Picture post: Ad campaign targets fracking industry

Anti-fracking campaigners posted adverts targeting the shale gas industry in more than 100 bus shelters in a dozen European cities today.

Slogans and images from well-known companies were edited by activists in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Madrid, Milan, Turin and Rome.

Frack Off London, a member of the Shale Must Fall coalition, targeted the use of water in fracking. Its campaign, on World Water Day last month, still had some posters in place in London.

The group said it wanted to highlight the lack of attention to fracking by the United Nations, despite its advocacy of clean water for all.

Lorraine Inglis, of Frack Off London, said:

“Here in the UK we have put a stop to some forms of fracking but we are still importing fracked gas and investing in fracking elsewhere.

“As a water-intensive industry, there are serious concerns that fracking in countries where water is already scarce will not only contaminate water for the communities on the frontlines, but exacerbate droughts for those living in areas more vulnerable to climate change. The UN need to take a stronger stance on fracked gas extraction and call out these practices.”

Pictures used with the owners’ consents.


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  1. A timely reminder as the duplicitous Johnson signs off new licences in the North Sea, whilst “preparing” for COP26.. ‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’ (Churchill) It’s got to be renewables. Time to stop paying lip service to this fact.

    • Indeed the price of freedom is vigilance.

      I noticed that the National Grid has issued 6 emergency supply shortage notices this winter, more than at any time since 2016. Green policies have now resulted in a relatively fragile supply system with some of the highest electricity prices in Europe.

      Also heard a grid level battery supplier on the radio this morning inferring that batteries will make a dent in the “low wind, low sunlight” problem. Absolute nonsense at the scale proposed, The batteries only serve a balancing function of providing a very swift source of power to cope with fluctuating supply, for example when wind speeds drop. Outside of the first hour or two this scheme won’t do the job.

      I feel sure the green revolution has now caught the public’s imagination to the extent that not even the first significant collapse in the UK’s electricity supply will alter minds. Ho, hum.

  2. The fact that UK will continue to use oil and gas for decades to come, 1720!

    The Student Union type debate fed by a number of activists will continue, meanwhile the adults will make the decisions.

    Looks as if UK could be preparing for COP26 for some while yet.

    Good for Boris, getting on with the day job.

  3. I think that’s what many of us are afraid of, Martin – adults making (or not making) the kinds of decisions which have got us into the mess we are in, adults who know the human and planetary cost of what they are doing but who need reminding that they too are human. Unfortunately this (humanising) process is imperilled by those who, for whatever reason, have neglected to look and see where we are heading and why we need to put the emergency brake on. Being ‘adult’, Martin’ , (or grown-up) is about more than age: student union debates sometimes have something to teach all of us.

  4. Well, 1720, as you recently posted about being an activist at a demonstration in London, without knowing what the facts were around that same demonstration, it did indeed teach me something! And that was, I will make my decisions based upon the REALITY as I am too old to take on all that excitement around a fantasy only to find out some time later it was indeed fantasy. So, my comment about Student Union debate quite appropriate, as most people find in later life having taken part themselves some years previously.

    And, yes, unlike yourself, I support HS2 as being a far better solution, including for the environment, than expanding the currently blocked motorway network further. Good old Boris, again, pulling on that handbrake. Someone give him a large majority. Oh, many have already done that.

    Meanwhile, there will be those using the products from fossil fuel who want others to put on the emergency brake they have difficulty finding themselves.

    Anti fracking posters in bus shelters in countries where fracking is not happening? What is the point? UN? You have to be joking!

  5. Perhaps someone should inform Frack Off London that the use of, especially the burning of methane produces water. Another benefit from CCS?

    CH4 + 2 O2 → CO2 + 2 H2O

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