First arrests outside Egdon’s Biscathorpe drill site

190102 biscathorpe nig corser

Biscathorpe oil exploration site, 2 January 2019. Photo: Nige Corser

A 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman become the first people to be arrested outside the Egdon Resources oil exploration site at Biscathorpe in Lincolnshire. 

Lincolnshire Police said the arrests were made at about 10am today and the pair were taken to Skegness police station.

DrillOrDrop understands the man was charged with obstruction of the highway and the woman with obstructing police.

They are due to appear before Lincoln magistrates on 7 February 2019 and are expected to plead not guilty. A condition of their bail is to not go within five miles of the Biscathorpe site.

Opponents of Egdon’s operation at Biscathorpe have taken part in sit-down and slow walking protests outside the site this week as drilling equipment was delivered.


They have criticised the company’s plans to explore for oil in the Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and next to a protected chalk stream.

Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee unanimously approved in May 2018 an extension of time for drilling at Biscathorpe after the original permission expired.  There were more than 500 objections or petition signatures against the application.


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  1. More part-time activists being misled. If they were so committed they would have refused the bail conditions.

    • JMS – So. These people are criticised for being “part time activists” at the same time others are criticised as being “professional protestors.”

  2. And you guys wonder why injunctions are issued? Obstructing the highway and obstructing the police….why can’t they protest peacefully and remain within the law?

    You bring it on yourselves…

    • Looks like Lincs police have been instructed to make an example of 2 people protesting legaly in order to try and deter future legal protests. Hasn’t worked elsewhere where Oil/Gas companies have resorted to buying, and having to defend expensive civil injunctions in order to ride rough shod over the EU convention on human rights’ legal right of people to protest.

        • It’s up to the judge to decide if they were behaving illegally. We’ve seen it time and time again, these arrests and bail conditions are a cynical ploy to keep people away from protest sites on flimsy charges that are later dismissed.

          • Actually it’s down to the coppers on the front line to assess if someone is behaving illegally or not and to act upon that assessment. It’s why they have the power of arrest. If a copper thinks you are obstructing a highway he will arrest you. He won’t call a judge and ask for his opinion before acting.

            • I have personally witnessed many arrests at PNR where the coppers on the front line have assessed the situation wrongly and people have been removed from the scene only to be released hours later with no charge. Others have had the charges dropped hours before they were due to appear in court and many have been found not guilty when the case has been heard. The police are obviously being instructed to deter protest and keep people away from sites.

  3. Bit self defeating. There are a lot of residents within the Lincolnshire area who are quite comfortable with the oil industry that has been there for many years. More of the same is no issue to them. And, yes, I have asked them-“less disruptive than a cereal drier” was the sort of response together with “well, we have to get our red diesel from somewhere.”

  4. “A 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman”
    Yeah fill your boots with your stupid comments JMNS, R8, MC. Retired peaceful protesters doing their bit to protect the land. Big respect to them for still having the drive to get up and do something positive.

    • Stupid comments? They were arrested for obstructing the highway and obstructing the police, just as the article states. They could have chosen to protest peacefully, as is their right, but no, that’s not good enough…they have to behave unlawfully.

      I hope they get a criminal record and a fine that covers the burden on public monies for their actions, just as I would expect to receive if I chose to behave unlawfully.

  5. I wonder how many farmers they’ve protested against. For spraying thousands of tons and gallons of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides on to Lincolnshire? It all gets washed in to the land, then the streams, rivers and in to the sea.

    But thats okay as its NEEDED for Lincolnshires economy. And you dont see many poor farmers.

    I went to Biscathorpe yesterday, didnt see any protestors and the well site is very tiday.

  6. Why were they arrested then AD? Obstructing the highway and the police-“doing their bit”!!

    Bit ageist aren’t you? “Still having the drive” at 74 and 60!! Oh dear.

  7. Anyone with half a brain can see exactly what AD is saying , unfortunately it has come to the point where people of all ages are taking things seriously and im sure there has been plenty of letter writing to MPs etc prior to the last resorts to peaceful protest left to them. Doing their bit describes it exactly .

