Lincolnshire planners again back time extension at Egdon’s North Kelsey oil site

A request by Egdon Resources for more time at its exploration site at North Kelsey has again been backed by council officials.

Entrance to Egdon Resources’ North Kelsey site. Photo: Lincolnshire County Council

The site near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire has had planning permission since 2014. But so far, the only work carried out has been at the entrance and on a layby in the lane nearby.

This is the second time Egdon has sought an extension for North Kelsey. A previous extension of three years, runs out on 31 December 2020.

The company told Lincolnshire County Council it had planned to build the well compound before summer 2020 and blamed the coronavirus outbreak for failing to meet its planning deadline.

A report by planning officers said:

“A further extension of time would enable the development that has already been deemed acceptable in all other respects to be completed.”

It said Covid-19 legislation would have allowed the planning permission to continue automatically until 1 May 2021.

The report concluded:

“it is considered that the application is line with Government legislation to provide developers more time to implement planning permissions due to the delays caused by Covid-19.”

The council’s executive director for place, Andy Gutherson, said:

“I am satisfied that any extension of time and continuation of the development for a longer temporary period would not cause greater impacts than those already considered acceptable.”

Officials have also recommended the same time extension for a security compound at North Kelsey.

Concerns about about lack of progress

There has been speculation locally about Egdon’s plans for the North Kelsey because of the lack of progress on the site.

There were objections to the extension from 114 residents, as well as North Kelsey and Grasby parish councils and Holton le Moor Parish Meeting.

Their reasons included the impact of the site on climate change, residential amenity and the environment. They also criticised Egdon’s previous track record and said the description of the North Kelsey application, which referred only to restoration, was misleading.

West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee was “not convinced of the justification” for a further extension of the time limit.

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  1. Just a thought, which political party controls Lincolnshire County Council?

    Couldn’t possibly be the same party running Lancashire County Council that collaborated with Cuadrilla and Lancashire Constabulary to break multiple planning regulations by authorising convoys carrying fracking equipment to enter the Preston New Road fracking site during curfew? Without penalty despite dozens of beaches having been recorded by the brave occupants of Gate Camp!

  2. Peter

    I am not sure how Lancashire County Council operate, but in Lincolnshire the planners are employees of the council and not affiliated to any political party. A misunderstanding that pops up on these pages quite often.

    The report does note that …..

    West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee was “not convinced of the justification” for a further extension of the time limit. The planning committee are councillors (as those following the Wressle antics will be more than aware)

    However the party with the most seats is the one put there by the voters, which I assume is the same as Lancashire County Council?

    Maybe if we get people locking on to turf machinery and or chicken feed lorries, our police may have to intervene and restore order, but so far, a lack of protest means a lack of angst.

  3. Perhaps if there had not been such a nonsense and delay regarding Wressle, Egdon may have been able to focus more upon other sites?

    The antis seem to believe delays will cause projects to be dropped. Doesn’t often work out that way. Maybe self justification rather than reality?

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