Council grants 10 more years of oil production at Angus Energy’s Lidsey site

170907 Lidsey rig 1

Angus  Energy’s oil site at Lidsey in West Sussex

Councillors in West Sussex have given consent for another 10 years of oil production at Angus Energy’s oil site at Lidsey, near Bognor Regis.

Members of the county council’s planning committee voted unanimously in support of the extension of permission.

The approval had been recommended by council officials, who said Angus was not seeking to enlarge the site, intensify activity or carry out any physical work.

Angus Energy has two boreholes at Lidsey.  The first well, Lidsey-1, was drilled in 1997. Angus drilled a horizontal well, Lidsey-X2, in autumn 2017. Last month, a statement from the company said the site was producing 191 barrels of oil a day from the site.

Last summer, DrillOrDrop reported that delivery vehicles were breaching previous conditions by entering and leaving the Lidsey site by the wrong access road. We also reported that the correct route through the nearby industrial estate had been blocked.


Lorry Weald Oil Watch

Lorry leaving Lidsey oil site by the wrong route in summer 2017. Photo: Weald Oil Watch

Lidsey concrete block Weald Oil Watch

Traffic route to Lidsey oil site blocked in summer 2017. Photo: Weald Oil Watch

Today, the committee reimposed a condition on access to the site.

Condition 8 requires delivery vehicles to use the designated route through the small nearby industrial estate and not along the whole length of track from the A29 to the Southern Water treatment site.  This condition also requires legible, visible signs to be maintained warning about the prohibited route.

Condition 10 says there must be no obstructions on roads, footpaths or turning areas to prevent access.

Link to report by planning officers on the application


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  1. “Will just have to wait and see”, Sherwulfe.

    Was that wait worthwhile? Perhaps Surrey can learn how to operate, and maybe move away from their financial problems. We will just have to wait and see.

    • According to our research, the concrete block was placed in the access road by the farmer who owns the land, to prevent travellers from moving into an adjacent field. The farmer told us that he moved the block when requested by Angus.

      • According to my research a protestor removed the sign to entrap 3rd parties making deliveries and exiting the site and then conveniently captured one such event on camera.

  2. And if Rotherham was a boxing match, it would have been stopped already, John! Hang on in there, with oil now at $75/barrel your N.Sea investments will be safe, even with some competition from the Weald.

  3. R8 LMX I would love to know where you researched to find out who removed the sign ? The sign that was only visible to drivers that were leaving site not those who entered by the illegal route. The Angus entry signage has always been clearly marked on the industrial estate entrance so the vehicles that used the illegal footpath did so regardless of the removed sign . I know this is true as I have evidence . If you want to accuse anyone of removing it then be very careful what you say.

    • Jono…correct, the sign that was visible to drivers leaving site was removed and then very conveniently for the protestors a lorry was pictured leaving in the wrong direction. The driver obviously couldn’t see the sign that had been removed.

      Anyhow.. the voices that matter have clearly seen through that and other attempts at trying to frame the company. Unanimous in their approval it seems.

  4. R8-all I would add is taking into account how little lorry traffic was entering and exiting this site at the time, a little suspect that someone should just happen to be standing in the road with a camera, to record what-obstruction of the road!

    That action in itself was an extremely dangerous act as even without the lorry, a driver emerging from negotiating the bend seen in the picture would have been faced by a person pointing an object towards him!

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