Restoration of Wressle oil site not “commercially-viable” while new production plans are pending – Egdon

1807 Wressle site plan

Plan for Egdon’s Wressle oil site near Scunthorpe. Source: Egdon planning application.

Investment by Egdon Resources in its oil site near Scunthorpe should be considered when deciding whether to extend planning permission, council planners will argue next week.

They recommend the exploration company should be allowed another year to restore the Wressle site, even though this goes against local and national planning policies and a deadline set by a government-appointed inspector.

The planners’ report, to be considered by North Lincolnshire councillors, said Egdon has spent about £5m on site construction and drilling the well at Wressle.

The company is seeking the extension while a new application for long-term oil production is decided.

The planners said:

“The applicants [Egdon] have stated in their supporting documents that, having constructed the wellsite and drilled the exploratory borehole, it would not be commercially viable to restore the site with a new application for long-term development pending determination.”

If permission for the extension were refused, planners said the Wressle oil well would have to be plugged and abandoned and the site restored.

Egdon would then have to rebuild the site and potentially re-enter and drill out the borehole if its new application for oil production was later approved. The planners said:

“This would effectively repeat the exploratory work (with associated cost and HGV movements) which took place in 2014 and 2015, as a new well bore would be needed.”

They concluded:

“The proposed 12 month extension to the restoration date would allow time for the production application to be determined prior to restoration taking place, which would avoid the risk of abortive work, at significant expense, should the production application be approved.”

171107 Wressle PI DoD 9

Planning inspector, Keri Williams, at a public inquiry on three Egdon applications for the Wressle site. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The Wressle site was the subject of a planning inquiry in 2017, when Egdon appealed against three refusals of planning permission by North Lincolnshire Council.

The planning inspector, Keri Williams, dismissed the company’s appeals against two refusals of permission for long-term oil production.

But he allowed the company more time – until 28 April 2018 – to restore the site.

He took into account the existing investment in the site, as well the potential for abortive work, in allowing the extension.

Less than two weeks before the April 2018 deadline expired, Egdon sought another 12-month extension for restoration. Earlier this month, the company also submitted a new production application (DrillOrDrop report).

Broughton Town Council and some residents have strongly objected to Egdon’s request for a year’s extension because the original restoration deadline has passed.

The planners’ report acknowledged that granting the extension would conflict with a policy in the National Planning Policy Framework – the rulebook for planning authorities when considering applications. Paragraph 144 requires restoration and aftercare “at the earliest opportunity”.

The extension would also conflict with a policy in the local plan, which requires “adequate proposals for restoration”, they said.

But the planners said the facilities and infrastructure currently on the site were not “highly intrusive” and did not have a “significantly detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the area”.

They concluded:

“Given the relatively modest duration of the proposed extension to the restoration period, the lack of demonstrable environmental harm as a result of this extension and the financial implications of potentially abortive work should the extension be denied, it is considered that, in this instance, there are material considerations which outweigh the identified policy conflicts.”

  • Egdon’s extension request comes before North Lincolnshire Council’s planning committee on Wednesday 1 August 2018. The committee meets at 2pm at the Civic Centre, Scunthorpe DN16 1AB (Link to agenda). The meeting is expected to hear from the company’s representatives and five opponents. DrillOrDrop will be reporting from the meeting.

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  1. Reminds me of my old Beano Annuals, that were full of “science” regarding how we would/could live in the future. All good fun to divert away from the reality of everyday life. Very little of it had entered into everyday life as the future arrived. The sound idea was to keep the Annuals in good condition to flog off in the future, purchase AJLucas. or Egdon shares at the right moment, flog them at the right moment and be able to afford a tank of fuel for the motor without taking out a mortgage! Strange though. Never saw that suggested within the Annuals.

    • Ohio counties with high fracking activity (more than 10 wells) had 21 percent higher rates of chlamydia and 19 percent higher rates of gonorrhea compared with counties with no fracking.
      There was no association between fracking and syphilis rates. The authors note that most recent cases of syphilis have occurred among men who have sex with men. “If most of the increased STI risk in communities associated with shale gas development is due to heterosexual transmission, then we would not expect to see a link with syphilis in this ecologic analysis due to the relatively small proportion of the male population that has sex with other men,” they conclude.
      STI rates increased with fracking activity among both men and women in the counties studied.
      Because the gas drillers are transient, the researchers point out, they might not have been tested and treated for STIs in Ohio while they worked there, and thus might not be included in the Ohio Department of Public Health data. Regardless, they write that the findings indicate “sexual mixing patterns” between migratory workers and permanent residents and that continually increasing STI rates, even as new fracking permits declined, point to the fact that transmission continues to occur even after the workers leave — a broader public health concern.

