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July 2018 drilling headlines

pnr 180620 Ros Wills 1

Drilling rig at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool. Photo: Ros Wills

 July 2018 sees two hearings at the High Court on protests against injunctions at Cuadrilla and UKOG sites. Ineos also heads to court in the latest hearing in its case against the National Trust. And MPs investigate shale gas development in former mining areas.

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Top headlines this month

  • Government grants fracking consent for UK’s first horizontal shale gas well at Preston New Road
  • Cuadrilla granted injunction against protests at Preston New Road fracking site and six campaigners lock-on in first challenge to the order
  • Six women from Sussex and Surrey challenge UKOG protest injunction – judgement reserved until August
  • Rig protester loses appeals against conviction
  • Angus Energy announces high-quality oil at Lidsey and the resignation of the chairman over a shares investigation
  • UKOG seeks to delay decision on future of Broadford Bridge well
  • Wales begins consultation on fracking ban
  • Europa submits third application for the Wressle site near Scunthorpe
  • Cuadrilla completes second horizontal shale gas well
  • Government announces consultation on changes to national planning policy on onshore oil and gas

31 July 2018

“Aaron-gate” – Prevent’s latest smearing of legitimate political protest. Netpol reports on criticism of authors of a report on social cohesion in Manchester after falsely accusing anti-fracking activists of grooming a teenage boy.

Environment Agency grants permission for new oil well at Leith Hill and campaigners are furious. Surrey Live picks up news from earlier in the month about the Europa environmental permit. See DrillOrDrop report from  23 July 2018.

M55 hit with anti-fracking graffiti again. The Blackpool Gazette reports on anti-fracking slogans on a bridge over the motorway between junctions 3 and 4. Last week an expletive was sprayed on the bridge, the paper says.

UKOG change of name. Companies House reports that UK Oil & Gas Investments plc has changed its name to UK Oil & Gas PLC

Anti-fracking protesters Vanda Gillet convicted. The York Press reports that Vanda Gillett, 55, was conditionally discharged for six months after being found guilty of obstructing the highway outside Third Energy’s fracking site at Kirby Misperton in October 2017. She denied the offence. She was ordered to pay £120 in costs and surcharge.

30 July 2018

Greater Manchester social cohesion report corrected after falsely accusing anti-fracking campaigners of “grooming” 14-year-old boy. DrillOrDrop report. Uncorrected report quoted by the Telegraph and Guardian and corrected version later by the Guardian

Guest post: Third Energy discusses new North Yorks fracking well with police but not the community. Report for DrillOrDrop by Russell Scott and Melissa Jones of Spinwatch

Coal Authority

Coal Authority changes policy on responding to shale gas plans in mining areas. It tells DrillOrDrop it should now be consulted on proposals where there are deep mines, as well as shallow workings.

Regulator issues update on who should drill where and when. DrillOrDrop report

Three more seismic stations installed in Surrey. The British Geological Survey reports that another three seismic monitors are being taken to Surrey today to be deployed during the week. This brings to five the number of monitors to help improve detection and location if there are any more earthquakes in the area around Gatwick.

180730 BGS seismic monitors in Surrey

Anti-frackers furious at government’s fast-track fracking plan. The Chester Chronicle reports comments by Labour Councillor, Matt Bryan, about plans to make shale exploration permitted development and commercial fracking a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. Planning Resource (subscription) reports on the government consultation on the proposals.

Alex Dale: In defence of localism – how proposed fracking changes offend core Conservative values. Cllr Alex Dale, writing on the Conservative Home website, explains why members would oppose proposals to classify shale gas plans as permitted development.

North Derbyshire’s MP is calling on local people to make their voices heard in fracking rules consultation. Peak FM reports comments by Conservative MP, Lee Rowley, that local people must be listened to in a consultation on how fracking applications could be decided.

29 July 2018

What’s happening this week? 30 July – 5 August 2018. DrillOrDrop events listing

Ready for fraction – the Tory love-in with frackers and the resistance. Socialist Worker reports on reaction to government approval of fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site.