    • But they didn’t resort to peaceful protest – that’s exactly the point…and so they pay the price….another shot in the foot for the dwindling anti-campaign.

    • This is from a namesake of yours Martian, it describes just how big and brave all you anti antis are when you hide behind an injunction made in a secret court that contravenes the human rights of every person in England. But of course you big brave anti antis hiding behind the compromised government and their privatised police only think of being all puffed up and strutting up and down like the little tin pot gods you seek to emulate.

      [Edited by moderator]

      This was written over 70 years ago.
      Altered slightly as Pastor Martin Niemöller did himself depending upon the times, to bring it up to this insane situation in 2019:

      “First they came for the elderly, the disabled and the human rights activists protesting to defend their land from poisonous exploitation, and I did not speak out—because I was not a protester.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      Paraphrasing Pastor Martin Niemöller

      This is the original poem.

      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      Pastor Martin Niemöller

      Proud now?

      • Please get some perspective, this is two people probably standing in the road to obstruct lawful business traffic. From my experience of the police they will be dealt with professionally and courteously by your average Bobby.

        [Edited by moderator]

        • If you look at history Shalewatcher, It started all those years ago, with just the same sort of outrageous intolerance and bigotry and anti democratic authoratarianism, just like this situation now with victimisation of any protest against the fossil fuel exploitation of communities that caused this relatively peaceful protest from a 74 abd a 60 year old protesters.

          Such historical examples can be seen from the women’s rights to vote protests and anti slavery movement, all of which were far more dusruptive than this? Were they right to protest for those eminent causes? Yes, of course they were and this last year was the 100th anniversary of the success of the women’s rights to vote movement.

          If you are in any doubt about how situations can deteriorate rapidly if we are not vigilant, then just look at GBK comments right here for an example of the type of dangerous views that emerge from unfettered intolerance.

          Extrapolate that to the near future and what do we get?

          If you disagree with extremism, then just say so, i always will.

          We have all seen where silence and complacent complicity and fear of speaking out leads in history.

          History can only warn us, I for one will not let this situation develop into such a horror again.

          If that upsets you, then maybe the example of those horrors is well timed to prevent that slippery slide into totalitarianism again.

          I am sorry if that upsets you, however, perhaps being upset is the least of our worries considering present worrying trends we see now?

          • Phil, think about it, are you really suggesting that those opposed to fracking, or any green group are going to be marched off to extermination camps.

            Discussions on the internet very quickly get polarised, probably because the groups seldom meet face to face. The process of one side or the other being compared to Hitler is so common it even has a name, Godwin’s Law.

            “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches”

            Jewish groups find this offensive as it trivialises the suffering of the Holocaust.

            Speaking as one who can post impulsively and emotionally, I do think we should avoid this,

            [References to Nazis and the Second World War will generally be removed from comments posted – moderator]

            • I do think about it Shalewatcher, apparently more than some? I often think that what is displayed right here when protesters and disabled and elderly protesters at that, are arrested and thrown to the ground, for simply speaking their mind and protesting about the destruction of our environment.

              And what dismays and angers me most of all, is the crowing triumphalism we get from the anti anti PR hotdesk, as if some major point is being scored.

              When the simple truth is that these expensive injunctions that seek to curtail and contravene 800 years of civil and human rights because only the rich have the power to have themselves put above 800 years of law, and normal people are excluded because David Cameron stole the right to legal aid and equality of representation in law from anyone who stands up to be counted?

              So people protest and they get arrested for it, if you think that gross inequality is at all acceptable in a civilised society, then we part company, if not corporation, right there don’t we?

              Then what we have seen is the victimisation of those who do stand up and the violence and disregard of their safety by those very police themselves who target the elderly and the disabled simply because they are easy targets and also because the elderly and disabled protesting puts the corporations in a bad light, so the attempt is to intimidate and bully them from being there at all.

              And there again, what do we see from the anti antis here? That same crowing triumphalism that is little more than weak attempts at point scoring.

