Happy Christmas from DrillOrDrop.com


Thank you for supporting independent journalism on DrillOrDrop.com during 2018.

The DrillOrDrop team wishes all our readers a very happy Christmas.

We also want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed donations, articles, comments and ideas for research. Without you, our work this year would not have been possible.

Between Christmas and New Year we’ll look back at the important news developments during 2018. We’ll also look ahead to key events expected in the next 12 months.

During 2019, we’ll continue to report on fracking, the onshore oil and gas industry and campaign activity in the UK.

Please keep in touch and let us know about news and events that you think we should be covering.

We always enjoy hearing when you like what we do. But we also want to know when you think we get things wrong. You can always comment on DrillOrDrop posts or contact the writers directly.

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  1. Wishing Ruth, Paul and importantly all the forum members , whatever your stance on Fracking is, a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy New Year.

    It’s been an interesting year on Drill or Drop and I have enjoyed the many debates .

    I hope to see you all back here next year.

  2. Thanks to Ruth and the team at Drill or Drop for bringing us good honest reporting on fracking, pity we can’t expect honest reporting from the BBC. Hopefully 2019 will see the end of any need to report on fracking. Seasons greetings from Fack Free Wakefield to all at Drill or Drop.

  3. Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.

    Gas directly cooking at least 50% of our Turkeys and Gas producing more than 45% of our electricity not only yesterday but today so more than 70% of Turkeys cooked thanks to Gas.

    Thank you Gas for making everybody’s Xmas while Wind bumping along at 8% and solar 2% scrooge like contributions to our energy needs…

    • Yes, but unfortunately as the Guardian observed recently…

      “This year has proved the worst ever for the number of price rises energy suppliers have inflicted on consumers.”

      ..and from the Independent… “..millions of bill payers facing fuel poverty this Winter.”

      33% of all price rises are due to green subsidies.

      Remember Tiny Tim, don’t save the planet at the expense of the poor, next year it could be cold Goose in the Cratchitt family………”but are there no Vegan alternatives”…., “if he should die, say only that he reduced the demand on the Planet’s meagre resources.”

      Happy New Year one and all.

  4. Looking fwd to finally quashing the hindrance of the small brigade of antis in 2019.
    I also foresee an end to the unicorn politics of Corbyn with the realisation debt has once again crippled our country.
    Well done to all the smart people on my side of the fence for putting up with a lot of baloney recently.

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