Updated picture post: Protests against Team Ineos at Tour de Yorkshire

190502 TDY (h)x

Team Ineos introduced before the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

2 May 2019: Stage 1 Doncaster-Selby

Members of Team Ineos were cheered and jeered at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire this morning.

The cyclists, competing in the new Ineos kit for the first time, did not react to shouts and banners when they were introduced to crowds in Doncaster’s Market Square.

One campaigner shouted:

“You’ve made the wrong decision here. I’m a cyclist myself and you’ve sold your sport out.”

Protesters against Ineos’s shale gas plans in Yorkshire were also along the route of today’s stage to Selby. They are expected on the next sections tomorrow until Sunday.

Jesper Asselman, from Team Roompot-Charles, finished today in first place, followed by Filippo Fortin (Cofidis) and Jonas Van Genechten (Vital concept- B&B Hotels). The top-placed Team Ineos rider was Chris Lawless in ninth position.

190502 tdy dod6

Anti-fracking protesters at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

190502 tdy dod1

Anti-fracking protesters at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

190502 TDY (f)x

Anti-fracking protesters at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

190502 tdy Steve Mason and Dave Brailsford Doncaster SM

Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Ineos, with Steve Mason, 2 May 2019. Photo: Steve Mason

190502 TDY (d)x

Anti-fracking protesters at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

190502 TDY (b)x

Anti-fracking protesters at the start of the Tour de Yorkshire in Doncaster, 2 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

3 May 2019: Stage 2 Barnsley-Bedale

190503 tdy Garforth Frack Free Leeds2

Team Ineos protest, Garforth, 3 May 2019. Photo: Frack Free Leeds

Rick Zabel (Katusha-Alpecin) won the second stage. Boy Van Poppel (Roompot-Charles) was second and Chris Lawless (Team Ineos) third.

4 May 2019: Stage 3 Bridlington-Scarborough

Alexander Kamp (Riwal Readynez) won stage 3. Chris Lawless (Team Ineos) was second and Greg Van Vaermaet (CCC Team) was third.

5 May 2019: Stage 4 Halifax-Leeds

190505 tdy Halifax Sarah Crane

Team Ineos protest, Halifax, 5 May 2019. Photo: Sarah Crane

190505 tdy Leeds Frack Free Leeds

Team Ineos protest, Leeds, 5 May 2019. Photo: Frack Free Leeds

Greg Van Avermaet won stage 4, followed by Chris Lawless and Edward Dunbar (both of Team Ineos).

The overall winner was Chris Lawless (Team Ineos), followed by Greg Van Vaermaet (CCC Team) and Edward Dunbar (Team Ineos)

Reporting from the first stage of the Tour de Yorkshire was made possible by donations from individual DrillOrDrop readers

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  1. And, other “campaigners” were shouting other things! Not that well received by some who did not share the same motives.

    • Waffle: are you up to superior fitness, like these athletes or do you like to keep one hand on the keyboard and one hand on your waffle, or cream bun?

  2. Haha first the Ineos injunction was challenged and beaten by Joe Boyd and team and now they are losing in the races. Give it up n frack off INEOS!

      • Exactly! Joe who? And yet he still won his case against the Ineos illegal injuntion. He took on Ineos and all their dirty money. Right will win in the end. The dirty money Froome took comes with a free poisoned chalice. 9th!!! Brilliant! Long may their failures continue! I only went along there yesterday to buy drugs but I couldn’t get near the riders. Looks like they didn’t have any anyway.

    • Wonder who actually won, Victoria??

      Ohh dear. It was Team Ineos! Maybe a message there about staying the course and coming out on top.

      Thanks for your contribution to the FAKE NEWS collection.

  3. Could these Anti’s stoop any lower!! It just goes to show that the vile thuggery lingers on!
    Sportsmen at the top of their game being heckled by campaigners who would struggle to straddle across a bike let-alone pedal! But there were not many protests when kingpin media mogul Murdoch (who has the power to elect a new government), was sponsoring the team. How much plastic goes in to his Sky boxes of which we all enjoy!! Whether we like it or not, we all use in everyday life products Ineos produces, if it wasn’t Ineos producing these then some other company would!
    Hypocrites for not understanding the scale of the problem at hand!!

    • The scale of the problem is clear, Sir David Attenborough made that clear!

      Leave fossil fuels in the ground or climate destruction will cause ever increasing chaos!

      The problem is that the UK Government give lip service to the demonstrated concerns of the general public and pass over taking real action. Not good enough!

