Oil site campaigners in court

Two environmental campaigners accused of climbing the rig at an oil site in Surrey appeared in court today.

Lindsay Parkin (left) and Alistair Sandell outside Staines Magistrates Court. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Alistair Sandell and Lindsay Parkin, both fathers and members of Extinction Rebellion, were charged with aggravated trespass at the Horse Hill oil site near Gatwick Airport.

It was alleged they occupied the rig on 10 October 2020 in a protest about extraction of fossil fuels at the site.

Mr Sandell, 56, a horticulturalist from Uckfield, pleaded guilty during a hearing at Staines Magistrates Court. He was fined £360.

Mr Parkin, 50, a management consultant from Brighton, had previously pleaded not guilty. He attended a pre-trial hearing at the same court.

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  1. A letter to the FT from America queried the papers reporting bias.

    In the article spoke of Laura Keane, a mother of three and Biden Voter, vs a beefy Trump supporter al. The number of children The beefy supporter has is not known!

    The letter noted that the US is missing the objective reporting of the press, and is disappointed that the FT has lost its ability to report in an objective manner. point, what relevance is there to the story, that the gentlemen are fathers?

    I look forwards to extensive background knowledge of all mentioned in reports.

    I do not know if Mr Sanderson has any children but suggest any report ‘re INEOS could start……Despite being a father of two, Jim Ratcliffe has yet to climb a drill rig in the Weald. Sources close to the PM say that, as a father he is keen to climb one and will do so once out of isolation. Meanwhile UKOG have increased security at their sites since Dominic Cummins, a well known father and traveller may be seeking to climb a drill rig somewhere near london, but may also may try to climb pylons as they look the same of you need a trip to spec savers.

    • Hi Hewes62
      The protestors in their original statements described themselves in this way – Lindsay Parking is quoted as saying “I am here as a father to prove to myself and my children that we all have the power to challenges that which is wrong in the world.”. Given this, it is maybe more relevant to the case and his motivation to describe him as a father, rather than as a 50-year old management consultant?

      • Paul

        The chaps quote is fine, but the headline is yours.

        If sir jim said something similar I am sure you would report it – but would you pop it in the headline?

        But I see your point

      • Does that not now prove them as liar’s & criminals to there children & the world beyond.

        Or did I forget the thought that the cause justified the means.

        A sticky slope otherwise being liar & criminal becomes a badge of honour.

        Maybe Drill or drop subscribes & supports to this but where where does it begin & where does it end.

        If someone was to break into your house & take your belongings & justify it by saying I had no money but you did is that ok?

        You can say the end justified the means as long as they get away with more than the fine & don’t mind being called criminals & liar’s.

        • MH


          I think its the key issue of the report (and I was a bit off piste, but Paul S put us back on track).

          Is it OK to climb a rig, or should it be protesting at the gate, reducing your own reliance on fossil fuels, encouraging your kids ( if 2) to only have two kids each, voting for Boris (green chap as he now is) and not using imported oil (insist on locally produced stuff). Refusing to use plastic PPE, no computer, and gluing on to the Argo Blockchain office as the amount of power used to mine bitcoin is destroying the planet – compared to the gov ability to create money by pressing one key on a keyboard (or maybe a few), and hey presto, its all OK.

          The men noted may well do all of that, but preferred a bit of direct action (ie breaking the law) to make their point.

          • I must admit my comments were somewhat directed by my own experience of Management Consultants.

            Probably the biggest waste of the planet’s resources!

            If you employ one and pay for their recommendations, then employ another a couple of years later that one will usually (be obliged) to recommend the opposite of the first one. Seen it so many times.

  2. hewes62:

    Those who are anti and have children can comment their actions are to benefit their children. And that was done.

    Now, I have children but I have yet to use them as an excuse to break the law. (i suspect, if I did, they would disown me and tell anyone interested they make their own decisions.)

    Just listened to a climate change activist moaning that it was all about fossil fuel, and population growth was not an issue. Turned out she had 4 kids! There is so much to laugh about, even when in lock down.

    My kids are doing masses of extra hours at the moment as they have little to do with holiday time. Saving it all up for next year, vaccinations and then several overseas holidays. Hope their projections come to fruition, and there are some airlines left.

    • Martin

      Yes. though the reasoning would not seem to be for the benefit of his kids, more to show that its easy enough to break the law if you feel there is a cause important enough to do so. So education?

      • John P

        I think the discussion is around whether the contributors on here think the direct action is warranted or effective.

        Is occupying a drill rig against hydrocarbon use, or drilling for oil near where you live.

        It would be better to lock yourself to the Tesco fuel delivery lorry and ask all not to fill up at the pumps.

        But hey – the gov has announced that there is no need – changes on the way.

        I must go back and dig up some of the comments about the government and its fossil fuel masters (or Russian Masters – or it being in the thrall of Trump, or that they are in the pocket of the fracking companies), or was it Dom all along?

        Strange times – but right to roam, mass protest to enable something, rig occupation protest against production of something you use every day?

  3. Bit ironic that if you consider the argument being put forward to the Courts regarding HH, the EXTRA emissions, compared to those for imported oil, actually come from the PROTESTORS drawn like moths to the candle of HH, from far and wide-or PNR, the same. (Even confirmed at KM by the monitoring!) I do recall on DoD advice where to park close to PNR, “events” that drew protestors from Cornwall and Scotland, politicians from London, and photographers turning up in their 3 litre diesel BMWs! The subsequent details given to the courts were confirmation.

    And even then the antis were often excited to criticize those who were not anti for not holding their own gatherings!

    Irony, hypocrisy, or Ms Abbott maths.-take your pick.

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