Picture post: hazard suits, funeral procession and a lorry surfer

180405 PNR Toxic Thursday Refracktion 6

Protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 5 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s shale gas operation near Blackpool dressed in hazard suits yesterday to draw attention to their concerns about emergencies on fracking sites.

The on-going United Resistance protest called for full public disclosure of all fluids and liquids transported and used by the site at Preston New Road.

Campaigners said they wanted to highlight what they said was a lack of regulatory powers and preparation to deal with emergencies, such as spillages.


DrillOrDrop reported earlier today that Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service had twice refused to respond to a Freedom of Information request about emergency planning at Preston New Road.

Anti-fracking campaigner, Tina Rothery, said:

“Our Local Plan has not been updated to include the specific risks of fracking. Police have been seen surrounding a delivery that was being manually offloaded from one truck to another outside Maple Farm during a protest action.

“They did not know the contents of the containers. When they were asked, they replied that they were sure ‘Cuadrilla would say if the load was dangerous’. The police stood by whilst the load was transferred.

“Cuadrilla’s employees, along with police and campaigners, are at direct risk if chemicals that are being transported are involved in an accident.”

Ms Rothery asked:

“Do we trust that the people responsible or police on duty, have enough awareness of the risks of the types of materials that will be travelling in increasing amounts on our roads? Do they have the infrastructure to deal with any spillages?”

During the so-called Toxic Thursday protest, campaigners accused officers of heavy-handed policing.


DrillOrDrop asked Lancashire Police to comment on the allegation. This post will be updated with any response.

Lorry protest

A woman campaigner climbed on to the cab of a lorry delivering to Preston New Road early yesterday afternoon.

She remained for about 10 hours before volunteering to come down at 12.30am today, when she was arrested. Lancashire Police were unable to say whether she had been charged.

Funeral Friday

180406 Funeral Friday Refracktion 7

Funeral Friday protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 6 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Anti-fracking protesters placed dolls at the entrance of the Preston New Road site this morning.

They said the Funeral Friday protest aimed to draw attention to infant health issues and miscarriages reported by midwives in Utah working with families living near active fracking sites.

The event, part of the ongoing United Resistance protest against fracking in Lancashire, also included a funeral march and service outside the site.





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    • Take fossil fuel out of the equation and the only wheel you could turn would be pulled by a horse…

    • Well said Sherwulfe, and thankyou one and all who took part in the protests for standing up to the bullies and suffering such heavy handed intimidation by the police.

      The fracking industry is an indicator for the depths to which this government sanctioned industry will stoop to avoid imposing any regulations.
      Whether they be gold standard or non at all.

      This industry appears to have operational immunity granted to ignore any standards whatsoever.

      Unless of course, it be a “Yes Whatever” rubber stamp job.

    • Just wondered if the organisers of the “funeral” gave any regard for the feelings of watchers who might have had a still birth, cot death or other similar bereavement. Crass insensitivity.

      By the way I wonder if the child mortality figures quoted took into account that drill workers tend to be temporary, migrant workers often living in temporary accommodation. I suspect any infant health problems are just as likely to be related to those socio-economic factors. It’s a sad fact of course that all sorts of poor health issues, and indeed life expectancy, are correlated with socio-economic factors.

      • Astonishing avoidance of the point Shalewatcher, anyone who has experienced a death in the family is perfectly familiar with the emotional effects that funerals represent, nd would thoroughly support a protest which highlights such dangers to public health.

        What a death in the family actually does, is to make you very motivated to help to avoid anyone else having to go through the same grief, the mere mention of funerals makes you stronger not weaker.

        The point, that you have seemed to miss entirely, is that still births, cot deaths and many other conditions are often caused by pollution, and often from the health of the mother and the surrounding environment throughout trimesters of the nine months in the womb.

        it is that which is threatened by the polluting oil and gas industries apparent lack of concern for the risks and dangers of drilling fracking,acid wash, acid fracking, oil production and water food and air pollution.

        That is the reason for the protest.

        I am more concerned at such a brush off disingenuous comments as you post here, than a funeral procession by people who are trying to prevent further deaths.

        Do try to maintain some perspective on the purpose of that and other protest.