28 July 2018

Restoration of Wressle oil site not “commercially-viable” while new production plans are pending, says Egdon. Planners recommend approval of 12-month extension of restoration deadline. DrillOrDrop report

YP Letters: Water shortages vindicate fracking opponents. Anne Nightingale, writing in the Yorkshire Post, says we should be protecting water supplies for food and the public, not for another fossil fuel industry. David Cragg-James, in the same paper, says of the announcement of fracking consent in Lancashire:

“One’s disgust is matched  only by one’s anger at the stupidit, cupidity and avarice which keeps these puppets tied to the fossil fuel industry.”

27 July 2018

Brockham night working Brockham Protection Camp

Surrey planners recommend retrospective approval of “unauthorised” oil well drilled at Brockham by Angus Energy in 2017. DrillOrDrop

BP buys US shale assets for $10bn. BBC News reports that BP is buying US shale assets as the higher oil price makes new extraction techniques more attractive again. This is the company’s largest purchase since the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. It is described as a “transformational acquisition”. Guardian,  Telegraph

180727 Blackpool Gazette on Cuadrilla jobs claim

Blackpool Gazette, 27 July 2018

Shale gas job numbers blast. The Blackpool Gazette reports Blackpool South MP, Gordon Marsden has “rubbished the fracking company Cuadrilla’s claims that it has boosted the local economy by investing £10m and creating employment locally. He said:

“£10m is not a lot of investment in Lancashire when compared to the cost of policing the operation and the cost to the local economy caused by the inconvenience.”

Councillor calls on Cheshire East to make plans to tackle fracking firms. The Nantwich News reports that Labour councillor, Nick Mannion, told a meeting of Cheshire East Council that members should challenge the government over its policy to make decisions on fracking sites that go against the wishes of communities and local planning authorities.

UK fracking go-ahead further chills the renewables sector. The Ecologist reports that government approval of fracking undermines its commitments to tackle climate change and reduce fossil fuel use.

Consultation opens on Nottinghamshire Draft Minerals Local Plan. Nottinghamshire County Council announces the consultation runs until 28 September 2018.

Associations of unconventional natural gas development with depression symptoms and disordered sleep in Pennsylvania. A scientific study, published the journal, Nature, found associations between living closer to more and bigger shale wells and depression symptoms.  The authors from John Hopkins University and University of California at Berkeley, concluded that unconventional natural gas developments may be associated with adverse mental health in Pennsylvania. Environmental Health News

2018 Surrey, UK earthquakes. Seismologist Dr Stephen Hicks gives preliminary scientific results of monitoring of 12 seismic events in an area near Gatwick Airport in Surrey since 1 April 2018.

Alkane Energy sells shares in Egdon. Egdon Resources announces that Infinis Energy Services, owner of Alkane Energy, has sold its 13.797% shareholding in Egdon to Petrichor Holdings.

RCGP to stop investing in fossil fuel companies. The Royal College of General Practitioners announces it is to stop any investment in fossil fuels, which it describes as a key contributor to climate change.

26 July 2018

Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2018. The government’s DUKES report covering all of 2017 finds UK energy produciton was up 0.4%, consumption was down 0.7%, electricity generation from coal fell 25%, gas fell 4% and renewables rose 19.5%. The share of electricity generation from renewables was a record high of 29.3%, up from 24.5% in 2016. Total gas demand fell 3% but industrial usage increase 3.2%. Gas production was up 0.3%, imports fell by 1.8% and exports rose by 7.5%.

The Guardian view on the heatwave: our climate is endangered. The Guardian editorial refers to government approval for fracking in Lancashire as evidence of its unenthusiasm for renewables. The paper says:

“Enjoy the sun if you can. We only live once and in countries with temperate climates such as the UK not all of the effects of climate change are necessarily harmful. Domestic tourism could even benefit. But don’t lose sight of the suffering caused by higher temperatures. In all our hands rests the future of life on earth.”

MP’s anger over fracking decision. The Blackpool Gazette reports on criticism by Blackpool South MP, Gordon Marsden, of the announcement of Cuadrilla’s fracking consent on the final day before the parliamentary recess, with no opportunity for discussion.

Fast-track fracking plan fury in Wigan. Wigan Today reports comments by Wigan MP, Yvonne Fovargue, about government plans to remove the need for planning applications for shale gas drilling sites She tells the website:

“The proposals would ride roughshod over local democracy and put drilling in the same category under planning law as building a small extension to a property. It would remove the important link between fracking applications and local plans and be harmful to the principles of localism.”

