Extracting new oil from Lincolnshire is “utterly incompatible” with climate goals – open letter

The Bishop of Grimsby, academics and business leaders have objected to plans for long-term oil production at Biscathorpe in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Biscathorpe oil site. Photo: Egdon Resources planning application

In an open letter published today, 25 signatories from Lincoln Climate Commission have urged the county council to refuse planning permission for the site in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The application by Egdon Resources seeks to extract oil at Biscathorpe for 15 years. Local people have raised concerns about the impact of the proposal on a rare chalk stream, the landscape of the AONB and climate change.

Lincoln Climate Commission’s letter said:

“We respectfully ask that County Councillors consider the concerns of the local community, the serious issues of potential threat to biodiversity and amenity, and the over-riding concern due to the existential threat of climate change. We urge that you turn down the application.”

The signatories include: Dr David Court, the bishop of Grimsby; Edward Hanna, professor of climate science and meteorology at University of Lincoln; Geoff Stratford, founder member of Lincoln Climate Commission; local academics; and executives from companies such as Gusto Group, BE Design, OpenPlan and Greenlite Building Physics.

The letter said it was “hard to see” how allowing oil extraction in the AONB was consistent with the county council’s Green Masterplan. This was developed to meet the challenges of climate change and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The signatories said:

“as fast as possible, we must wean ourselves off dependence on fossil fuels.

“to explore for and to extract new sources of oil from Lincolnshire is utterly incompatible with keeping within the internationally agreed goal of limiting global overheating to 1.5 degrees.

“There is no shortage of fuel to supply our needs while we make the necessary rapid transition towards a zero carbon economy. We do not need fossil fuels from the rocks under Lincolnshire.”

The letter added:

“It is hard to see how ‘new oil’ is consistent with the government’s recent announcement to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035. Instead, we should invest our efforts and resources into renewables and into mitigating and adapting to the effects of warming.”

It urged Lincolnshire County Council to respect local concerns about the proposal, expressed by Donington-on-Bain parish council and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. The Lincolnshire Wolds AONB partnership has also objected to the application.

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  1. People should watch Seapiracy on Netflix and realise over fishing industry do more harm to climate change and environmental impacts than any other industries. Even more than fossil fuel industry.
    Ocean ecology is crucial to CO2 storage and heat distribution and therefore climate changes.
    Almost 50% of ocean plastic are fishing net trashes and yet the environmental activists and organisations ignored this serious environmental issue and focus on minor issue like plastic straw and NIMBY

    • Well, Jack, stop putting your plastic trash in the ocean! I can, so I don’t.

      You could also ask so called climate activists to stop putting their bodily waste into the ocean, while you are at it. When I crossed an ocean, I flew and the airline disposed of my waste for me.

      When you have sorted that, then have a swim around down deep and protest against the ocean mining to provide sufficient minerals to supply alternative energy requirements.

      So, facts are perhaps not limited to 11?

      The fishing trash is interesting. I suspect it may require some means of identifying who is the culprit, so they can be tracked down and taken to task. Modern technology such as ocean current tracking and then net identification controls at times when licenses are authorized may be part of a solution. If Jack’s Folly was the only boat with green nets within a certain area, then if green net trash was found, the real culprit would be fairly obvious.

      Posting of real culprits, I noticed my local Green candidate’s sign to vote Green, has blown down in last night’s gale. Does this mean that when he fails to be elected, climate change will be to blame, or should more energy have been put into the hammering?

      • CLASSIC MARTIN , Twisting and turning like a worm in the beak of a Pigeon.

        MARTIN , didn’t you know , here in the UK, bodily waste is processed and treated to such an extent that the water that is eventually disposed in to our rivers and canals is almost drinkable.

        ALSO , didnt you know that the ” bodily waste ” you talk about is initially used to generate large amounts of green electricity….. Take a look at United Utilities, Davyhulmes Sewage Treatment Plant .

        Plastic Trash made from OIL , yes OIL is destroying our oceans and no matter how much you wriggle, twist and turn , the FACT still remains.