  1. Then they will all drive their petrol or diesel cars home, put their gas central heating on and put their plastic signs by the side of the tele and tap away on their plastic phones about how they hate fossil fuels…

    If they walked back to their cave wrapped in animal skins instead of plastic jackets I would have more respect…

    • I doubt that such an attitude as your post proposes incorporates such a refined concept as respect for anything but profit?
      Fortunately many are not so blinkered and many more are dumping such blinkers as they were handed at birth for more enlightening realisations that if we don’t emerge from this insane crisis stage, we will be slaves for the foreseeable future, such as the criminally truncated prospects that remain to us.
      However, fuel for cars is it? That is your gripe? That we must submit to your hegemonic rule just because the only fuels that have been allowed to be available to us are petroleum products?

      That is like blaming the slaves for daring to wear the chains and shackles that were made to confine and weigh them down from birth to death?

      Since you are so fond of the oil and gas industries recent and past history, let’s educate you a little further shall we?

      Did you know that the first cars were made to run on alcohol? That when the oil companies found they were discarding vast amounts of petroleum, a waste product at the time, they used their power and influence to get the vehicle manufacturers to alter their engines so that they only ran on petroleum and later diesel? Look it up.

      Did you further know that use of any other type of fuel, such as alcohol, plant derived oil, or cooking oil for diesels, is strictly outlawed?

      Why is that” could it be that once the petrochemical industry ensured their monopoly for which they could heavily charge for, that they made damn sure that no one could propose and use alternatives?

      No? surely not?

      Did you also know that from Nikola Tesla onwards, all forms of alternatives to petrochemical products and engine modifications have been proposed and invented”

      What happened to those then?

      Look at inventors that developed such innovations, and the sudden and mysterious deaths of such brave people fill the redacted history books. What cannot be bought and buried by the oil and gas cartels, are rubbed out by the untimely death of such inventors’ and their products and records impounded and never seen again.

      Don’t take my word for it, look it up, just like you looked up the treason of Exxon in WW2?

      Did you know that a standard internal combustion engine, with quite easy modifications, can be run on water?

      That’s right simple H2O, hydrogen and oxygen are inflammable too you know?

      Look that up too, you have a nice long list of things to research this weekend now don’t you?

      Time to wake up kisheny, your life and my life and the lives of everyone and everything, will depend upon the human race waking up to the dire situation that greed and profit have brought us to.

      Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

      Have a great weekend.

  2. Could refracktion not utilise a little soft filtering/editing to stop producing stills out of what looks like the latest zombie movie? Goodness, these antis have to suffer for their cause! Bring back the good old Greenham Common days-that seemed to attract a more picturesque bunch of protestors.

    • Dear me boys; we are having a proper strop. It’s gratifying to see that the actions of the many really piss off the ‘all talk and no action’ of the few……
      You’ve lost, shout louder and throw some more tantrums; it won’t make any difference.

        • Well well, good morning everyone, its Sunday again, and the lunch is prepared and simmering away, and since i seem to be sat here for a while posting links for our friend, i though i might as well scribble down some poems that have been struggling to emerge for the last few days, so here they are, ready or not?


          UKOG has only got one bore!

          Ineos, has two but rather small?

          Cuadrilla, has something similar!

          But Europa has no bores at all?


          Here is a poem that was originally called “Antigony”

          Renamed to “Anti-Agony”


          At Kirby Mis when looking back

          We met a Bank who didn’t frack?

          They didn’t frack again today?

          We are so glad they went away!


          Have a great frack free Sunday with family and friends.

          • I think the first one would be a good sing song for the Roseacre Wood hearing coming up! Thanks PhilC

            • Nearly did too! But it was the old electrickery beamed down from the mother ship I am happy to say.
              Roast Betelgeusian anyone?
              Eight legs and a….something or other with tentacles….going begging?

          • Good job your not up cooking now.

            Solar 0% obviously

            Wind 1.35%, no the decimal point is not in the wrong place; wind just over 1% of electricity

            Gas 53.24%

            • Tide still flowing are they? Electromagnetic flux still generated is it? The earth still producing geothermal heat is it?
              Perhaps aliens breath radioactive methane do they? Unfortunately humans breath oxygen? Makes us somewhat incompatible doesn’t it?

  3. Lot of exciting going on to try and keep each other energised. Almost like boarding school.

    • Boardroom School? Sounds awful?

      Keeping each other energised? Is that like excited?

      Or perhaps there is an oil and gas corporation alternative?

      Boring School anyone?

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