Read more at: https://www.wigantoday.net/news/environment/fast-track-fracking-plan-fury-in-wigan-1-9271271

YP Letters: Fracking is farm from a rosy future. Sue Cuthbert, writing to the Yorkshire Post, challenges comments by local fracking supporter, Lorraine Allanson, on the gas industry operating “discreetly” in Ryedale for years. Ms Cuthbert say the industry so far has been conventional gas extraction, not fracking. She says:

“A conventional gas well versus a fracking well is like comparing a Roman candle firework to an active volcano.”

Russell Scott: The heatwave is further proof that fracking needs to be halted. In an opinion column for the Yorkshire Post, Russell Scott, a member of Frack Free Ryedale, explains why he believes fracking is harmful to health and the environment.

25 July 2018

IGas appeals against refusal of permission for testing at Ellesmere Port gas well. DrillOrDrop report, Shares Magazine, Chester Chronicle (27/7/2018)

Update on Bury Hill Wood/Holmwood oil site near Leith Hill in Surrey. DrillOrDrop report on Europa seeking three more years of planning permission, environmental permit details and another two-year extension of exploration phase of PEDL licence

Government presses ahead with planning policy changes on oil and gas – despite “limited support”. DrillOrDrop report on NPPF revisions

Guest post: Government recruits fracking commissioner to “facilitate communication” with residents. DrillOrDrop report by Chloe Farand, of DeSmog UK

Cuadrilla tracker to 30 June 2018

Sorce: Cuadrilla

Cuadrilla’s investment into Lancashire tops £10m. Cuadrilla released data show it has invested £10m in the local Lancashire economy. Cumulative direct spend reached £8.93m and indirect was £1.1m. Lancashire Business Review

YP Letters: Polling shows little support for fracking from the public. Michael Farm, writing to the Yorkshire Post, refutes earlier comments by local fracking supporter, Lorraine Allanson, that a “tiny minority” are against fracking. Sam Grant, also writing to the paper, accuses anti-fracking activists of misusing evidence to support their cause.

24 July 2018

Government grants consent to frack Cuadrilla’s first horizontal shale gas well. DrillOrDrop report, The Guardian, Reuters, government press release, FT, Lancashire Evening Post, Business Green, City Am, Mail Online, Reuters, I news, Politics Home, The Sun, The Telegraph, Independent, Express (25/7/2018), North West Place (25/7/2018), Rigzone (25/7/2018)

Government announces changes to National Planning Policy Framework. See DrillOrDrop report

180724 pnr lock on Tina Rothery 6

Six anti-fracking campaigners block the entrance to Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in first challenge to the protest injunction. Cuadrilla says it will take legal action. DrillOrDrop report, Blackpool Gazette, BBC News

Fracking has got off to a wrong start, seismologist tells coalfield MPs. DrillOrDrop report

Europa applies for another three years of planning consent for Bury Hill Wood site in Surrey. See DrillOrDrop report, Proactive Investors, Energy Voice, Europa Oil & Gas RNS, Oil and Gas 360, Oil Voice, Oilfield Technology

Labour will ban fracking. The Lancashire Evening Post reports comments by shadow energy minister, Alan Whitehead, who said a government decision to allow fracking Lancashire was “riding roughshod over the opposition of local people and a previous ruling by the local council.

23 July 2018

What’s happening this week? DrillOrDrop listing of evens about UK fracking, onshore oil and gas and campaigning.

Change of name for Kimmeridge Oil and Gas. KOGL, the operator of the Broadford Bridge site in West Sussex, has changed its name to UKOG (234) ltd, after the number of the petroleum exploration and development licence. Companies House document. Another related company, Kimmeridge Energy Ltd, has changed its name to UKOG (KOGL) Ltd. Companies House document

Environment Agency issues permits for Europa Oil & Gas operations at Bury Hill Wood (Holmwood) in Surrey. See DrillOrDrop report, Energy Live News

Position on fracking is shambolic. The Motherwell Times reports comments by Central Scotland MSP Mark Griffin, on the Scottish government’s position on fracking. He tells the paper:

“In 2017, Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs and the public that fracking was banned in Scotland – now Ministers have extended Ineos’ licence to frack for a year.

