Overnight convoys deliver fracking equipment to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site

pnr 180924 still from video by Stressed Out1

Still from a video by Stressed Out, 24 September 2018

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s fracking operation in Lancashire complained that they were “kettled” by police while two convoys delivered equipment to the site early this morning.

The road to the site at Little Plumpton near Blackpool was closed during the delivery.

Cuadrilla said one convoy, of 23 vehicles, arrived at about 4.20am. Another convoy, of about five vehicles, arrived at 4.30am.

All the equipment needed by Cuadrilla to carry out the UK’s first frack of a horizontal shale gas well is now on site, the company confirmed.

A spokesperson said:

“The convoys were carrying all the frac equipment which is now on site – pumps, coiling tubes etc.”

A spokeswoman from Gate Camp, which has been monitoring operations at the Preston New Road site, said:

“With people dying around the world as a result of climate change, it is insane that our government pushes ahead with its destructive fracking policy.

“Seeing the police state facilitating a fracking company with over 30 heavy goods vehicles during the night, is a feeling of utter betrayal. It is hard to find words.”

Chief Insp Keith Ogle, of Lancashire Police said:

“Following Cuadrilla’s decision to carry out deliveries in the early hours of this morning, a policing operation was put in place to ensure safety and to minimise disruption to the local community.

“The delivery to the Preston New Road site by Cuadrilla was within its traffic management plan agreed with Lancashire County Council.

“A small number of protesters were subject to containment for their safety and safety of others due to the size of the vehicles involved and nature of the delivery.

“Our aim as always is to ensure is a consistent and coordinated policing response and ensure a balance between the rights of people to peacefully protest, together with the rights of the wider public, including local businesses, to go about their lawful activities.

“We aim to prevent, where possible, crime and disorder, but if it does occur we will provide an effective, lawful and proportionate response.”

A spokeswoman for Frack Free Lancashire said:

“Yet more disgraceful scenes of violence and assaults from Lancashire Police have shocked us once again. The pure facilitation of this dying industry, desperately being kept alive by a misguided government, is beyond acceptable.

“Threats of the use of pepper spray against peaceful protestors, closing the A585 in both directions, repeatedly and assaulting campaigners to force this industry into an unwilling community, only serves to remind us that corporate interests come before community safety and democracy.

“We would also like to remind Lancashire Police that our community will still be here, even when the fracking industry has long gone. The fractures to our community through the betrayal of trust, infliction of violence and continued poor relations, are irreparable and will never be forgotten.”

Lancashire County Council said it was satisfied that the delivery was within the terms of the planning permission for the site.

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    • Hi Martin. With respect, I have to say that this is a rubbish response to my question. I wanted to know why they could bring in lorries in the middle of the night, presumably in violation of the traffic management plan. in response I get three completely random sentences that mean nothing in the context. Perhaps you are actually a computer programme?

  1. Well, crembrule, as an anti better to tell your buddies to stop creating the police overtime. Otherwise, you create the cost you pay the bill-although we all know if that was the case it would be very different. Minorities do have a habit of expecting the majority to subsidise them.

    • Martin what was the percentage “in favour” of fracking in the last Wave survey (where the question was actually included obviously)?

      Facts only please no playing with numbers “fake news” nonsense you normally resort to. Cue more MC bluster!

  2. I watched the clip and heard thw protesters yell abuse at a police. Why did they do that? The police officers are just soing their jobs.
    Just to show the protesters show no respect to other people rights.

    • Actually the police officers are not doing their jobs TW et al; they should be out protecting the citizen, not a business entity…how many real criminals slipped through the net at 4.14am prime crime time, while they were babysitting a convoy of lorries, I wonder?

      And I suppose TW you have never shouted out in anger and frustration?

    • The protestors you refer to were two, just two, women on their own on a lonely road at 4.15am when dozens of police officers kettled them in their shelter whilst a convoy of thirty huge HGVs thundered into the site. The officers also took the opportunity to search every nook and cranny of that shelter, even trespassing on the roof, with no permission and no search warrant whatsoever. Needless to say, they found nothing untoward. I believe the two ladies were quite entitled to utter some expletives. As for respect, it is the police that are totally lacking in that department.

