Anti-fracking protest outside shale gas site continues into third day


181002 pnr blockade Eddie Thornton 3

Protest outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site, 2 October 2018. Photo: Eddie Thornton

A protest outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool has reached its third day.

The nine-person blockade in the site entrance on Preston New Road began in the early hours of Monday morning (DrillOrDrop report)

Seven people were originally locked together on the ground and two were on tripods. They said the protest was in solidarity with three men jailed last week for an anti-fracking protest in Preston New Road in July 2017.

The protest is in an area covered by a High Court injunction against designated anti-fracking actions.

At the time of writing, Lancashire Police said two people remain locked-on in front of the site. A contraflow was still in force on Preston New Road.

The force said two people had been arrested today. A spokesperson for Cuadrilla would not comment on individual case but said the company would “absolutely take action whenever this is feasible”.

Images from Monday 1 October 2018

Images from Tuesday 2 October 2018

Images from Wednesday 3 October 2018

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      • Hi Paul

        DrillOrDrop have nothing to add to this story at present, and we don’t see much point in merely repeating information which is available elsewhere.

        One person losing their temper on a picket line doesn’t materially affect the fracking debate, even if the person concerned is a prominent fracking campaigner.

        • Paul, come on! Are you trying to tell me you don’t put out articles that have appeared via other sources? I can confirm that has happened numerous times.
          I appreciate yourself and Ruth are anti fossil fuelers but this blog is the best that’s out there for sources of information. The antis are not particularly squeaky clean so reporting it won’t affect what people like myself already know and it’ll keep this blog less biased.
          I appreciate it’ll be painful writing or reposting articles portraying the anti movement in a negative light but you have to appreciate me seeing pictures of illegal activity etc is just as painful. Tina has been portrayed as the poster granny of the anti movement in the past.

        • Thanks for confirming the Times article Paul; no need to repeat it but discussion has generated in any case.

          With regards to this article, my other question:

          “Were any arrested? The article doesn’t mention what happened to those that were removed / left.”

          I am interested to know if the Injunction is serving any purpose or if the Police are ignoring it like the protestors.

          Thanks in advance.

        • This […]woman is an utter disgrace. […]One of main anti fracking protestors.You should all Be ashamed of yourself

          [Comment edited by moderator]

        • Let me strip the spin off that Seaman: “DrillorDrop have no incentive to report on this incident as it doesn’t fit into the biased narrative against shale gas and fracking we’ve worked so hard to build”.

          It’s darkly amusing that you still refer to this site as “independent journalism”.

          • I have to agree. The tenuous claim of independent journalism and that they cannot be bought is running a bit thin when 1) both Ruth and Paul are clearly biased antis with an agenda, and 2) they take donations from persons unknown.

        • Paul,

          That’s some criteria you’ve set yourself. Do you not think the temperament of a prominent anti is relevant in providing colour to the protestors?

          Why did you not report on the recent convictions from the Tinker Lane day of protest? I can’t find any reporting of this so there’d be no repetition.

          Why are you reporting on the results of Angus’ conventional well?

          • Hi Jeff

            To answer your points:

            1) I don’t understand what you mean by “providing colour to the protestors”. What happened isn’t relevant to the case against fracking to my mind, any more than a foul-mouthed outburst by a prominent fracking supporter a few years ago weakens the case for fracking (and btw we always removed references to this outburst from comments, as we didn’t consider it relevant to the argument – anyone can have a bad day).

            2) We don’t have any information on recent convictions at Tinker Lane – can you supply any details?

            3) This site deals with onshore oil and gas, both conventional and unconventional.

            • Paul

              I look forward to your unbiased reporting of the imminent news from Cuadrillas PNR site followed up by the Government’s statement on energy security and future prosperity for the U.K…

              It’ll be a tough one to ignore that one

              As for your comment that Tina Rothery had a bad day…

              Seems like all you antis feel you can say or do whatever you feel like in pursuit of your cause…

              Tina Rothery has crossed lines before, now she has crossed those lines it seems her activities are escalating and where that leads? Who knows. She represents The Green Party! Her political aims seem to be blurring with ever more serious activities…

        • Utterly disgraceful behaviour.

          An industry that proposes to operate with thousands of HGV’s trying to navigate narrow country roads and this is what Claire Perry has to say in the house of commons about protesters,

          “Blocking roads stopping young children getting to hospital”

          Please point me to the article where she apologises for that disgusting vile comment.

        • Sounds to me like another smear fear attempt to discredit protectors again doesn’t it?

          Perhaps before the anti anti smear fear squad get all worked up and screaming from the rooftops, maybe we should remind ourselves of this little debacle, amongst many others?

          Utterly disgraceful behaviour: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/30/anti-fracking-activists-falsely-accused-grooming-boy-14

          I work with protected children and there are laws against exploitation of a vulnerable minor, yet i have seen no apologies or retractions from the anti antis who screamed from the rooftops over that false accusation? Interesting that breaking the law in regards to exploiting and exposing to the rabid press of a vulnerable minors is not seen as a suitable offence case for similar screams of prosecution then isn’t it?

