Happy Christmas from DrillOrDrop.com


Thank you for supporting independent journalism on DrillOrDrop.com during 2018.

The DrillOrDrop team wishes all our readers a very happy Christmas.

We also want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed donations, articles, comments and ideas for research. Without you, our work this year would not have been possible.

Between Christmas and New Year we’ll look back at the important news developments during 2018. We’ll also look ahead to key events expected in the next 12 months.

During 2019, we’ll continue to report on fracking, the onshore oil and gas industry and campaign activity in the UK.

Please keep in touch and let us know about news and events that you think we should be covering.

We always enjoy hearing when you like what we do. But we also want to know when you think we get things wrong. You can always comment on DrillOrDrop posts or contact the writers directly.

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    • Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year to all at Drill or Drop.

      And i hope we all see true peace and real prosperity in 2019.

  1. Happy Christmas and thank you for covering fracking and unconventional oil and gas news with such accuracy, balance and thoroughness.

  2. Thank you Ruth and Paul for your tireless work again this year, without your coverage and archive I hate to think where so much important information could be found. Peaceful Christmas and Hopeful New Year.

  3. You are the encyclopaedia of Fracking…..first place I refer new interested people to.An invaluable resource..thank you so very much for all you do xxx

  4. Thank you, Ruth and co.for all that you do to keep us informed.It would be impossible to keep abreast of developments were you not there. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a better new year.

  5. Happy Christmas and thank you for your seemingly tireless work.

    So pleased to hear that you are up for covering another 12 months (although onshore O&G exploratoration may not survive quite that long 🙂).

  6. Dear all on Drill or Drop

    Since Brexit, Trump and fracking forced themselves into my life, like many others I began to question whether we had entered a world of madness of a different order of magnitude from the “ordinary”. Even though ordinary never existed … Since then I have subscribed to the daily email New York Times and the Guardian. I came across Drill or Drop from FB fracking followers, and then signed up myself. I’ve since ditched FB. I’ve only given you a couple of one-off donations, sorry, but it’s what I can manage. But I just wanted to mention that those three publications have been my chief source of “truth”, of the “who was there” “who said what” “how many people confirm this” variety. Journalism of your sort seems to me a bastion of sanity. Therefore, very important. I really value the level, the depth, the range of reporting and the reliability of the information.

    Thank you very much. Happy Christmas Alison Pollard


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