      The authors suggest that local public health efforts might target STI prevention in communities with increased fracking activity.

      ( )

    • So lets read that report again shall we?

      “Boy allegedly ‘groomed’ by anti-fracking activists on social media, who were eventually banned from contacting him.”

      “Allegedly”…..? All i see is that he signed an anti fracking petition, there is no other proof there at all is there?

      It looks like another “poisoning the dog” or “vandalising the rig” press set up job again doesn’t it?

      How about this then?

      Tory police chief accused of sexually manipulating 19-year-old activist while undercover.

      You see? Maybe the accusation was a cover up for this sort of activity by the police?

      There be dragons.

      • You – see…. Don’t believe everything you read on-line Phil C – it may be rubbish. At least it is a UK article.

        Please let us know which US fracking chemicals are permitted for use in the UK? Please advise the hot spots for cancer etc. around Fawley / Grangemouth / Milford Haven, Lindsey, Valero, Stanlow, Humber etc.? This information would be more relevant and useful than the links you are posting? Some facts please, not waffle…

          • No waffle either, just stuff you guys don’t like to see it posted, hence the increasingly silly diversion comments from those who do nothing else but.

            I don’t throw the residents babies out with the invaders fracking waste bath water, there are those who would do nothing else and enjoy it and say so.

            Nothing I post is wrong, just inconvenient to some, but I won’t be dissuaded from doing so if I feel that is neccessary, and at the moment it is.

            I can play word games too quite easily if I want to, but I would just rather not have to, but if there is anything i have learned over the years of posting here, that sometimes it’s better to fight fire with fire, so if you don’t like what i say, then perhaps don’t pump it out in the first place.


        • Can any anti anti explain why in the US they tip millions of gallons of toxic chemicals down their wells when apparently in the UK we would just need sand and water and a thimble full of friction reducer?

          Still no postings showing the long list of successful fracking operations by Cuadrilla in Europe.

          Their proven track record must be world class for our shrewd Government to consider taking control away from the planning system and destroying democracy.

          Maybe it’s just that they don’t want the public to know how good they really are.

          Usually it’s the opposite. If you are good at something and you want to gain trust you show what you have done in the past (obviously not dwelling to long on the Preese Hall job)

          However this is the oil and gas industry.

          When Cuadrilla said on camera that house prices would rise near fracking sites it became obvious that we were dealing with something that was wired up very very differently to how the majority see things.

          No really. I was there.They did say that. Apparently people moving to the countryside would pay more to live next to a toxic industrial site than they would to live in a sleepy quiet rural village surrounded by fields and woodland.

          That’s ‘fracklogic’

        • You can do your own research Paul

          Right here:

          What you also have to realise, is that cancers or other health issues will be recorded at places of residency, rather than work place or specific work locations, there is no map that i know of that will connect residency with places of employment or location of hazardous conditions.

          Now that really would be a useful map wouldn’t it?

  2. “Large numbers of obese people living within a 30 kilometre radius of US fracking sites”. Fake News for Today.

    Must be all that wealth?

    No, large numbers of obese people live within a 30 kilometre radius of most points in US!

    Giggle warriors out in force today. Obviously very little of substance happening. Rains now stopped. Back to the garden. Have fun.

  3. “Nothing I post is wrong”!!! Well, glad I didn’t miss that, and stopped for my tea break, and observed more factual myopia.

    Oh yes it is. It’s just that most don’t read it so not picked up that often. But, us occasional readers can have the “benefit”. Asked the local PC or HMRC yet about Red Diesel??

    Best way to learn is from making mistakes, but not too many. Let’s hope that Cuadrilla have followed that lesson.

    Back to the garden before the fog blows in.

    • Ha! Ha! Still boring on about that old thing as if it was something important? Dear me, somewhat obsessive isn’t it? It must be printed on the inside of the blinkers along with the other little lists? Must be getting a little worn by now? Time to rub it out isn’t it?

      Ive been ignoring this arrant nonsense silliness because its not what i said, and martin knows it, but it seems to be so desperate to find something wrong in anything i said after having been embarrassed over so many things, i thought, what the hell does it matter if it keeps someone happy, someone clearly needs a happy moment or two in all that depression?

      But clearly someone cannot let it go, maybe that is all there is to hang on to? Lets burst this oh so very little burble bubble for once and for all shall we?