“The Scottish Government must ban fracking outright. There is clear scientific evidence the practice has a negative impact on public health, our climate and the environment.

“The people of Central Scotland do not want these unnecessary activities taking place on their doorstep and the Scottish Government must review this decision as a matter of urgency.”

21 July 2018

No need to revise health review on fracking impacts, says minister. DrillOrDrop report on parliamentary questions to ministers on UK fracking and onshore oil and gas

YP Letters: Fracking is an opportunity for our region. Fracking supporter, Lorraine Allanson, writing to the Yorkshire Post, says:

“With shale gas comes the incredible opportunity to positively transform the lives of many, not just in our rural communities but in our county and our country.”

YP Letters: Bland statements are not proof. David Cragg-James and Anne Stewart, also writing to the Yorkshire Post, dispute evidence presented in favour of fracking in a previous article in the paper by Samuel Ribansky.

20 July 2018

Oil production plans for Wressle include new measures to protect water supplies but keep small-scale hydraulic fracturing. DrillOrDrop report

Construction work allowed at Misson throughout remainder of bird breeding season. Nottinghamshire County Council gives IGas permission to continue construction work at its shale gas site at Springs Road, Misson, for the remainder of the bird breeding season, until 31 August.

Irrepressible David Lenigas upbeat as Horse Hill oil discovery returns to the spotlight. Proactive Investors reports on an interview with David Lenigas who says the “Gatwick Gusher gushed again” in flow tests. Proactive Investors also interviewed Solo Oil’s Neil Ritson on the Horse Hill flow tests. 

More reaction to government consultation on changes to planning for shale gas and fracking developments. Friends of the Earth (Ask your councillors to oppose fast-tracking fracking), LocGov.co.uk, Lancashire Evening Post (County to defend fracking planning powers), Blackpool Gazette (Have a say on fast track bid for fracking)

Shouldn’t fracking be suspended too? Ian Hughes, writing to the Lancashire Evening Post, asks whether fracking should not be suspended along with the domestic use of hose pipes in the United Utilities region.

19 July 2018

Government seeks views on proposals to bypass local planning system for shale gas developments. DrillOrDrop report. Government consultation on permitted development. Government consultation on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, Planning Resource (subscription), Energy Live News, BBC News, The Ends Report (subscription), New Civil Engineer, Business Insider, Business Green

South Yorkshire villager seeks legal challenge to Ineos shale gas consent at Common Road, Harthill. DrillOrDrop report

1710 Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Protest on the road near Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton fracking site. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

“Bird table” protest trial dismissed. Kirby Misperton Protection Camp reports that the trial of two anti-fracking protesters who occupied wooden towers looking like bird tables was discontinued today. The Crown Prosecution Service said it was not in the public interest to pursue charges of endangering road users. A spokesperson for Kirby Misperton Protection Camp said:

“We welcome the acknowledgement that our peaceful protest at KM8 has not endangered anyone – indeed care for the safety and wellbeing of the community of Kirby Misperton is what motivates those who are protesting against fracking.”

18 July 2018

Oil company ordered to clear South Downs drilling site – again. DrillOrDrop report on issue of breach of condition notice to UK Oil and Gas for Markwells Wood exploration site.

Two more Surrey earthquakes – second oil company says it’s not to blame. DrillOrDrop report, The Sun, Mail Online, Surrey Live

UKOG releases early results from Horse Hill oil flow tests. DrillOrDrop report, Proactive Investors

Protester Alex Geoffrey Cohen acquitted for second time. The York Press reports that Mr Cohen was acquitted for a second time after protests outside Third Energy’s fracking site at Kirby Misperton. At a third trial he was found guilty of two offences.

Forest Enterprise boss empty-chaired. Simon Hodgson, chief executive of Forest Enterprise England, failed to attend a meeting with Keith Taylor MEP and local residents to discuss concerns about oil drilling on FEE land near Leith Hill in Surrey.

180718 Keith Taylor - empty chair

Keith Taylor MEP and local residents at a meeting to which Simon Hodgson, chief executive of Forest Enterprise England, was invited but did not attend. 18 July 2018. Photo: Office of Keith Taylor MEP

Climate lobby: sectoral analysis of lobbying spending on climate change in the US, 2000-2016. Climate Change journal includes a study which finds that spending on lobbying over climate change by fossil fuel and transport corporations and affiliated trade bodies dwarfed that by environmental organisations and renewable energy companies.

