Online art sale to raise money for legal challenge to oil drilling

Works by established artists have gone on sale to raise funds for a court case about production at the Horse Hill oil site in Surrey.

The works include paintings, woodcuts, photographic prints, ceramics and glassware, at prices ranging from £25 to £1000. Artists will donate a third of the sale price – and in some cases all of it. 

The money raised will support a legal challenge to Surrey County Council’s decision to grant planning permission for an expansion of oil drilling at the site near Gatwick Airport. The case for a judicial review has been taken by campaigner Sarah Finch, from Redhill.

She said:  

“Thank you to all the artists who have contributed these beautiful pieces, and to everyone who buys them. This case is so important – our planning system is out of step with climate policy and the climate emergency and we need to stop new fossil fuels developments being permitted in the Weald and across the UK.” 

Ann Stewart, organiser of the sale, said:

“We are grateful that so many top artists responded to our invitation to get involved. We hope that the amazing works on sale will take our message out to new audiences and give art buyers an opportunity to contribute to our work to fight the climate emergency.” 

Sarah Finch and the Weald Action Group, which supports her case, have raised almost £30,000 towards legal costs, and need to raise a further £5,000.

Contributing artists to the online sale including the award winning Ackroyd & Harvey, whose work intersect ecology, architecture, sculpture and photography, and Merlyn Chesterman, a senior fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and a member of the Royal Society of Etchers and Engravers.

Link to sale

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  1. To the stupid comment about oil painting, fyi , Today, traditional oil colour is made through essentially the same process employed in the fifteenth century. Pigment is milled with a vehicle of linseed oil (from the flax plant) and, in some cases, safflower oil (which is paler and dries more slowly). so I guess you now look silly 😛

  2. Nope, he doesn’t, Jono. You seem to not understand UK humour, doesn’t make you look silly, just makes you look like a grumpy anti.

    • I understand humour very well Martin , you are just confused again bless you, ask your nurse for a nice cup of tea ☕️ There’s not much oil in that .

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