Picture post: West Newton-B site work

200419 West NewtonB UWOC8

Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-B well site, 19 April 2020. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Investors in Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-B exploration site in East Yorkshire reported “good progress” today on the initial work.

Preparatory work got underway at the site earlier this month. Initial operations include creating a 1.5km access track and the site compound.

These pictures of work at West Newton-B were taken on 19 April 2020 are used with the owner’s consent.

Rathlin Energy’s other East Yorkshire site, West Newton-A, has received approval for changes to the environmental permit for flow testing the second well.


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  1. Vegetable oil from the rape showing in the background AND oil (maybe) from below. Oil from below, maybe processed to become red diesel, to help produce the vegetable oil above.

    A neat demonstration of how fossil fuels can be so integrated into sustaining human appetites. A few may be confused between red diesel and vegetable oil, however those who look at the pictures can clearly see the separation of the two and how one is usually used to produce the other. Do both in the same locality, and the environment and the economy both benefit.

    • Oil from below, maybe processed to become red diesel,


      Rapeseed oil can be used as fuel in diesel engines. Other vegetable oils can also be used as SVO to fuel diesel engines because they have similar properties.

      Plants use sunlight and photosynthesis to take carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the Earth’s atmosphere to make vegetable oil. The same CO2 is then put back after it is burned in an engine. Thus vegetable oil does not increase the CO2 in the atmosphere, and does not directly contribute to the problem of greenhouse gas.

  2. Meanwhile, in the REAL world, how much farm machinery uses red diesel in UK and how much uses vegetable oil, jP??

    Oh yes, we can do lots of things, but there reasons we do not. Perhaps it might have something to do with a densely populated island where a lot of food is required to feed the population rather than stick vegetable oil into machinery and deny it as food?

    Even in the vast USA the production of fuel from crops increases food price AROUND THE WORLD with the poorest being the hardest hit. It works through as farmers plant more maize and less soya because the maize becomes more attractive. Soya is required in huge quantities as the major protein source to feed livestock across the world, so animal feed prices go up across the world and meat prices also. There will be animal nutritionists around the world watching carefully what the incentives are for growing crops for fuel, especially in USA, then what the soya planting is and then they will inform their clients that they had better watch out.

    Some prefer to stick their heads in the sand and conveniently ignore the consequences. Caring for the planet? What a joke. Just add these sort of consequences to other consequences, such as seen in the DRC, and the “alternatives” don’t look like the improvement some would suggest.

    • Of course, jP, you could just get countries to grow more sugar cane for fuel-like Brazil.

      Before you make the request, take some photos of the Amazon rain forest, because that is all you will have to remember it by.

      Another way to ignore consequences.

        • Melting down redundant fracking rigs would be useful in recycling steel to make electric tractors. If compatible, the vast piles of redundant fracking sand could be used to make electric tractor windows. Not sure what they will do with the redundant fracking fluid though. Maybe pour it down the drain to mix with the investors hopes.

  3. Interesting.

    So, jP could not answer the clear point around how much farm machinery uses red diesel and how much uses vegetable oil in the UK and tries diversion into concept tractors!!

    Fracking and West Newton? Not only diversion tactics but then onto the fiction also. Usual combination loved by the antis-but to others not exciting at all.

    OMG. It really is like something out of the annuals sold for boys comics. Always used to be a section on the world of tomorrow. Loads of concepts, most of which never came to fruition, for very good reasons. Just hope JD is not expecting to sell too many in the USA to do the farm work after the tornados have ripped through. Electricity and severe natural events are not a good mixture.

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