Angus Energy due back at Balcombe

180918 Balcombe DoD6

Delivery to Angus Energy’s Balcombe site in West Sussex during September 2018 flow test. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Angus Energy is expected to return to its West Sussex oil site at Balcombe next week, according to the parish council.

A report on the council’s website said the company expected to be at the site for two to three weeks.

The council said:

“There has been no direct communication from Angus Energy”.

According to information given to the council, Angus will be testing the water encountered in the oil exploration well at Balcombe and will be pumping for 7-10 days.

In September 2018, Angus Energy carried out two limited flow tests at Balcombe. The company reported that it had encountered unexpected water in the well and had run out of time to do more than two flow tests because of equipment failure.

Earlier this month, it said it was seeking approval from the Oil & Gas Authority and the Health and Safety Executive for an extended well test at Balcombe.

Balcombe Parish Council reported as of yesterday (13 February 2019) Angus had only two of the four required regulatory approvals.

The council added:

“There will be approximately 10 vehicles on site but no rig.  Typically, there will be a couple of vehicle movements per day other than the initial mobilisation and de-mobilisation days.”

If the work goes ahead next week, it will coincide with the closure of the railway line between Brighton/Lewes and Three Bridges, when buses will replace trains.

Loan variation

This morning, a statement from Angus Energy gave details of changes to the terms of a £3m loan facility between the company and YA II PN Ltd and Riverfort Global Opportunities PCC Limited.

Angus may now, subject to two days’ notice, repay the initial advance of £1.5m at any time within 45 calendar days, rather than 30 calendar days, of the drawdown date and the lock-up period. Angus has agreed to issue the loan companies with additional warrants and to changes in the price for shares.

The Angus share price has fallen steadily over the past month, from around 10p to around 5p.

190214 Angus Energy shares

Angus Energy share price. Source: London Stock Exchange

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  1. There’s rumour that Cuadrilla has also encountered water at their PNR site. Look like they are better off drilling for water instead of oil and gas.

  2. I wonder why they decided not to address the ” Easy fix” at Brockham but chose to go to Balcombe to sort out a similar problem ? Maybe they can go into bottled water business to help investors although I think they might need something stronger. Angus will never be anything other than the outfit that does whatever it wants without reason or permission.

  3. Maybe Jono because they have had a bit more time to analyse Balcombe, and produce a plan, and then to do the same for Brockham?

  4. Interesting photograph? Angus off the road again?

    This is Greta Thunberg interview on UPSFI, Greta was fined by the Swedish parliament for persistent protest and moved over the bridge away from immediate sight, clearly they were upset at seeing Greta showing up their ignorance.

    Thousands of children will be striking for the climate tomorrow, outside of government offices here and across the world.

    When told she should be at school, Greta said, “you don’t care about my future, why should i?”

    There is no way we can continue like this any more, we change or we die. If we will not or cannot change, then our children will make us change. We stand in their way or we join forces and repair all the damage we were going to leave them to deal with because we are too scared or it is too expensive in money terms.

    Greta and her generation have no such inertia, they don’t want sweet words, they dont want hope, they dont want our prevarication our inertia or our politicians weasel words, they want answers and want it now.

    It will be their future after all.

    Maybe this is a sea change which will return us to sanity once more. If so i thoroughly agree and approve of it.

    There will be similar protests tomorrow all over England Ireland and Wales, all across France and Germany and Belgium, Australia and America and have been for years, but to the utter silence from the politicians and the fossil fuel corporations until recently.

    Perhaps we are seeing the future, there are certainly more and more children stepping up to be counted to protest for their right to have a future.

  5. Having local oil extraction helps protect environment. You do not have to pollute the world while transporting from other side of the planet risking environmental accident. UK will still need Oil for decades. Blocking local producer will only increase global pollution. Like with everything else, eat local products, produce local, support local.
    And if you really want to help with environment in UK, start to lobby government to ban diesel/petrol cars.

  6. Quite right Tom.

    Who is the largest supplier of oil into UK now-USA. And that is coming via the joys of fracking in the USA.

    So, UK import oil from USA that has come due to fracking, but that is seen more environmentally friendly than bog standard extraction of oil from beneath our feet.

    Perhaps the antis are getting free Big Macs?

  7. Nope, not true at all is it. More discredited memes.

    The USA would still be producing and tankering oil and gas all over the world no matter what UK does. That is yet another discredited argument. In fact the situation would be made twice as polluting because UK would be exporting and tankering all over the world too, and in direct competition with the USA. Imagine what that will do to the bottled brexit overseas trade agreement debacle? No love lost there.

    Sorry guys, you see, that is simply not true.

    QCuadrilla Erat Demonstrandum.

    Even Clare Perry said this morning that if she was 40 years younger??
    That she would be right there protesting with the other children over the climate cock up too.

    Sorry guys, hoist by your own Perrytard again!

