Egdon announces start of oil flow at Wressle

The operator of the Wressle site in North Lincolnshire has announced oil flow had begun.

Wressle site 28 January 2021. Photo: Union Jack Oil

In a brief statement to shareholders this morning, Egdon Resources said it had successfully reperforated the section of the well in the Ashover Grit formation. A 24-hour production test was underway.

The company said:

“Operations to recomplete the well and reperforate the Ashover Grit reservoir interval have been completed safely and successfully as per the previously advised schedule.

“Following the reperforation and its successful communication with the Ashover Grit reservoir interval free-flow of oil has commenced and the well has been placed on continuous 24 hour test production.

“The well is currently in the normal clean-up phase as the well is carefully brought on-stream.”

Egdon said oil from Wressle would be taken by road tanker to the Philips 66 Humber refinery.

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