17 July 2018

Rig at Preston New Road Cuadrilla July 2018

Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool, 5 June 2018. Picture: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

Cuadrilla completes second shale gas well and prepares to frack as hosepipe ban is announced. DrillOrDrop report, Cuadrilla Resources press release, New Civil Engineer, Lancashire Business Review, Blackpool Gazette, Energy Voice, Oil and Gas Journal, BBC News

Forest Enterprise boss refuses to meet residents and MEP at Surrey oil site. DrillOrDrop report

Will locals have a say on future fracking plans. The Lancashire Evening Post reports Green Party County Councillor, Gina Dowding, has condemned government proposals to bypass councils in the planning process for shale gas development. Lancashire Telegraph (18 July 2018)

Ask yourself why we are protesting here. In a letter to the Blackpool Gazette, Jill Walton defends protesters outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site.

Samuel Ribansky: Why Brexit also means fracking if Britain is to secure energy independence. Sheffield University politics graduate, Samuel Ribansky, writing an opinion column in the Yorkshire Post, says:

“fracking must be seriously considered if UK wishes to retain its energy security – how else will people comment on the success/failure of Brexit and share videos of our World Cup heroes if no one will be able to charge their phone due to an energy shortage?”

16 July 2018

Expert group backs Scottish Governments’s ‘ambitious’ new emissions target. Energy Voice reports that Lord Deben, head of the Committee on Climate Change, said Scotland was at the forefront of UK efforts to tackle climate change. Two months ago, the Scottish Government published legislation committing it to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050, up from the previous target of 80%.

15 July 2018

What’s happening this week? 16-22 July 2018. DrillOrDrop listing of events about UK fracking, onshore oil and gas and campaigns about them

Ryedale anti-fracking protesters sentenced for two crimes. The York Press reports anti-fracking campaigner, Anne Cookson, from Liverpool, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs after previously being found guilty in her absence of two charges of obstructing Habton Road in Kirby  Misperton.

Taking issue on protest camp. Peter Winter, of Kirby Misperton, writing in the Gazette and Herald, responds to a letter from RAAP (Ryedale Against Anti-fracking Protest. Mr Winter says the protest camp at Kirby Misperton was visited by local people. He also defends the right to protest.

13 July 2018

Farmer joins National Trust as Ineos shale gas access case heads towards trial. DrillOrDrop report

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has slammed Donald Trump’s trip to the UK. 2BR reports Clive Grunshaw has written to the Treasury calling for the same funding used to police Donald Trump’s visit to be made available for policing anti-fracking protests in Lancashire.

Study to track trends in the public’s opinion on fracking. University of Stirling announces a new study with academics at Exeter, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt universities to understand public responses to fracking. See DrillOrDrop report

Solo Oil plc “monetising investments begins to fall into place” Directors Talk reports an update from Solo  Oil on its future plans. The Executive Chairman, Neil Ritson, is to retire before the end off the year to be followed by a board restructuring. The company has interests in the Horse Hill site currently about to begin flow testing.

12 July 2018

180711Installing seismic monitors BGS

Earthquake monitor installed to track seismic activity in Surrey. Photo: Used with the owner’s permission

Earthquake monitors installed in Surrey – welcomed by campaigners. DrillOrDrop report. BBC News (11/7/2018), Independent (13/7/2018), Surrey Live (16/7/2018)

11 July 2018

Breaking: Judge grants Cuadrilla injunction over Lancs fracking site to 2020. DrillOrDrop report on ruling in High Court hearing, Natural Gas News, Blackpool Gazette, 2BR, Salford Star

Legal precedent and costs are major hurdles to challenging fracking injunctions, campaigners say. DrillOrDrop report on reaction to the injunction ruling

Minister quizzed on impact of fracking on UK climate targets. DrillOrDrop report on this week’s questions in parliament about fracking and shale gas.