          Yet another PR faux pas by the dwindling fossil fuel industry hot desk PR minority……but of course, we know that hypocrisy abounds in that fossil fuel lobby PR hot desk department don’t we? interesting how these things always get blown up to discredit the protectors, and yet the daily screams from the anti anti squad are not seen as similarly offensive by those very same screamers?

          And there are plenty of examples where that came from, poisoned dogs, vandalised rigs, fake threatening phone calls, fake eviction notices, calls for protesters to be locked up and the key thrown away, people in wheelchairs being thrown to the ground, knocked off their bike by vans, bullying and harassment and arrests without charge, pushed around by the police.

          And from right here on these pages of Drill Or Drop, screams for protesters to be strung up?…..The anti anti hypocrisy list goes on and on and on and on….Are the protesters not also sons and daughters? Are their parents not equally offended by the treatment of their sons and daughters and those of grandchildren to come by this invading poisonous industry growling through their quiet streets and threatening their peace and safety?

          Where is the anti anti outrage at that then?

          Shame that a few still find it appropriate to defend such behaviour. No longer any concern about what actions are taken. Any means justifies the end. Those who showed concerns a year or so ago, either have disappeared or have conveniently become more extreme, adjusting their values.

          I suppose that is the way things go, but awareness of what is happening will be generated so do not be surprised at the reaction, in the Courts and elsewhere……

          [Edited by moderator]

          Speaking of work, i have to get back to actually caring for future generations, not endangering them and looking for hypocritical smear fear tactics to scream about.

      • Local Councils have invested…


        In fracking operations

        I am sure they are having it by adding to their Council Pension pots!

    • Contrary to what you may believe or what the media would like to portray, the Nanas have no leader, they are all individuals. They are also just one small part of the anti fracking movement. I, for one, am a local mother and grandmother. I do what I can to protest against fracking at PNR and elsewhere without belonging to Nanas or any group. As I understand it, Tina has apologised and the lady in question has had the grace to understand and accept her apology. This unfortunate episode, in the heat of the moment demonstrated poor judgement on both sides but has now been amicably resolved. The fact that it has been used by the media to smear the whole anti fracking movement is despicable. I doubt that there will be a follow up explaining the eventual outcome though and the mud will stick.

  1. I guess the protestors will get a red carpet straight to prison for this offence. Using up yet more tax payers money!

  2. Yes, people have been arrested. Trucks rolled in yesterday evening with people still on the ground. Hope that they enjoyed the diesel fumes. Fracking goes on regardless.

  3. Shame that a few still find it appropriate to defend such behaviour. No longer any concern about what actions are taken. Any means justifies the end. Those who showed concerns a year or so ago, either have disappeared or have conveniently become more extreme, adjusting their values.

    I suppose that is the way things go, but awareness of what is happening will be generated so do not be surprised at the reaction, in the Courts and elsewhere.

  4. There is an injunction on this site .Why are the police not arresting all nine and let them have their day in court .This is breaking the law .Hope the get put away for longer than the 3 already serving their sentences By the way no one is fracking in Sussex Weald valley

    • Gordon.
      There are very many examples from history to show that people have broken the law and have been imprisoned, only later to be proved to have been on the correct side of history. Being lawful doesn’t necessarily make it right.

    • The police arrested the nine and the law will take it’s course. The injunction in force at PNR is a civil offence and nothing to do with the police.

  5. Strange reaction from someone who not so long ago decided to vacate this board because of certain extremists becoming involved with the protest, and how their activities would undermine others. And did so, for a while, following the courage of his convictions.

    No-one remembers that? Oh, yes they do. False values shown then, or easily manipulated since? (Or, two different people.)

    Doesn’t really matter if some find it so easy to be lead in a direction they posted against. Others will see that values within this protest have been obscured and will act accordingly. Don’t think injunctions will be too difficult to obtain going forward. It could have been different, but that would have required some discipline and values to be maintained.

    I see some antis who used to post with some knowledge and kept the debate honest have already gone, or only appear very infrequently. Good job the quarterly question was dropped.

  6. Theresa May in her speech at the Tory Conference today mentioned the “responsibility … to conserve our environment, for the next generation.” So, Mrs May, you will surely be pleased to know that public protests will continue while any threat of fracking lingers.

  7. Sorry Muriel, a piece of your post seems to have disappeared!!

    Mrs. May also stated quite clearly this is a law abiding country where people abide by laws they may not like.

    I’m sure that somehow disappeared from your post, so helpfully put it back for you.

    • Martin Collier, to be fair nobody in their right consciousness really cares what the awful Mrs May thinks it says!
      Her toxic political party are only still in power through bribing a Northern Irish political party to back up her crazy schemes when required, using taxpayers cash I must add!

  8. Well, at least we should be glad that the future generations are in the hands of someone who recommends individuals should be cut down to size if they disagree! LOL (Reminds me, must revisit my Dickens.) Also reminds me-where has the editing gone for such borderline incitement?

    Mind you, we already knew a number of antis do not practice what they preach, so maybe still a chance for more.

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