Oil production resumes at Lidsey and Brockham, says Angus Energy

170907 Lidsey rig 1

Angus Energy Lidsey site in West Sussex. Photo: Weald Oil Watch

Angus Energy announced this morning it was producing more than 200 barrels of oil a day, mainly from its site at Lidsey in West Sussex.

In a statement to investors, the company said two wells at Lidsey and one at Brockham, in Surrey, had an total flow of 212 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

This is the first production from Angus operated sites since January 2016.

Flow rates from the Great Oolite reservoir at Lidsey totalled 191bopd, the company said. This is a three-fold increase over initial flow rates reported in November 2017, it said. But the figure is lower than the company’s previous predictions and Angus said “a natural decline of the production rates is expected over time”.

Despite this, the figure is significantly higher than previous production from the site. In 2015, the last full year for which there was production at Lidsey, the site averaged 13bopd. Since then, Angus has drilled a sidetrack. Today’s announcement does not distinguish oil production between this and the original well.

Angus said the Brockham site, near Dorking, had resumed production from the Portland reservoir at 21bopd. This is close to the average production figure for Brockham in 2015, again the last full year for which site data is available before the well was suspended.

Angus said today the latest flow figure for Brockham was expected to improve to 35bopd within seven days.

Managing director, Paul Vonk, said:

“Resuming production is an important milestone for our Company.

“These production levels contribute meaningful cash flow to operations and increases our financial flexibility. This is only the first step in our business plan to increase yield from our existing assets. We remain focused on creating long run value for our shareholders as we grow our company.”

The company had predicted in January 2018 that it would have four wells producing within three months. It later revised this down to three after buying into Cuadrilla’s Balcombe licence in West Sussex and becoming the site operator.

Angus has applied for retrospective permission to drill a sidetrack well at Brockham, BRX4Z, and retain the parent borehole, BRX4, for which consent expired in 2008.

The company said today

“Given the Surrey County Council’s now published administrative schedule, the Board of Directors in keeping with its earlier guidance, has determined it is in the best interests of all stakeholders to wait for the SCC to complete its process.”

The first meeting at which the application could be considered is on 23 May 2018 because the April meeting has been cancelled.

Angus has also applied to extend production at Lidsey for another 10 years. The application, to West Sussex County Council, is still being considered. The previous permission, granted in 2006 for 12 years for a three-wellhead and pump beam oil production facility, expired on 17 February 2018.

Asked by DrillOrDrop whether Angus was entitled to produce without a current planning permission, a spokesperson for West Sussex County Council [WSCC] said:

“An operator carries out works without planning permission in place at their own risk. WSCC is currently considering an application for production to continue at the Lidsey site and so the operator risks that permission being refused.

“In the meantime, prior to the determination of the planning application, it is not considered appropriate to take enforcement action because the operations do not pose an imminent risk to people and/or the environment.”

The spokesperson said the application was due to be considered at the council’s planning committee meeting on 24 April 2018 (link to meeting dates).

Angus Energy owns 60% of the Lidsey field and 65% of Brockham.

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  1. Hi Ruth Good morning. Great reporting. I am a bit confused by the headline. If Angus’ planning permission ran out end of February surely they are not producing anything from Lidsey at the moment. Best wishes Sue

    • Good point Sue; interesting…
      Could it be, as the Angus Energy shares went up today that:
      1. They have a backdoor into the planning?
      2. They are creating a smokescreen for the investors?
      3. Both?
      Either way, I expect a good story coming up……

  2. Sue. Angus Energy began discussing extension of planning permission as far back as 11 December 2017 so it is quite possible they have been given permission until outcome of committee meeting is known.

  3. So WSCC are saying its OK for production to continue while they consider an application for production to continue!! How bizarre! On a different topic, has anyone got an overhead photo of a typical UK ‘conventional’ oil drilling site. We are faced with this on the IOW in 2019 and I want to start showing people what’s in store.

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