Julian Sturdy raises local concerns about proposed changes to planning rules for fracking. His website says the MP for York Outer shares concerns about the proposals announced in a written ministerial statement in May 2018. This would take decisions out of local control. Link to transcript

10 July 2018

Cuadrilla injunction evidence based on “allegations, conjecture, exaggeration and hearsay”, court told. DrillOrDrop report from hearing at the High Court in Manchester on Cuadrilla’s protest injunction application

UKOG seeks to delay decision on future of Broadford Bridge oil site in West Sussex for 18 months while it reviews results from Horse Hill/Gatwick Gusher 20 miles away. DrillOrDrop report

US is set to become world’s top oil producer, Government says. Estimates by the US Energy Information Administration, reported by Bloomberg, see US crude output averaging 11.8m barrels a day in 2019, up from its 11.76m barrels a day in the June outlook.

Air pollution linked to spikes in hospital and GP visits. The Guardian reports on a study by the School of Medicine in Dundee which found an “absolutely clear” link between poor air quality and health problems.

Low carbon energy would cost no more. The first National Infrastructure Assessment for the UK says making a switch to low-carbon and renewable sources for power and hearing, combined with electric vehicles, would mean customers in 2050 would pay the same in real terms as their energy today. The report says the UK cannot achieve its emissions targets without moving away from using fossil fuel gas for heating. Carbon Brief

9 July 2018

Anti-fracking campaigners “disappointed” at extension of Ineos licence in Scotland. DrillOrDrop report, Friends of the Earth, The Ferret, ITV News, Energy Voice, Falkirk Herald (12/7/2018), Energy Voice (10/7/2018)

South Downs oil exploration licence lapses. DrillOrDrop report

UKOG, the largest investor in Horse Hill oil exploration site, seeks change of company status. DrillOrDrop report, Proactive Investors, Stock Market Wire

What’s happening this week? DrillOrDrop events listings for 9-15 July 2018.

Investigation: Facebook surveillance of fracking protesters – background and key documents. DeSmogUK and Vice report on how fracking companies Ineos, UKOG, Cuadrilla and Europa have used specialist security teams to conduct mass social media surveillance.

How fracking companies use Facebook surveillance to ban protest. Motherboard reports no how fracking companies employed security companies to trawl Facebook posts to discredit activists to justify banning protest.

Church to stop investing in firms not tackling climate change. Energy Voice reports the Church of England General Synod passed a motion on 8 July 2018 to pull investment from firms that are not on track to meet provisions of the Paris Agreement on climate change by 2023.

7 July 2018

Hunt on for source of Surrey tremors. The Times reports on earthquakes in Surrey on 5/7/2018 and says the British Geological Survey is to install temporary seismic monitors in the county. The BGS also tweeted on the subject:

180708 BGS tweet

6 July 2018

UK oil and gas companies retain 12 exporation licences despite failing to meet drilling commitments. DrillOrDrop report

Angus Energy chairman, Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorius, steps down over investigation into share transfers. DrillOrDrop, Proactive Investors

Egdon submits third planning application for oil production at Wressle site near Scunthorpe. DrillOrDrop report, Proactive Investors 95/7/2018)

No new exploration licences and no support for fracking, Welsh Government proposes. DrillOrDrop report, The Planner 

Ecotricity to discuss fracking fight at WOMAD. Ecotricity reports that its stage at the WOMAD festival later this month will include a discussion on fracking. It will feature the company’s principal ecologist, Simon Pickering, Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley, campaigner Joe Corre, Steve Mason of Frack Free United and Lancashire nana Tina Rothery. The event is chaired by broadcaster, Jon Snow.

Awards for Yorkshire Post journalists. The Yorkshire Post reports that is photographer, Simon Hulme, won Best Photographer at the O2 Media Awards for Yorkshire in Leeds. His portfolio include a picture of police attempts to move Jackie Brookes and her tea table outside the Third Energy site at Kirby Misperton.

5 July 2018

Local authorities are best placed to decide on fracking plans – MP report. DrillOrDrop report, Energy Voice, Business Insider, New Civil Engineer, Independent, Reuters, Northern Echo, CPRE, Blackpool Gazette

180705 BGS seismicity

Residents demand investigation as 7th Surrey earthquake shakes area between oil sites. DrillOrDrop report, BBC News, Express, Keith Taylor MEP, BBC News South (6/7/2018), Surrey Live ( UK earthquakes in Surrey ‘unlikely’ to be linked to oil and gas exploration – 6/7/2018.)

