Protest blocks Cuadrilla’s fracking site


Protest involving nine people outside Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool, 1 October 2018. Photo: Katrina Lawrie

A group of anti-fracking campaigners blocked the entrance of Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool early this morning.

The protest involved seven people locked together on the ground and two people on tripods.

They said they were taking part in solidarity with three men who were jailed last week for a 99-hour protest near the site in July 2017.

A group of anti-fracking campaigners travelling to a rally at the Conservative Party  conference passed the protest and shouted support.

Lancashire Police said on its Facebook page it had set up a contraflow on Preston New Road. The force said:

“This will cause some traffic disruption so please avoid the area where you can and expect some delays if you are travelling through. We will re-open the road as soon as it is safe to do so. Local businesses are open as usual.”

At 7pm today, police began dismantling the tripod but the occupant locked himself to the tubing.



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  1. Why are the police allowing them blankets supplies, food, water etc

    From the moment they lock on, they should ne quaranteened, and allowed nothing more than they had when they started their ridiculous action, amd when removed should face the full force of the law, being sent to join their 3 colleagues in prison.

    • The Voice of Reason, Human Rights Legislation demands that prisoners are looked after when under the control of the Establishment and their health is safeguarded. That applies even in the Tory dictatorship we live in here in England.
      The only Public Nuisance being committed on the Fylde at the present time is the presence of the fracking industry industry and it’s facilitation by Lancashire Constabulary!

      • These are not prisoners and they are not under anybody’s control other than their own and those who brainwash them. They are strange people who decided to lock themselves together and lie in the road. They are free to go whenever they want. Nobody is forcing them to be there.

      • As they aren’t prisoners, they are there of their own free will, the rest of your [edited by moderator] post would appear to fall away quite nicely, leaving my post unanswered.

        They wish to eat, drink, be warm and not lay in the road, simply release themselves, and all will be well.

        As it is the last 2 should simply be left where they are until they choose to release themselves, and they , and the rest of the “people” that took part in this “protest” should join their friends in prison, and be held liable for any and all costs that thier actions have caused anyone.

        • VOR you put those who were protesting as “people”, so does that mean you are suggesting they are not people? [Edited by moderator]

  2. They were clearly locked on in the entrance to the Cuadrilla site not on the public highway so they should not themselves been causing any disruption to traffic flow on Preston New Road. Any traffic problems would have been the result of either Cuadrilla or the police vehicles. NB. Basic human needs such as warmth and water etc. are always provided to anyone in need by a civilized society

    • They caused disruption to traffic flow as the area around them had to be controlled if they fell off their stands into the road injuring or killing themselves or the general public driving past…

    • They choose to lay in the road, they by defintion cause a disruption to traffic flow, or they wouldn’t do it.

      They choose this ridiculous action, they should take all they need with them, as no further support should be provided or allowed, and they should also be liable for any and all costs associated with thier self absorbed and poorly supported childish action.

  3. They are simply in deliberate breech of an injunction, therefore deliberately in contempt of court.

    So, the longer they remain in that situation, the more clear cut the contempt and the greater the consequences.

    For those antis who want to see them there as long as possible, they are hardly the caring individuals they make themselves out to be, but they will be first in the queue to complain about the consequences.

    • Quite. The brainwashers sitting comfortably in their warm homes whilst their [edited by moderator] colleagues are on the front line putting their liberty at risk.

      • Making rather ignorant assumptions there, some of the protectors posting on here may have already been arrested over anti-fracking, peaceful protest.

  4. Beats me how they can find the time for this. most people are out earning a living. so I can only Assume they must belong to the great unwashed benefit collectors club.

    • Or maybe they’ve selflessly used their annual leave to help save us from this unwanted, parasitic industry? Just like those in useful jobs who were recently jailed for peaceful democratic protest? [Edited by moderator]

      • No. They were not jailed for peaceful democratic protest. They were jailed for breaking the law and disrupting lawful business operations from being undertaken.

        Peaceful democractic protest does not involve climbing on top of lorries, locking on to lorries, disrupting lawful business from being undertaken. Your brainwashed colleagues have found out the hard way…more fool them if they used up their annual leave to break the law, although I dare say their future careers being in tatters may play more on ther mind than lost leave…they’ve now earned themselves plenty of time to reflect on their inability to protest peacefully.

        • Depends on your definition of “violence” is; I and many others view it as peaceful democratic protest against its violent repression by the corporate state guard dogs and their security thugs. The law in this case is draconian and excessive and stifles democracy as many reasonable people can see, as well as those in positions of influence who have openly stated and signed.

          If their place of work frowns upon their peaceful democratic protest for a safer, healthy and thriving environment that supports us all, then maybe it’s best they leave for a place that does. Stand by your beliefs and convictions and be true to yourself. I know many businesses and workplaces that do support these peaceful actions, as they can see the damage this industry is doing, and will do, if allowed to continue.

          Long may peaceful democratic protest be a pain in the backside for this industry, as that’s the point. Let them try and jail everyone and see how far that gets them….? Let’s see how they get on locking up half the local population. This industry and its puppets are certainly helping, lol.

  5. With only a few days to go until fracking it beats me how anyone can expect such action was not expected. So, for it to be allowed to happen and to be allowed to continue will mean one of two things, or both:

    Either it is of no consequence to Cuadrilla and the police.

    Or, it suits another purpose not to prevent it happening.

    Not a lot of grey matter being utilised, that’s for sure.

  6. Fracking in the UK is far better than importing frozen super compressed gas on ships, thousands of miles from Qatar. Let’s go full stream ahead. I would use water canon on the protesters 😀😀😀

  7. You mistake screams for cheers, Sherwulfe. The losing side goes silent, the winning one cheers-no screams. Perhaps time to rejoin society to become acquainted with the reality of life?

    • Yellow is Red Martin…….again you should take your own advice….

      The comments on here are frantic; the ‘pro-frackers’ and ‘oil lackeys’ are shouting the same ole same ole, using capitals. It pains me to see your distress, but if you cannot accept the truth of the devastation your finite industry is causing to our planet, then so be it.

      For the protestors; your names will join those of the many who have stood up to the ignorance and greed of the few. For the supporters, enjoy it while you can; end of the road in sight; reality is a very good friend of mine.

  8. Quite simply,



    • Fracking – will take place shortly at PNR
      No Cuadrilla – you will probably get your wish on this one based on 1) the wells do not flow at potentially commercial rates or it will be a technical cock up re seismicity, they pack up and leave (your best hope I guess?) 2) the wells flow at good rates and another company takes over operatorship – I am hearing that there are two in contention which will be supported by the OGA.
      Dictatorship – Not sure what Venezuela, North Korea, many African and Middle East countries have to do with this? But you are welcome to go and protest at any of these countries against dictatorship.
      Delays – injunctions and prison appear to be solving this issue that you are concerned about, although unfortunate for those you put in the “front line”. You could ask them not to delay operations?
      Problems – house prices go up and down, at present we could do with a huge drop in house prices so the younger generation can get on the property ladder.


      • Not sure the young will want to live next door to a fracking site on the cheap; would agree that house prices are ridiculous for everyone, yet another money grab instead of building a home; can certainly think of better ways get the next generation of the housing roller coaster 🙂
        With Cuadrilla at the helm, the technical cock up is inevitable, whether it is seismic or other, just hope too many don’t suffer as a result….

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