Picture post: 100th women in white gathering at fracking site

pnr 190710 100th call for calm Ros Wills2

100th Women’s Call for Calm protest at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 10 July 2019. Photo: Ros Wills

Women in Lancashire today marked the 100th Wednesday they have held silent protests outside Cuadrilla’s fracking site near Blackpool.

The Call for Calm gathering outside the site at Preston New Road began almost two years ago on 12 July 2017.

The participants said it was a response to violence and aggression experienced by protesters against fracking.

The Oscar winning actor, Dame Emma Thompson, attended a Call for Calm in March 2018.

The regular gatherings were exempted from a High Court injunction against protests obstructing the site entrance.

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  1. Here they are, the hypocrites who claim there is a climate emergency, whilst disrupting all radical protest, work with Cuadrilla and other strategic security services to create industry injunctions and then ‘blatantly’ call for calm. So according to this lot there is no emergency and they don’t believe a word of Sir David Attenborough. Strange that hey

  2. Wow they really are digging these lot out of retirement homes, where are all the protestors that used to actually stop anything and try their damnest to end this industry. Instead we have all the pro nuclear dudes down there! Why??

  3. It’s a shocking your posting this it’s a deal with caudrilla and police they can walk that’s not stopped fracking in my local area I thought it would have ended 2 years ago but unfortunately some people get paid to ensure fracking happens and they have driven so many local people away for safety reasons

  4. I await the 143 signatures from health professionals stating how good walking is for your health, and the health benefits for antis!

  5. I see the reply to my comment has been removed. Perhaps I made someone angry. This was not my intent. The women and men in white do have permission and they are dedicated wonderful people. I too hoped fracking would be banned long ago. I also wonder if pro frackers are paid by the oil n gas industry and was trying to get answers.

  6. Pauline Jones you only have the read the court papers to see these walls are a deal with Cuadrilla and the Police. This is why the Police woman who marched with them was given flowers when she left to join the CID. Some don’t like the facts as they are having a good time singing and dancing and if fracking was stopped they’d lose their days out…

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