UKOG High Court hearing over protest injunction ends – judgement reserved. DrillOrDrop report

Campaigner loses appeal over “act of conscience” protest to oil drilling in the Weald.DrillOrDrop report, Bognor Regis Observer 

4 July 2018

Oil company, UKOG, seeks “unprecedented protest injunction based on flawed case”, women tell the High Court. DrillOrDrop report from third day of the injunction hearing.

UKOG announces success share placing to raise £2m. A statement from the company says the placing is:

“intended for opportunistic investment to help deliver the Company’s stated goal of consolidating and expanding its asset base in the Weald Basin. The placing represents an additional £2 million to the previously announced £10.5 million investment secured to deliver sufficient working capital for its core projects over the next 18 months.”

See also Energy VoiceProactive Investors, Evening Standard

Angus Energy confirms its chairman transferred 39 million shares to a company with one officer, a 20-year-old Hungarian whose home is listed in Poland. DrillOrDrop report, Shares Magazine

Rig protest was “act of conscience”, says campaigner appealing conviction. DrillOrDrop report

Anti-fracker threatened Cuadrilla guard with ‘snitches get stiches’ jibe, court told. The Blackpool Gazette reports on a court case of Stephen Allen for three charges of assault and intimidating a witness.

3 July 2018

Leading Greens back women challenging UKOG protest injunction and warn against “sinister attempts” to “clamp down” on right to protest. DrillOrDrop report

Angus investigation in transfer of shares to America 2030. Angus Energy reports in a statement to shareholders that its chairman, Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorius transferred 39,000,000 shares in the company to America 2030 Capital Ltd in “contemplation of a possible equity-linked loan against his shareholding. DrillOrDrop report

Kimmeridge assessment indicates high quality crude at Lidsey. Angus Energy reports samples of oil from the Oxfordian and Kimmeridge layers at the Lidsey site indicate light 38.5 API oil in the natural fracture system. DrillOrDrop report, LSE.co.uk, Proactive Investors, Your Oil and Gas News

Ineos announces E2.7m investment in ethane cracker. Ineos says it plans to build a new ethane cracker and PDH unit in north west Europe. The location has yet to be decided. It will be the first new cracker built in Europe for two decades and will initially use ethane from shale gas shipped from the US. Telegraph,

Fracking plans face cold shoulder under new Wales policy. BBC News reports on an updated policy from the Welsh Government which says future applications from developers wanting to drill for oil and gas in Wales will not be supported.  A consultation runs until the end of September. Energy Live News

Dame Emma Thompson lambasts the “handful of desperadoes” in fracking. The Ecologist reports on Dame Emma Thompson’s support for a mass protest at Preston New Road. See DrillOrDrop report of 28 June 2018

2 July 2018

Campaign group seeks to join women’s challenge to protest injunction. DrillOrDrop report on Friends of the Earth application to intervene in the challenge to the UKOG injunction against protests at Broadford Bridge, Horse Hill and company offices in Guildford. The Guardian

MPs to investigate shale gas impacts in former mining areas. DrillOrDrop report on the next evidence session by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shale Gas impacts

£5m institutional placing. UK Oil and Gas announces it has raised £5m with a placing including two institutional investors. An extra 250,000 share were issued at a price of 2p. UKOG statement

Lenigas tweets update on Horse Hill. David Lenigas, an investor in the Horse Hill oil site, tweeted that oil in the Kimmeridge limestones at Horse Hill was 40API, making it a light crude and likely to fetch a higher price than heavy crude on commodity markets. He also said there was no water flowing from the Kimmeridge or Portland in tests. Proactive Investors

180702 David Lenigas tweet

Environment Agency issues permit variation and consolidation. The permit covers the IGas Glentworth K Wellsite at Gainsborough. Link 

1 July 2018

Secret firm handed £500k of public money after Scottish Enterprise gagging order. The Daily Record reports on public funding for industries in Scotland, including £14.1m for Ineos in  2014-2017.

Record needs setting straight about RAAP. In a letter to the Gazette and Herald, Rob Batty, writes that Ryedale Against Anti-fracking protests is not against peaceful protest or lobbying. It opposes anti-fracking protest camps and protesters who travel the country protesting about multiple causes.

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