Minister’s ruling due in weeks on study into West Newton production plan

A decision is now due in May on whether oil production plans in East Yorkshire need a detailed environmental study.

Proposed extension of West Newton-A wellsite in East Yorkshire. Existing site boundary is marked in purple. Source: Rathlin Energy screening request report

The local government secretary, Robert Jenrick, has been asked to rule on whether Rathlin Energy should carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) as part of its planning application for the West Newton-A well site.

The company wants to triple the width of the site, drill six more wells and extract oil for 15-20 years.

Planners at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said the scheme did not require an EIA.

But earlier this year, almost 30 representatives of local councils disagreed and asked Mr Jenrick to make a ruling, known as a screening opinion.

Jacob Birch, who wrote to the minister, said today:

“I have today had confirmation that the Secretary of State has all the information required to issue their own Screening Opinion.”

He said a decision was now expected within 21 days. “If there are any delays I will be notified”, he said.

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  1. Does Jenrick’s statement as reported by Birch mean anything other than’a decision is pending’?

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