Campaigners call fire crews to West Newton well site – “minor incident” says Rathlin Energy

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Rathlin Energy’s West Newton wellsite, 23 January 2019. Photo: West Newton Gateway to the Gasfields

Fire crews were called to Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-A well site in East Yorkshire this lunchtime after a hose on a rig became detached and hit the drill cabin.

People outside the site reported a large bang and said the hose, which was carrying water for drilling, was thrown into the air.

They said windows on the control cabin were smashed and workers were sprayed with mud.

190123 west newton wngtgf1

Rathlin Energy’s West Newton wellsite, 23 January 2019. Photo: West Newton Gateway to the Gasfields

190123 west newton wngtgf2

Rathlin Energy’s West Newton wellsite, 23 January 2019. Photo: West Newton Gateway to the Gasfields

The incident happened at about 12.55pm. A spokesperson for Rathlin Energy says:

“There was a minor mechanical incident today at the company’s West Newton A well site. A hose containing water for drilling detached and struck the rig’s drill cabin.

“The current operation, which involves a small conductor setting rig, is not dissimilar to a farmer drilling a water borehole. The subsurface operation was not affected.

“The emergency services were not required to deal with this matter and Humberside Fire and Rescue has since confirmed this to be the case.

“The relevant regulatory authorities have been notified in accordance with Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited’s Safety Management System and the team is looking into what happened.”

A spokesperson for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service told DrillOrDrop:

“If you are not sure what has happened, always give us a call by dialling 999.  We would rather you do that than have something catastrophic happen.”

The Environment Agency was on site later this afternoon.

Opponents of Rathlin Energy’s operation have been monitoring activity at the site. East Riding of Yorkshire Council is seeking to evict a verge-side camp. (DrillOrDrop report)

Updated 29/1/2019 to add quote from a Humberside Fire and Rescue spokesperson and to make clear that campaigners called the emergency services

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  1. “Pro fracking vitriol”, Pauline.

    Where is the connection? Think you are confused with another site. Is it really that difficult for the antis to actually keep to the reality?

    Yes-because that wouldn’t excite anyone. But, if that does excite anyone, they need to get a life.

    Sue-if you saw me walking my dog and he started to limp would you call the RSPCA? Well, you might. But any sensible person would ask if he was okay, he would probably stop to have a bit of social, pick up his paw to have the thorn removed, job done and he would carry on as before.

    By the way, my pressure washer hose often blows off. Good entertainment for anyone watching. Anyone around may get a bit wet.

    And, Sue, if Martin was there (who doesn’t live in a house) and there was a smouldering cigarette stub any sane person would ask Martin whether he needed to call the Fire Brigade or whether he could deal with it by putting his foot on it. Don’t think I have anyone around who would want to make mischief and report it as an incident of calamitous proportions.

  2. So Rathlin didn,t call the fire brigade they had everything under control. The Swampys Did & clearly without asking if any help were needed. er my garden hose blew off call the fire brigade !!

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