    Aww! Shame?

  8. Still quite right Tom. Because as we know demand exists in the UK, and we satisfy it with domestic production plus imports. Exactly the same way as other countries do. So, if we buy less oil from USA it means less oil is transported to UK from USA. Excessive oil production in the USA would not happen as they have things called taps, because they know more production than demand equals lower prices. They may well export the oil to another country eg. Germany, but then they import less from somewhere else and so on, and so on.

    But maths seem to be a problem for some antis who expect the UK has such riches that it would be able to produce more than we import!

    Todays real truth, not the anti truth-that was 1984.

    • Easily upset isnt he?

      Oh dear, here we go again, broken records and empty memes are abounding today arent they, so desperate are they to hang on to their dwindling store of failed illusions as more fall flat on their faces at every step.

      No, not true, it is far more accurate to observe that maths and truncated blinkered vision are clearly the problem of the anti antis, as you illustrate so alarmingly well here, and so not quite right at all, but quite wrong.

      Not only will UK double the overseas tankering and pollution, on home ground we will get all the other issues of a massive increase in land based road tankers delivering millions of gallons of clean water which we can ill afford to lose and waste on a private profit motivated fossil fuel industry, and tankering away millions of gallons of toxic waste fracking water to god knows where, no one will say, to be treated how to what degree and by whom, also no one will say, and dumped or pumped onshore and offshore to pollute the waterways and rivers and canals.

      Then we will get spills and “accidents” poorly or not even bothered about by the financially crippled and understaffed crippled EA and the OGA, with what few staff remain being farmed to deal with the ongoing bottled brexit debacle.

      Not only that vast areas of land will fall to open cast mining for the fine sand to pump down the wells to keep the fractures open and that will increase the transport back and forth and pollution by another factor.

      Then we get the air pollution and potential long term water pollution, illegal dumping and spilling onto roads as we have seen in Australia and USA, and the inevitable climate change fluctuation and acceleration caused by the anthropogenic insanities.

      And if that were not enough we get the injunctions to stifle protest and observation that will effectively end democracy in the UK and hand us all lock stock and leaking barrels into the hands of the oiligarchy corporations,

      Hello slavery.

      The destruction of peoples health and the future of our children, just as Greta and many other children are saying and protesting about all over the world.

      They will carry the burden of this insanity and their voice will be heard, and they will be listened to and we will turn this miserable insane destruction of our childrens future back to sanity whether you like it or not.

      And clearly you dont.

      the only solution to all this is to invest and research into renewable sources of energy.

      There is no alternative, if our children and grandchildren will have to drag the greedy self serving profiteers kicking and screaming back to the real world, then so be it.

  9. You will still have to tidy your room, young man.

    I noted the “quite wrong” and ignored the rest.

    The reality stays the same.

    • What an astonishing day? Thousands of children in 60 cities protesting about the failure of government to address climate change.

      out of the mouths of babes
      From the comments of children, who are honest and innocent comes truth and wisdom

      Quote: “Why tidy my room if the planet is dying?” “We are missing lessons to teach you one” “which green do you support?” (image of a wad of notes and a tree) We know that one don’t we boys and girls?

      First rule of parenthood:

      Tidy your own room first if you want to set an example….oh, yes, you are setting an example arent you, and the children are telling you, that they have never seen such a disgusting mess as your own room.

      Clean it up now, or there will be no supper, for anyone.

      No arguments now, off you go, and do your homework too, maths seems to be your problem.

      I dont think that 2 + 2 = frack will convince the maths teacher, it will be 0/10 again.

      Have a nice day.

  10. I would be impressed if the children had decided to make their protest tomorrow-and show they are that committed.

    But, nice to engage with an issue, even when the herd instinct seems to have blurred a few lines.

    Really impressed with the lass who walked all the way from Sweden to Davos. Respect. Wouldn’t want her to follow the example of the billionaire lady flying around the world in her private jet telling others how to change their diet to solve climate change.

    No problems here with maths. I did my protesting out of school time.

    • They still chundering on? Last word-itis isnt it.

      Duh! What is it about the word “strike” that you dont understand? It wouldnt be a strike if it was done in your own spare time would it?

      See how the old tried and tested jaded cynical view gets its usual airing again. Nothing finer than self interest in that particular mindset obviously.

      Nothing like avoiding the subject of climate change too is there.

      Is he calling you a herd boys and girls? Tut tut! Trying to tar you all with his own oily brush isnt he.

      Shall we remind him he is an ardent, if not fanatic herd follower of his own little pack leader JR? Now that is a certified fully paid up card carrying herd follower if ever we saw one isnt it.

      You know what they say about following the herd dont you boys and girls? You end up treading in all their sh(!)t, and there is a whole big pile of that they intend you to inherit and have to live with isnt there.

      Never mind boys and girls, we can expect nothing else from those who only see profit and self interest can we.

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