Barclaycard dropped as sponsor of Neil Young Hyde Park concert in row over fracking investments

181212 Neil Young clip

Statement from Neil Young’s website, Neil Young Archives, 12 December 2018

Neil Young has confirmed that his Hyde Park concert in July 2019 will go ahead without sponsorship from Barclaycard in a dispute over investment in fracking.

A statement on his website, Neil Young Archives (NYA), said today:

“NYA is happy to announce that the Hyde Park show will proceed without Barclays as a sponsor.

“We are overjoyed, so happy to be playing the show!”

UK anti-fracking groups had contacted the singer when the concert sponsorship was announced to point out the link between fracking investment and Barclays, Barclaycard’s owner.

This afternoon, Pip Hockey, speaking for 30 groups said:

“We’re delighted that Neil Young has used his influence to sever ties with Barclays.

“The toxic bank was attempting to exploit his performance to distract from their pitiful record on the environment.

“Barclays are funding ecocide all over the world through their investments in tar sands pipelines and fracking.

“We hope other artists will take similar positions and boycott Barclays.”

Last week, Neil Young had objected to the sponsorship deal because of the links between Barclays and fracking and tar sands. In the UK, Barclays owns almost all of Third Energy, the company that is still waiting to frack a well at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

In a statement last week, Neil Young made clear his objections to the sponsorship:

“’I am standing against Barclays. . . . .Not on their stage. Not under their name. It shows how out of touch with reality Barclays Bank is, still investing in Fossil Fuels.

“Our children’s Planet is in trouble. Fossil Fuels are a major cause. Every day it gets much worse. Science on this matter is indisputable. Period. Barclays is still involved in the Canadian Tar Sands and currently backs fracking in England, overtly against the will of the people. It’s like they live in the past.”

Barclaycard has not commented on the announcement. The organisers of the British Summer Time festival are expected to issue a statement later. But they told BBC News the Neil Young show, which is co-headlining with Bob Dylan, would go ahead as planned.

Barclays has previously said it intended to sell Third Energy.

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            • So this totally explains why there are those who cry in anguish at the demise of fossil fuels…their ancestors lived in squalor and in caves and were unable to take care of themselves using nature; so I can sympathize with their fears, a little.
              So to help:
              1. It does not matter if the light goes off – there are no such things as vampires and werewolves (or are there?)
              2. You can keep yourself warm using the right clothes and a simple, well insulated shelter.
              3. You don’t have to get your food from a supermarket

              And if you cannot break out of the magazine induces persona with a house, car and lots of matching consumables, the technology we have today can keep your lights on, heat your home and even give you all the basics without pouring gas and oil down the drain.

              Of course some, reluctantly it seems, may have to retrain for another job – maybe a stint in the voluntary sector looking after the homeless or elderly may help their disposition?

            • But there won’t be any elderly, Sherwulfe, as they routinely die when expected to survive with a bit of insulation and warm clothing. Yes, in this country. Maybe that might be why hospitals and care homes are kept at the temperatures they are, and why many are stuck in hospital because that is not practical in their own homes?

              But an aging population, and their needs, can be another bit of collateral damage for the few. Perhaps those same elderly could be better looked after if we as a country were not being so generous donating to the Norwegian Wealth Fund and redirected it to such requirements.

              Easy to forget the Beast from the East.

            • So if you had bothered to read my post you would have course realized that the two items you jumped on were not related. However, fair point and another incentive not to waste gas and oil by directly burning to make steam to turn a turbine to make electricity when a blade can do the job cheaper, quicker and for longer…..

              On the temperature of these lovely ‘living dead’ hostels marketed as ‘care’ homes if the residents are forced to be static with the routines offered to them, they will need more heating. Am assured that many residents would prefer to get out and tend the garden, go out in the fresh air, visit family; do the right thing – please please please keep your loved ones at home and know they are active and safe; nuff said.

  1. “Currently backs fracking in England, overtly against the will of the people”. Neil Young.


    Virtue signalling is so much better if you get your facts correct, otherwise it just looks like a poorly researched gesture.

    • Ahhh! The virtue signaller of all virtue signallers favourite phrase! Same old Martian, no change there either?

      Perhaps we should let Neil Young have the last word(s):

      After The Goldrush

      Ain’t It The Truth

      Are There Any More Real Cowboys?

      Bad Fog Of Loneliness

      Bad News

      Bad News Beat

      Better Than Silver And Gold

      Big Green Country

      Big Parade

      Big Room

      Big Time

      Bite The Bullet

      Blue Eden

      Born To Run

      Broken Arrow



      Can’t Believe Your Lyin’

      Change Your Mind

      Comes A Time

      Comin’ Apart At Every Nail

      Computer Cowboy

      Crime In The City (sixty To Zero Part 1)

      Crime Of The Heart

      Dance, Dance, Dance

      Days That Used To Be

      Deep Forbidden Lake

      Depression Blues

      Devil’s Sidewalk


      Distant Camera

      Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It

      Don’t Be Denied

      Don’t Cry No Tears

      Don’t Let It Bring You Down

      Don’t Say You Win, Don’t Say You Lose

      Down Down Down

      Down To The Wire

      Drive Back

      Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

      F!*#in’ Up

      Fallen Angel

      Falling From Above

      Field Of Opportunity

      Find Another Shoulder

      Flying On The Ground (is Wrong)

      For The Turnstiles

      Four Strong Winds

      Get Gone

      Give Me Strength

      God’s Perfect Plan

      Great Divide

      Greatest Song On Earth

      Guilty Train

      Hangin’ On A Limb

      Hard Luck Stories

      Hawks & Doves

      Heart Of Gold

      Hello Mr. Soul

      Here We Are In The Years



      Human Highway

      I Ain’t Got The Blues

      I’m The Ocean

      Let It Shine

      Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

      Life In The City

      Like A Hurricane

      Long May You Run

      Long Walk Home

      Losing End

      Lost In Space

      Love And Only Love


      Mother Earth

      Motor City

      Nothing Is Perfect

      Out On The Weekend

      Over And Over

      Peace Of Mind

      Prisoners Of Rock N Roll

      Pushed It Over The End

      Revolution Blues

      Rockin’ In The Free World

      Round & Round (it Won’t Be Long)

      Running Dry (requiem For The Rockets)

      Sail Away

      Sample And Hold

      See The Sky About To Rain

      Silver And Gold

      Speakin’ Out

      Sun Green

      Tell Me Why

      The Bridge

      The Great Divide

      The Losing End (when You’re On)

      The Needle And The Damage Done

      The Wayward Wind

      There’s A World

      This Note’s For You

      This Old House

      This Town


      Transformer Man

      Vampire Blues

      Walk On

      War Of Man

      Welcome To The Big Room

      What Did You Do To My Life

      World On A String

      Yonder Stands The Sinner (dedicated to Barclaycard?)

      There, that was fun wasn’t it?

      And the latest Neil Young song?

      Will it be:

      “Frackin’ it up!”?

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