West Newton evaluation begins

Evaluation of a well is underway at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-B site in East Yorkshire.

West Newton-B well site, East Yorkshire, April 2021. Still from video used with the owner’s consent

A spokesperson for Union Jack Oil, one of the investors in the project, confirmed the work had begun after the arrival of equipment on 7 April 2021.

The evaluation operation, which had been announced to investors last month, comprises a cased hole logging programme on the WNB1z well, including a cement bond log.

A previous statement said a Weatherford Raptor evaluation tool would be used to log the Kirkham Abbey formation, one of the well’s targets. The tool was said to give a “quantification and advanced analysis of oil, gas and water saturations and potential fluid contacts in a cased wellbore”.

A vertical seismic profiling survey would also be carried out to calibrate existing 3D seismic data, the statement said.

Union Jack’s spokesperson said today:

“Processing and interpretation of data is expected to take two weeks. There is nothing else we can add at this stage but will communicate as soon as we have an update on operations from Rathlin.”

The evaluation data will inform well completion, clean-up and a future extended well test.

West Newton-B well site, East Yorkshire, April 2021. Still from video used with the owner’s consent

The road to West Newton B is closed but local reports have said the closure may be lifted early next week.

The WNB-1z well is a sidetrack, drilled in November 2020. This followed an announcement that the WNB well missed the Cadeby formation, the secondary target.

West Newton-A

Rathlin Energy has reported that more than 370 people visited last month’s online exhibition about production and drilling plans at the West Newton A site.

The company said the week-long exhibition was designed to give local people and business owners an opportunity to comment on proposals before a planning application was developed. It said 10% of people who used the exhibition left feedback.

Rathlin Energy is proposing to drill a further six wells, triple the width of the site and produce oil for 20 years. A planning application is expected in the summer, it said.

Local councillors have asked the local government secretary to rule on whether the project needs an environmental impact assessment. Planners at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said that it did not.

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  1. This did NOT follow any announcement about missing a target-except from DoD which has several times tried to distort the actual announcement. And continued to do so after being corrected by this poster several times.

    My motivation is to keep the information accurate. I can only guess at what motivation is behind repeatedly distorting information, perhaps to suggest the drilling was not completed to achieve what it was supposed to-which it did. And then, drilled the sidetrack to utilize the information it had produced. And now, evaluating that sidetrack. All quietly efficient and nothing missed, so now to see what has been found.

    So, good job an online exhibition has been provided. May not be independent, but perhaps more accurate.

  2. The fact that the recent online exhibition generated almost 100% more interest and response from members of the public, compared to the West Newton A/B physical event that was held locally in 2014, also appears to have been omitted. Strange given that the criticism of the event being held online warranted a full article.

    • Paul Fresco

      Same same sort who turned up during the miners strike ( not miners tho) with the same aims. I guess they no longer support keeping coal mines open until every ounce of coal has been mined, irrespective of cost. How times change.

    • If you see a comment that causes you concern, please let us know via our Contacts page. The comment Paul refers to has now been edited (having previously been overlooked).

      As you may be aware, we have no control over who re-blogs our output (and do have occasional problems with groups that copy and paste whole articles without proper attribution) – but that’s the Internet.

  3. There does seem to be an unfortunate element of fake news surfacing, not just within the comments, and an increasing degree of inconsistency with the moderation. Is this now the only way excitement can be maintained? Maybe for a few, but in my old fashioned way, I just believe it disrespects the majority.

    I do recall the days when moderation was introduced, the extensive debate about it, and the reasons put forward to state the intentions behind it. Looks as if the fears presented at that time are now being fulfilled. Shame really, but pretty predictable.

  4. Lots happening that seems to be going on unknown or not being reported.

    A new road closure order for Piper Lane and Fosham Road which lead to the West Newton A site, has been issued by East Riding Council. The order will commence on the 19th April 2021 and be valid for 18 months.

    Rathlin Energy have been replying to those who asked questions or left comments during the recent online exhibition outlining the proposed West Newton A site expansion.

    The email states:- “Thank you for your comments on the recent West Newton A consultation. We are now analysing all responses and questions and will produce an updated FAQs from these which we will post on our website. We will also make hard copies available upon request via our Community Liaison Group and via our helpline phone number. 
    Thank you once again for the time you have taken to respond. Your comments and questions will be taken on board and will help shape the planning application.”

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