Leading Greens back women challenging UKOG protest injunction

180703 UKOG injunction DoD 2

Green Party leaders Jonathan Bartley and Amelia Womack join six women challenging the UKOG protest injunction, 3 July 2018. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Attempts to clamp down on peaceful protests are sinister and very dangerous, the co-leader of the Green Party said this lunchtime.

Speaking outside the High Court, Jonathan Bartley backed six women challenging an injunction against anti-drilling protests. They were also backed by Friends of the Earth, which likened the injunction to “peeling a grape with a steam roller”.

The injunction, sought by the exploration company, UK Oil and Gas, aims to prohibit a range of protest activity. The company has been giving evidence today, to be reported separately by DrillOrDrop.

Mr Bartley told the women and their supporters:

“You are at the forefront of such an important fight.

“There is a concerted effort to clamp down on peaceful protect and democratic right. The government is riding roughshod over local communities, overturning decisions made by democratically-elected local authorities.

“The results of this injunction case are crucial. We have to fight back.

“It is very sinister and very dangerous. We see what happens throughout the wold when people do not stand up and speak out.”

Mr Bartley, accompanied by Green Party leader, Amelia Womack,  said:

“This is a line in the sand in the fight to protect the right to protest and to defend out local communities.

“This is not just about the right to protest against oil and gas drilling. It is also about street trees in Sheffield, HS2 and the right to self-determination by local communities.

“The injunction is a watershed moment about the right to protest.”

180703 UKOG injunction DoD 1

Opponents of the UKOG injunction and drilling plans, 3 July 2018. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Friends of the Earth was refused permission today to intervene in the case.

Dave Timms, the organisation’s Head of Political Affairs, applied to provide a Witness Statement to the High Court. This expressed Friends of the Earth’s fears about the impact the injunction would have on lawful and legitimate opposition to UKOG’s drilling plans.

He said:

“The breadth and scope of this injunction is outrageous and we are deeply concerned about its impact on free speech and the right to protest. This isn’t so much taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut than peeling a grape with a steam roller.”

“We support the six brave local women who have come forward as defendants to fight this case. It is about much more than stopping drilling though our countryside. We must also stop these companies from undermining our democracy.”

DrillOrDrop profiles of the challengers

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  1. Bears deficate in woods, the Pope is a Catholic etc etc…..

    Perhaps a better title would be “Friends of the Earth was refused permission today to intervene in the case.”

    Or no post at all or a post on something useful and relevant to DOD like:


    Fracturing technique applied on 161 wells representing 7.4 % close to the 10 % reported by the Royal Society.

    Fracturing operations included Hydraulic Fracturing, Acidizing , Blasting Gelatine and water injection.

    Total number of treatments found to have had stimulation treatment that implies fracturing the rock formation was 95.

    No obvious correlation between the location of the seismic events and the location of the wells hydraulically fractured.

    No elevated seismic events found within 5 km distance of water injection wells.

  2. In 2011 Cuadrilla caused several seismic events near Blackpool as a result of their Hydraulic Fracturing test borehole.

  3. Hi Roy,

    Yes, if you open the link you will be able to read the following:

    “Results show that there was no obvious correlation between the location of the seismic events and the location of the wells known to have been hydraulically fractured. Apart from Preese Hall 1 case post-treatment seismic activity levels ware identical to pre-treatment levels. Only Preese Hall 1 had a seismic activity spike around the date of treatment and location of the well. “

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