Picture post: Tour de Frack

Cyclists rode between oil drilling sites in the Weald of southern England to raise awareness of their concerns about pollution and industrialisation.

The Tour de Frack passed sites in Surrey at Brockham (Angus Energy), Horse Hill (Horse Hill Developments Ltd), Bury Hill Wood (Europa Oil and Gas) and in Sussex at Balcombe (formerly operated by Cuadrilla, now Angus Energy).

Lorraine Inglis, of organisers Weald Action Group, said:

“We were all extremely delighted with the turnout and the carnival atmosphere of the tour. It was an important event to highlight what the oil and gas industry have planned for our beautiful area which is highly popular with cyclists from all over the country.

“We know that the development of this drilling will have a major impact on all of our communities whether it be environmental, health, or our house prices, and it is imperative that this information is heard far and wide.

“Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially the 57 mile ride which took in all drill sites Brockham, Horse Hill, Balcombe before finishing up at Leith Hill.”

Starting point

180621 Tour De Frack Dan Harvey 1

Brockham village green

180623 Tour de Frack Dan Harvey 2

Tour de Frack, 23 June 2018. Photo: Dan Harvey

180623 Tour de Frack Dan Harvey 3

Tour de Frack, 23 June 2018. Photo: Dan Harvey

Horse Hill


180623 Tour de Frack WAG

180623 Tour de Frack WAG2a

Coldharbour near Bury Hill Wood

Finishing point

180623 Tour de Frack Dan Harvey 6

Tour de Frack finishing at Leith Hill protection camp near the Europa Bury Hill Wood site, 23 June 2018. Photo: Dan Harvey



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  1. Trust they oiled their moving parts!

    £1 billion plus just announced for Gatwick up-grade. Goodness, Fawley will be on over-time.

  2. Cant you come up with a new catchphrase Martin ? They got out and did something for what they believe in which is more than you do .

  3. You have no idea what I do, Jono, but don’t let that spoil your day.

    Interesting that the comment from Angus that was attached to this Tour on the TV coverage did not get a mention on DOD. What was it they believed in- anti fracking? Shame they were in the wrong place by a few hundred miles. Porkies to get attention. Same seen with FOE posters (according to ASA). Bit of a trend.

    How is Lycra produced Jono?

    Like the anti intensive farming crew who are happy to order KFC because it is in a bucket!

  4. Ahh, the royal “we”. You and your imaginary friend.

    40 years ago, one of my sons had one of those. We produced a brother for him-the sacrifices one has to make-but that didn’t make any difference-so much effort for so little reward!

    Then, we bought a puppy. Magic. No more imaginary friend.

    Come on Wulfe-the clue is in the name. The cure is at hand. (But, no badgers please.)

  5. Martin have you not heard of Green Oil? It is plant based and made for cycles. By the way, what most people are against is the idea of a nascent fossil fuel industry. Onshore drilling is so 20th Century. Lets move on. There are better options out there. Get some Green Oil on your bike and pedal into the sunset.

  6. No Waffle, most people are NOT against fossil fuels. Most people get on with their lives merrily consuming fossil fuels without realisation they are doing so. Remember the screams when courgettes failed to arrive from Spain?
    Not even most people are against fracking. The survey shows that is around one third-which is a minority.

    Maybe most people in your community, but if that is the case, you need to get out a bit more.

    Paula-well, what I do quite a lot is to socialise with real friends. They tend to give a much wider and more interesting level of conversation than imaginary ones. Try it, you can learn a lot eg. recently had lunch with a friend who had just been on a visit to Wytch Farm. Second example, regularly chat to the pilot who brings oil tankers in and out of the Solent. Both very informative.

    But welcome back.

  7. Thanks for your comment Paul.

    This “event” was covered by more than DOD, and certainly fracking was referenced, in addition to the title of the event. A statement from Angus was also included for a degree of balance.

    Tour D’oil would be quite catchy too and a little more accurate, but not in tandem (excuse the pun) with posters and flags that have been routinely exhibited during protests around these sites and meetings concerning them.

  8. Terrible grammar TW BTW Martin , most people are against fossil fuels , 18% are in favour of Fracking which also includes acid fracking which is what is happening in the Weald. Changing the name doesn’t change the method.

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