      This is what i said and it is proved here in the link, that farming diesel derived from unofficial sources that is tax exempt for various reasons, including bio diesel, and farm vehicles that mix their diesel with such things as vegetable oil, are not allowed to be used on the highway, and that such materials are often coloured red to show up on tests so it can be identified quickly, some people used to filter it to get rid of the red dye.

      What i said was that we do not need manufactured diesel, we can make diesel from vegetable oil, and that it was stained red to identify it from official diesel because it is tax exempt unless it is used with a special license, that was it guys, that was what all this fuss was about, because i dared to mention red coloured deise (not red diesel as martin claims), but in a quite different context, because farming diesel was stained red if was from an unofficial source and tax exempt.

      Clearly someone wanted to blow that out of all proportion, probably because i said vehicles could be run on vegetable oi and didn’t need fossil fuel diesel except maybe as a de waxing agent. apparently someone was determined to make that an issue, one way or another.

      But here we still are many many months later going over the same old same old load of rubbish and still trying to make something of it. and it seems to be the only thing that is on this persons agenda against anything i say? On and on and on and on, and maybe its supposed to do something for the writer? I really dont want to know what that is. What a sorry little thing it is too?

      There, happy now? All this wasted type just for that little thing? What a waste of time?

      With that out of the way, what is next? Something surely, we will have to wait and see i suppose, maybe it will just get repeated and repeated endlessly anyway regardless of the truth, i am sure there are some dregs left in the bottom of that particular barrel yet to be endlessly dredged recycled?

      Dear me, lets see what emerges from that shall we?

    • You know perfectly well martin that related to the question that Paul put that nothing on the internet is reliable, and this is the correct context

      “No waffle either, just stuff you guys don’t like to see it posted, hence the increasingly silly diversion comments from those who do nothing else but.

      I don’t throw the residents babies out with the invaders fracking waste bath water, there are those who would do nothing else and enjoy it and say so.

      Nothing I post is wrong, just inconvenient to some, but I won’t be dissuaded from doing so if I feel that is neccessary, and at the moment it is.”

      And refers to Pauls comment, so that is another dud along with red diesel.

      Nice try but utter Rubbish as usual.

      Keep trying, or do you want me to make a little list too?

      Happy to do so if you continue with these obsessive discredited unfounded accusations.

  4. Phil C – so no direct experience of the planning and appeal system, no knowledge of UK approved fracking chemicals, no knowledge of abnormal occurences of cancers around UK refineries / towns. But happy to comment on these issues because you read something in the US?

    It just occurred to me that I should ask you what are you actually doing to stop fracking in the UK, stop the onshore oil and gas business in the UK, stop Cuadrilla / I Gas / INEOS, stop climate change, change people’s consumerism for love and peace man…. Lot’s of people on this BB are very active in their home areas and some in all areas where onshore drilling and possibly “fracking” may occur or is occurring. Sherwulfe, Refracktion, JP, various Roberts, KT, Ruth & Paul attending PIs, and many others – the long list of those being arrested etc etc. What are you actually doing to try and prevent everything you are clearly against and preach against – other than posting links to US websites / videos and to Ian Crane, who you seem to worship? And of course posting your Sunday songs….

    • ‘what are you actually doing to stop fracking in the UK’

      Let’s recap

      First fracking applications passed unopposed in 2010.

      Not a whiff of commercial shale gas in 8 years.

      The reason for this must be

      1. Those who oppose the industry have stopped that from happening or

      2. The industry cannot manage to extract shale gas.

      Seeing as the industry took their PEDL’s knowing the time constraints of the licence and have not managed to achieve anything within those accepted times and having to go cap in hand for DOV’s I would suggest that…

      The industry has been pummelled by well organised communities right across the country.

      From lemon drizzle cakes to top environmental lawyers. We have it all.

      • JP – if you take the time to read my post the question is directed at Phil C asking what his contribution is.

        I am very aware of yours (as noted), and your community’s. But you have got to admit that you were very lucky with the “earthquakes”.

        Soon we will see if you are right and the industry is wrong.

        • I would say Cuadrilla were very unlucky with the earthquakes and we are extremely skill full at what we do.

          It does beg the question where exactly have Cuadrilla fracked successfully since they started?

          It seems odd that a company with so much experience? would have made such huge industry stopping technical failures at Preese Hall.

          Maybe everywhere else? they have fracked are areas that don’t have any faults and they just didn’t understand the consequences of drilling and injecting into one.

