IGas to seek more time at Misson shale gas site

IGas is to apply to extend its planning permission at the shale gas site at Misson Springs in north Nottinghamshire.

IGas site at Misson Springs, Nottinghamshire, 4 February 2019. Photo: Eric Walton

A spokesperson for the company told DrillOrDrop today:

“We do intend to apply for an extension. We have contacted the CLG [community liaison group] to commence engagement.”

An online meeting of the CLG is expected early next month.

IGas drilled a vertical well into the Bowland Shale at Misson Springs in January 2019. In June 2019, the company announced “encouraging results”.

Since then, the government announced a moratorium on fracking in England. There’s has been no activity at Misson Springs this year and no announcements about a second, horizontal, well or plans to frack.

Planning consent expires next month, three years after the site became operational on 20 November 2017.

Nottinghamshire County Council, which will decide whether to allow any extension, said IGas had indicated that it would also approach the parish council before submitting an application.

A spokesperson for the county council said an application for more time would allow only an extension of the development already permitted. If IGas wanted to make changes to the well site or operations it would need a new planning application.

Asked whether there would be a full public consultation on the extension, the spokesperson said:

“We are aware that the site is sensitive locally and will be consulting as widely as we consider appropriate.”

The site is next to the nearby Misson Carr Site of Special Scientific Interest, a habitat for owls, great crested newts, water voles, moths and unusual plants.

A survey by Misson Parish Council at the time of the original planning application found that 87% of people were against the proposals and 4% in favour. 70% of local residents took part. All but six of the 2,629 responses to the original public consultation were objections.

The consultation period on any application for more time is likely to be at least 21 days. The county council has 13 weeks to decide whether to grant permission.

  • The county council is currently preparing a new mineral plan, which helps to shape decisions on oil and gas sites. An online hearing on the hydrocarbons section of the plan is due on 28 October 2020. Expected participants comprise Nottinghamshire County Council, AECOM for Egdon Resources, Frack Free Misson, Friends of the Earth UK and IGas Energy.

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  1. The local and Bassetlaw communities must not allow Nottinghamshire County Council to grant IGas an extension to their drilling license and cause more disturbance and pollution in this wildlife rich area. The wildlife filled environment around Misson village, the county and our country needs protecting not polluting, to gaurentee our children’s welfare and a cleaner healthier future.

  2. Derick, totally agree with your sentiment. Environmental opposition to the original planning application was based on foreseeing damage to the local wildlife. 2+ years on, there should be evidence one way or the other to show (or not) that the Springs Rd development has adversely affected wildlife in and around the SSSI. Time for the Wildlife Trust to step up and make a case for no extension.

    • Or support an extension if there is no damage to local wildlife which is the more likely scenario? Perhaps that is why they have gone quiet?

  3. So, protestors prancing around are no disturbance to owls?

    They really do not think very much, do they?

    Reminds me of the spike in air pollution at KM, identified to be from?? The protestors!

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