              The dangers of having an authoritarian privatised hegemony that seeks to “quash” protest in this country then becomes a lead in to greater and greater sanctions, no go areas and exclusivity zones to protect private corporate interests from the perfectly reasonable people who object to their community and their environment from being despoiled.

              What that leads to is shown “right” here where opposition to “rightfully” justified protest becomes more and more extreme and self justified to the point where the more dodgy extremists elements feel they have a right to lord it over anyone they disagree with.

              That is the slippery slope we find ourselves on right, or left, now and what Pastor Martin Niemöller said in that respect becomes necessary to be said.

              So i say it.

              It may start with the elderly and the disabled and the victimisation of anyone who protests against the rich mans injunctions that are deliberately designed to prevent protest of any kind, but what that leads to is precisely what Pastor Martin Niemöller said, and i am sorry if that upsets you, but it must be said and it must be said now before it is too late.

              Godwins law is interesting, but it is rather self defeating, since the subject of nazism only comes up when human rights are trashed by one side to protect their private interests and seek to permanently silence their perceived opposition by such things as secret court injunctions that only rich corporations can afford and no one else can.

              Money talks, but what does it say? shut up or go to jail and have your worldly goods “confiscated” (stolen). And that is supposed to be legal justice?

              No, of course not.

              So it becomes necessary to remind those who seek extremist polarisations to wake up and consider the possible results of their actions, no matter what side or denomination they emerge from.

              so i am afraid what Godwin, (now there is an interesting name?) said only goes to show how necessary the reference becomes in such situations.

              Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it, unfortunately it is invariably the rest of us who suffer from such ignorance and the consequences to the perpetrators comes only at the expense of millions of lives and a devastated planet.

              I make no apologies for raising the nazi specter, because firstly it needed to be said, and secondly we got to have this discussion, and speaking as one who can be as impulsive and emotional as yourself when important issues are raised, i would modify your words slightly to:

              “Speaking as one who can post impulsively and emotionally, I do think we should avoid this.”

              “Unless absolutely necessary.”

              I see every reason to suggest that it is indeed absolutely necessary at this moment and i see no earthly reason to prevent Pastor Martin Niemöller’s words reminding anyone again, should it become absolutely necessary.

              I will also say it is a pleasure to talk to someone sensible for a change, a rare privilege indeed.

      • Well said PhilC! It seems some commentators need to get one over on another is more important than the real issue here. I wonder what they really think?

        Time is running out. It is apparent that our governments and committees prefer talk not action. Each individual must take responsibility or there will indeed only be a deathly silence…

    • There you go? See what i mean?

      How brave and proud and strutting you all must feel in your empty victory over a 74 year old and a 60 year old?

      Yet another medal for the swelling overstuffed puffed up chests?

      Will it be midnight parades and stamping frack boots and fist shaking ranting hate speeches next?

      • [Edited by moderator]

        You bunch are getting put back in your rightful places this year and not only in terms of fracking. Exciting to watch.

        • [Edited by moderator]

          Lets look at your own words right here shall we?

          “You bunch are getting put back in your rightful places this year and not only in terms of fracking. Exciting to watch.”

          If that isnt extremist frackist, i dont know what is?

          Have you looked at the gillete jaune protests against financial slavery in Europe recently? Perhaps it is your “kind” that has lost the plot.

          So, there we see it plain as midnight black dont we boys and girls?

          Are these the sort of people we want to have even the tiniest influence over our lives, our health and our children and the future of our entire planet?

          Dear GBH/peeny or whatever, we wouldn’t hand over the future of our children and our planet, as so bravely and eloquently said by Greta Thunburg recently, being stolen from her and us, to your “kind” (now there is a contradiction in terms?) as you display here, If you lot were the last puffed up strutting tin pot gods on Planet Earth.

          Congratulations, you have jut totally discredited your “kinds” dodgy cause and won over many many more to the move for freedom of this country from totalitarian exploitation and slavery and the freedom of our children from the fate you so….”eloquently”….describe….here..

          Well done, Way to go!

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