          ‘Soon we will see if you are right and the industry is wrong’

          The bleating of the UK shale industry,

          Always tomorrow and it won’t be long now.

          Didn’t Francis Egan say the investors won’t wait forever?

          Provable commercial viability would be years away even if we moved over and let the industry progress by which time Climate change issues will be critical and renewable energy and storage will cost far less than unnecessary expensive UK shale gas.

          Historically UK shale has been pummelled

          At present it walks on eggshells and

          It has no viable future.

    • Thats absolute fracking rubbish Paul and its speaks of desperation too,

      Do you really think i will fall for that nonsense?

      You dont know a thing about me because i don’t crow on and on about the things i do outside of this forum, and that rankles doesnt it? You seem desperate to try and pin your own donkeys tail onto something you want to get at, presumably to attempt to pin that on me, it aint going to work.

      I have said many times before and i will say so again just for your edification and pleasure and enlightenment, i will say it again.

      I follow no one, i have no heroes, no leaders, no politicians (spits loudly) and no one human being, that is a pack animal instinct trait to follow some self advertised “pack leader” into hell and back.we don’t need it, but many don’t question it enough and just follow blindly. They don’t last long.

      Look around you at all of our so called leaders? Worse than rubbish aren’t they? Big mistake to put a bunch of greedy little hyenas in charge of the crèche.

      i have respect for certain peoples individual stance on many things, historically and many alive now today, and i hope to see more in the future, if i am allowed to have one that is, and to be honest Paul, its none of your fracking business what that is, or why, but believe me it is many and varied and the fracking debacle is only one little part of that, so go put that in your well and frack it.

      I used to have heroes, just like any other child, it is something children do, but over the years i began to learn the truth about people, wonderful in isolated aspects, but taken as a whole? One by one the truth overturned the illusions and i began to see people as they really were and are. Just flawed and damaged people, just as we all are, i really do see that a lot here. But still there is something, a spark of something unique in us all, sometimes hidden behind great walls of defence mechanisms that result from everything we go through to get some sort of sense in our lives.

      With some the walls aren’t quite as big or necessary, that is all

      Find those sparks in yourself and others and suddenly its all clear, we really are special in our deepest unsullied depths. We really do care and look out for eachother.

      But we are lucky if we find that in ourselves, let alone finding it in another or many others, that is a privilege, and i have been lucky to have had that privileged more than once and hope to do so more.

      i will not subscribe to the fracking debacle and i will have no leaders or egos to get in the way, god knows there are enough of those displaying right here?

      I respect Ian R Crane for what he says and does for the anti fracking movement, which incidentally is not centralised, it has no one tenet, it has no one centre or follower or leader, and that is what the fracking industry finds so difficult. We neither lead nor follow, we just do what is best.
      But i respect a lot of other people too, anything from spiritual, philosophical to engineering and writers and poets and songsters, composers, artists, musicians, the list is endless, i post a few here, so glad its appreciated.

      Since well over over five years ago now i have spent my time going around some very dear friends and colleagues here and abroad and i have met some fantastic people who are creating the real future for everyone, by real i mean true workable intelligent cheap renewable energy of all types and descriptions which will be made available for free when all this present debacle collapses around our ears, because that is the future, and i have supported them financially and with my time and energy, and i still do so.

      i have visited sites here and there to find out what people really are doing and what they think and that has been incredible, so much hope for the future and detestation for what is truly being done to us in the name of private greed and avarice from the dying fossil fuel industry backed by the worst government this country has had since Margaret Thatcher (spits loudly). But in all that time, i never came across hatred or fear, just love and determination, that is the way, someone said “love your enemy” but what he did not say, is “there is no enemy that you dont see in yourself”.

      You speak of not knowing things and you quite disingenuously accuse me of that, its not true Paul, and i really don’t care much if that is what you want to think, but like martin if it makes you happy, wrong, but happy, then so what? its just accusation, lashing out and that is usually a fear response, which is unfortunate.

      I read your posts Paul and i realise each time something that is unfortunate, you know a lot, but that knowledge has become a shield, something to ward off the dangers of what ever it is you fear, we all have fears, it is part of our programming, familial or adulthood, but maybe you dont look for that spark, possibly because you don’t expect to find it.

      The spark is there in everyone, you just have to look for it, sometimes it will find you, and if you are lucky like i was, it will become something and someone who will teach you to open even more doors in our shut tight little existences, until they start flying open of their own accord and then you will be ready for that and not be horrified or crushed, just understand.