      Redirection of funding from the fossil fuel industry to renewable energy projects and climate protection schemes is required, along with a total cancellation of all licences to test for and extract Shale Gas, are the minimum immediate steps to be taken right now!

    • We love cycling; we love the Tour de Yorkshire. The only heckling was for one team, and only because it is now owned by Ineos who want to frack our region. As we are a single issue campaign – anti-fracking (please try to keep up) – we didn’t heckle Murdoch.
      We fully understand the ‘scale of the problem at hand’ but I repeat we are a single issue campaign. 🙂
      And personally I am not a SKY subscriber so I do not have one of their SKY boxes.

      • David: so there you go heckling for one team! Do you believe it is acceptable to heckle athletes?, would you agree that is a form of bullying?, intimidation and is vile snd should be stopped?, the FIA opposed that in F1 years ago when Hamilton was being heckled, Bullied in Spain against his skin colour, vile snd hurtful! I Football it happens and the governing body deals with it!! Maybe hecklers should be banned from some events, or if they are not enthusiasts then they should not attend said events!!

  4. They live their lives where they have to find somebody to hate to make life exciting, Eli. Most of the time they do not even know who they are hating, but it makes no difference, as there will be a whole bunch directing them.

    But interesting you mention Sky. Notice their little survey yesterday showed not many agreed to cutting back on their air travel. So, that’s going to be an interesting one when the penalisation of air travel comes to the fore. Not a vote winner and the climate change industry (yes, referred to as such yesterday by one activist/”expert”) will have to start explaining all the air miles to very frequent events around the world.

    • The Anti’s are against capitalist, are obviously jealous of Sir Jim a man done well! The socialist state is killing this country! Thats what hate really is for the particular classes of this society! Air travel is a fact of life certainly in my profession, i have to travel for active work, work i cannot carry out on a conference call! Pensioners and Nannies against fracking do not understand this cause. And i believe sometimes you cannot educate the Uneducated, or even try if they are clearly an ignorant bunch. Leave these athletes out of the equation. They are not the ones to be discriminating, they are just easy hanging fruit and the anti’s are foolish to bully them…

  5. “They live their lives where they have to find somebody to hate to make their life exciting”. Er no. I don’t hate anybody. But I hate some things that some people do. It’s called having an opinion.
    P.S. Haven’t flown for 18 years.

    • You haven’t flown in 18 years, thats a shame, Maybe see the world a little, it may give you a reason to support the cause our children and grandchildren would like to see the world too.
      Hows the retirement David?, all propped up by government pension relying on the stock market to endure you pension? A stock market which relies heavily on oil and gas and utility companies gains!!

  6. They and you may not be the same David, but they are certainly within your groups and by thinking it okay for them to behave in that way is your choice. You will find “they” pick up the publicity, including DoD, so expect to be tarred with the same brush. It is the same throughout society. You can say repeatedly they share the same views but act differently. Sorry, you will find judgement is also upon the company people pick, especially when organisations such as FOE are egging on with fake news about INEOS greening their image. They know better than that as it is totally within the public record of the owners hobbies and interests and previous support of that via funding to the public and organisations over many years. Nothing new other than bigger profits now so bigger contributions. But not the first time that body has used fake news to try and elicit excitement. Seems to work, they get away with it, so it continues.

    Mind you, if you are worried about money and influence, then maybe the CCC could also do with your “scrutiny”!

  7. We gave them a good send off from Barnsley, the poor lads were so upset by being heckled in Donny that they had to be sneaked on last to sign in but we were patient and gave them a rousing booing.

  8. Peaceful protest and freedom of speech are Human Rights in a Democracy, although at the moment the England is not that Democratic in its decision making!
    More like a Dictatorship with a Leader who has lost the confidence and respect of their subjects!
    So the respectful non-disruptive demonstration on behalf of those that understand the peril our Climate and Environment have been put in, largely man made since the creation of the fossil fuel extraction and incineration industries should be applauded not criticised!
    In my opinion and that of Sir David Attenborough that is! I think Mr. Moneybags Ratcliffe and his employees probably differ.

  9. “Respectful”???

    No, it wasn’t. Some may have been but certainly not all. Easier just to ignore that for the antis-but the majority do not.

    • Respectful of the great sport of cycling and the great beauty of Yorkshire!
      That’s more than can be said for the oil and gas industry’s treatment of outdoor activities, the Yorkshire people and the environment! All at immediate risk of harm from the extraction and incineration of fossil fuels!

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