Picture post: Blockade at Horse Hill and campaign speakers at Preston New Road

Horse Hill oil site blockaded by protesters

Blockade of the Horse Hill site in Surrey, 20 August 2018. Photo:

Ten people were arrested when opponents of operations to explore for oil in southern England blocked the entrance to the site of the so-called Gatwick Gusher at Horse Hill in Surrey.

The site operator, Horse Hill Developments Ltd, is testing the flow of the well. There is planning permission for additional wells at the site if the tests are successful. The major investor, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG)  said in June it was preparing to submit a further planning application to seek consent to produce oil from the existing and future wells.

UKOG said yesterday it had increased its stake in the Horse Hill operation and the exploration licence areas PEDL 137 and 246.


Last winter, protesters occupied the Horse Hill site for two nights. UKOG has sought an injunction against protests at Horse Hill and another site at Broadford Bridge in West Sussex. A decision on the High Court application is expected soon.

Campaign speakers at Preston New Road

Campaigners against Cuadrilla’s shale gas operation at Preston New Road near Blackpool gathered outside the site to hear speeches from John Ashton, a former Foreign Office climate change ambassador, and Jamie Bartlett, author and director of the Demos Centre for the Analysis of Social Media.

The gathering was part of the weekly Green Monday event, which has been running outside Preston New Road for more than a year.

Cuadrilla is expected to begin fracking at the site shortly. This will be the first high volume hydraulic fracturing in the UK since 2011 and the first frack of a horizontal shale gas well.

180820 PNR Barbara Richardson2

John Ashton speaking at Green Monday event at Preston New Road, 20 August 2018. Photo: Barbara Richardson

180820 PNR Barbara Richardson3

Jamie Bartlett speaking at Green Monday event at Preston New Road, 20 August 2018. Photo: Barbara Richardson

180820 PNR Barbara Richardson4

Lancashire campaigner, John Hobson (right) with Eric Albert of Le Monde at Green Monday event at Preston New Road, 20 August 2018. Photo: Barbara Richardson




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  1. Seems to be a strange focus upon USA law!

    So much fog generation. Always happens when bad news is round the corner. But, then we turn the corner and motor onwards. With or without fog lights.

    • Ha! HA! Just moving you to the top of the page martin, you should be grateful? Maybe you shouldn’t be reading me anyway should you?

      Or is that just more of that fracking fog you are always on about?

      Always a pleasure!

      Such fun!

      Have a rrroooouuuugh day!

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        What was it again?

        Oh yes, just to be nice? Not too hard is it?

        Never mind, if at first you don’t suck seed try try try again?

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