      I am glad you like my Sunday songs, but you are wrong about Ian R Crane, i respect what he does on this subject, and that is it, no worship, no “discipline” and there is no one person who i would follow or go over the top of the trench for anyone, i would rather kick a football around with the fictitious enemy in nomansland and talk of home and food and the bright and peaceful future.

      if you want to keep your illusions Paul, then best of luck to you, but i have been there, and its all rubbish, really it is.

      You ought to do something for people face to face, i did, and it was the best thing i ever did, i discovered that under all that protective armour, i was actually still a human being, and much to my surprise, so were other people? Astonishing! So don’t despair, if i can do it, anyone can?

      if you want to rubbish this, then hey, what does it really matter eh? But maybe think a while, its never too late.

      • Good to hear that renewable energy is going to be made available for free. Any ideas when? I just wonder who is going to pay for the infrastructure or generating units, servicing, distribution, etc .? Free energy is surely going to increase consumption as many will run ACs in the summer and have the central heating set nice and warm in the winter.

  5. Ahh, the fog has arrived!

    Actually, your admission is not even a factual record, but no one will notice. Oh, yes they have. “Nothing I post is wrong” is simply a cop out for making a sensible and coherent case-but first you need to make sure that is correct or all readers are gullible.

    Sorry to be annoying but why do people think what they post on social media has different “rules” to what someone might say over a pint down the pub? I suppose “nothing I say is wrong” might be an interesting way to get ridiculed in the Dog & Duck.

    But thanks for the memory of reading 1984, when the masses are told what the “real”, or anti, truth is and it should be accepted even when it is obviously the anti truth and not real. The Beano Annual and 1984 in one day. Happy memories.

    Just to help out in any urban pub quizzes, Red Diesel is red to try and prevent cheap (subsidised) agricultural diesel being traded, or stolen, for use in commercial vehicles and thus reduce the tax collected by HMRC. (Sorry to mention the tax collected phrase, I know it is a problem for some.) Visit any significant farm with it’s tank of Red Diesel and chat to them about the security and record keeping to see how this is supposed to work. I suspect they even have to record how many litres to spray manure over trespassers these days!

  6. Can’t let it go?

    Careful, some might realise that I only took one pretty minor event as a demonstration. I suspect different readers will have their own favourites.

    Anyway, with the rain forecast to clear away, I will have less time to spend on the joys of DOD, therefore I will reinstate my previous policy so you can rest easy.

    • Ha! Ha!


      Nice try but no fracking cigar! So being proven completely and utterly wrong its going to be running away to hide behind the blinkers again? But of course, we know the truth about that too don’t we boys and girls?

      Dear me. Sad, very sad.

      Never mind martin, go tell them in the Fog and F…rack all about the imaginary friend and how you are always soooo right and everyone else is always soooo wrong, and maybe, if you bought them enough drinks, they might even believe you? Until its time for the next round of course?

      It will take more than around of drinks here though, wont it?

      Red diesel indeed!

        • You must be burning your little fingers on your plastic keyboard Phil C the amount of text your kicking out. People see the amount of one sided text and scroll down. Save your electricity, wait a month then you can really go for it when front page news reports to the U:K and the World that Cuadrilla are extracting meaningful amounts of gas which coupled with other producers will secure gas and electricity needs for decades to come. That obviously will not allign itself with your individual viewpoint…

          Good Luck…

          • Whoops! Reflection problems kish?
            Someone’s sore?

            Those mirrors eh? Aww shame? Another myth blown out of the water?

            Dear dear how sad never mind?

            No new smear fear own goal outrages to scream about? Never mind, I am sure there will be plenty more nasty little faked up false flags flapping in the stinking mercaptan soaked breeze soon?

            And we thought you lot had dredged the bottom of the PR hot desk desk detritus barrel?
            Only to see that the moral and ethical depravity they had plunged to had not even touched the scummy depths of just how disgusting they could be.

            I could never even bother trying to emulate your esteemed prolific imaginary “buddie” I see proliferates every first and last footer and headers ad fracking nauseum?

            No, it’s just foggy fracking fug and fugue and only diversion away from subject. Standard industry strategy.

            But that is the PR pap pattern isn’t it? Scream hell and blue murder if someone plays you all at your own pathetic little games.

            The more personal attacks and pathetic discredited accusations the multi ID PR team pour out, the deeper they get in their own detritus. And you don’t like the smell do you?


            You reap what you sow, if they
            can’t take it then don’t dish it, or Kish it out.

            Maybe they should look to their own PR hot desk posting laurels, they are around their collective multi ID ankles.

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