fire to it and pollute the air and water or…….

      Use the suns energy direct

      Hello. Is there anybody out there? You don’t need a Gigabrain to work it out.

  2. Someone’s career starting to wind down!
    Whilst I can quite understand the motives of some wanting publicity, why should the views of an out of work actress hold more water than those of Joe Bloggs, the local chimney sweep? Strange world today when “celebrities” are brought forward as the font of knowledge to be followed. Another PR exercise.

    • Sour martin, very sour. When did any fracker last get an Oscar? Oh yes, there was perhaps that most prolific stand in role award in “Gone With The Wind?” for playing the entire slave owning confederate army? As regards a career winding down into obcscurity, perhaps a corporate mirror would facilitate such a situation? Or is that built into the corporate blinkers?

      ( )

      “Frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn!”

        • In case none of you know what Giuseppina was? It was a 1960 colour trade test transmission about a sleepy Italian village petrol station funded by BP.

          ( )

          An Academy award for a short film funded by BP.

          Not actually an Oscar for an actress though is it? More of a test for colour film?

          Interesting enough but not exactly Oscar material acting or subject?

          Never mind, I am sure other Big Oil and Gas companies have part funded other projects?

          Earthquake? 2012? Soylent Green? Gas! Or it became necessary to Destroy The World in order to Save it? And most recently Tomorrowland, which in an odd wat indicates that it is our suicidal mindset which is the problem?
          This is fun? Any suggestions?

  3. Martin I can’t wait for a 5G transmitter outside your bedroom window to help with your cognitive ability.

    • you ask her TW….and while you are at it, perhaps a discussion on the planet, fracking and, if polite, her films?

  4. Perhaps she was there to teach her acting skills. You know, how to fall in a ditch and blame the police for it!

    Out of work luvvies need to keep in front of the cameras-even if it is refracktion with his diesel powered one. Then back to the dinner party circle, able to input a bit of virtue signalling.

  5. Yet another millionaire with jet set lifestyle (ie using a heck of a lot of fossil fuel!) doing their bit to tarnish the anti brand even further.

    • Dear oh dear GBH, you do have it bad don’t you?

      Isn’t you pedestal hero Jim Ratcliffe a billionaire?

      OK for him is it?

      Looks like the only thing worse than having millions to play with, for some at least, is not having millions to play with?

      But it’s not what you’ve got is it? Its what you do with it that counts?

      Helping people is what personal wealth should promote, not using it to enslave and imprison them for your own benefit?

      Never mind, soon it will be all mainly renewable energy sources, and I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to profit off that?

      Then suddenly it will be all green is good and renewables are best?

      Fickle aren’t we?

  6. I’m disappointed you are unable to wait Charles. Impatience normally disappears with maturity, and then you would be able to appreciate the vast increase in my output! Certainly worth waiting for.

    • Starve a trollbot today.

      Keep feeding the beast and it will self replicate, again and again and again and……well you know the rest?

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