        • The two”ladies” are lucky they are in the UK. Most countries would have got rid of them a long time ago. Even Germany wouldn’t put up with this. Are the ladies local? Or serial swampies? Just asking….

          Finally Cuadrilla can get on and frack and test the two wells. Then we will know if JP and Sherwulfe are correct (uneconomic) or if Cuadrilla and the Government are right (economic).

          Without the protestors this would have been completed a long time ago and normal lives resumed – if JP is correct.

      • Trucks delivering to fracking site.

        Only 2 protestors!

        Not exactly many. The rest I take it were tucked up in bed with their Gas central heating on…

      • Give me a break Pauline

        Alternate headline

        Two Women stood by a roadside at 4:15am protected by dozens of police officers as they turn on their gas stove to put the kettle on.

        I take it you will show your opposition this winter by turning you gas central heating off and not driving to work

        Get a life…

  3. Treacherous behaviour and comments from Lancashire constabulary and Lancashire County Council once again!
    People’s health and livelihoods are at risk from this filthy industry yet the Establishment continues to facilitate it’s infliction on the residents of the Fylde!
    Shame on Them! They will be held accountable!

    • Leave Lancashire County council alone, just because they have hundreds of millions of pounds invested in fracking, albeit abroad…

  4. As you know crembrule, TWO THIRDS* of those questioned were NOT* against fracking, and were probably tucked up in their beds at 4.30am snoring away, waiting for the alarm to go off and wake them a while after the gas boiler had fired up and warmed their houses for them.

    Then they would need to go off to work to earn some money to pay taxes for costs that a small, ill informed minority*, created for them overnight.

    Just because the MAJORITY are often silent, actions can alienate them all the same. No wonder we now have a spate of local communities reacting against having to put up with a few individuals plus dogs and children dictating to the wider community.

    * Check the Survey data. All there, black and white, factual, real not fake, no fog. Enjoy-but because you can’t enjoy you will deny and attempt to manipulate, because that is the default position. Not a good idea but it seems the antis have given up on the TWO THIRDS, and just focus upon themselves.

    • Please answer the question Martin, don’t extrapolate or look to read into the reported figures.

      How many of those surveyed were “in favour” or “ strongly in favour”?

      It’s a very simple question with no interpretation required.

      • We’ll last night it looked like…

        2 were against fracking…

        Call me old fashioned but you antis did know the convoy was going to arrive in this couple of days

        I think all you keyboard warriors are letting the antis down very badly…

        Anyway off to Australia again to get the gas offshore incidently some will be sold as LNG to Germany… Yes Germany the Country who championed their wind turbine energiewend, what a load of BS.

        So not only is this gas going to help Germany because Nord Stream 2 from Russia isn’t fast enough for them!


        • Can you answer the question I asked Martin please Kish? It’s really not a hard question as the answer is clearly in the report but neither of you seem capable of quoting it.

  5. Irrelevant, as always.

    Fracking is legal and authorised (under control) in UK. That is the situation today. The reality, not how you wish it to be.

    Test fracking is still to get underway, so results are still some way off, so why would any sane person expect anyone (other than the operators plus a few investors) to be in favour or strongly in favour? Normally, sane people require FACTS to be in favour or strongly in favour. We await those, and TWO THIRDS questioned did not show any commitment for that to change. That is not interpretation, that is what the Survey shows. If you don’t understand that, ask someone who does-oh, you just did. If you don’t want to understand it maybe better not to keep emphasising that.
    Perhaps better to check out other activities on Blackpool Beach? Seems there is a lot going on in the Blackpool area that could do with more knowledge and less ignorance. Must be a blissful place, these days.

    • What is the answer Martin?

      Government used to think it was relevant as that is exactly how they phrased the question in their survey until they inexplicably decided not to ask it anymore.

      Could the reason have been that they don’t like the answer they recieve? much as you don’t appear to like it either.

      Ps the rest of your post is standard MC verbiage and waffle.

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