  2. Ermm, here in the UK Jack, pigeons don’t eat worms, for starters. Not a lot of thought into that one, or any research. Not a good start, but par for the course. CLASSIC JACK.

    For interest Jack-rape is the new kid on the block, and the major reason why pigeons are now breeding all year round in UK. Not climate change, sorry.

    Secondly, if you place your bodily wastes in a bucket on a yacht crossing the ocean, and dispose of them in said ocean, it is placing your bodily waste in an ocean. Just ask Cornish surfers against sewage. Oops, sorry I forgot, they may not be on the Internet. And, yes, there is a much better choice than chucking it into the ocean, which I follow-AND SO SHOULD OTHERS. Which leads onto:

    The trash who put plastic into the oceans are the culprits, Jack. I am not one of them, and, instead enjoy the energy produced from that waste plastic. Maybe this is the week some more should vote for those who could bring them the same opportunity? Perfectly possible, with the will and a vote. But, it won’t be the Greens, because they will not have the ability to deliver that, and don’t support it anyway, because whilst it deals with the product it doesn’t fit their agenda. Hmm. Culprits can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

    But, perhaps personal responsibility is not something you recognize? It’s the product not the people? Hmm, again. Well, as there are many environmental issues around alternative energy supply, then the products should be trashed? Interesting that for fossil fuels the products are the problem, and there are no solutions, but not so for alternative energy. Sorry Jack, if you are trying to sell on that platform, I am not buying. Back to the antis one sided equations, previously referred to as an appalling delusion. (I have already supplied you with the link to that, so no need to try that deflection.)

    Welcome back, though. I will up-date you on the pigeons in my garden and their feeding of themselves and their offspring, now I know you are back and have another equation that needs balancing. I will give you a starter-my French Beans are under cover. One of my past responsibilities (that no one else wanted) was to be on a panel advising pigeon fanciers on nutrition.

      • Nope, wrong again, Jack.

        You have an almost fixated passion to introduce something else into the discussion that you know nothing about, demonstrating that FACT to try and demonstrate you know something about another subject! Not novel to DoD though.

        Take a look at the digestive system of a pigeon and you will observe a very muscular, developed gizzard. It just happens to be there be accident? OMG, evolution has been spun on it’s head to satisfy Jack.

        I watched my pigeons this afternoon Jack. They were on my lawn picking at the grass seeds whilst the blackbirds and thrushes were there after the worms, following rain. The pigeons are the big grey ones, Jack, the blackbirds (well, the name gives a clue) and the thrushes are the spotted ones. Nature is quite good at evolution, giving opportunities for many in one place-without competition. Although, there is competition between the blackbirds and the thrushes as they are both after the worms. Do the big grey ones chase away the blackbirds and thrushes? Nope. (You need to remember that Green is not the same as green, and some who don’t want to be Greens know a bit more about some of the environment than they do. And, that will include much of UK agriculture.)

        Perhaps you should write to the Queen, Jack and let her know she has been feeding her pigeon lofts the wrong way? (Yes, she has some of the top racing pigeons). You may get a reply stating they are amongst the top racing pigeons because she has fed them the correct way, rather than Jack’s way! Meanwhile, next time I am in Trafalgar Square, I will look out for all those poor pigeons with the broken beaks that have been desperately trying to break through the paving slabs.

        I did miss your contributions, Jack! I await the seagulls that live their lives on chips and ice-creams.

        • HAHA MARTIN ,

          Thank you for the laughter .

          MARTIN , going on about the digestive system of the Pigeon in some desperate feeble attempt to bolster your case , will only bring more amusement to the readers .

          YOUR oppinion , as that’s all it ever is , as to why the humble Pigeon does not eat worms, has been duly noted and laughed at.

          You must have some very strange Pigeons dining in your corner of the earth.

          Once again here is my EVIDENCE .


          Pigeons DO EAT WORMS, FACT …

          If I were you , I would concede on this topic, whilst theres still not to much laughter being directed your way .

          Now MARTIN , I see your diversionary waffle tactics haven’t faded ….. Please, let’s get back to discussing the Oil and Gas industry.

          • It was you Jack who raised the subject of pigeons! You can shout as much as you like, but that is what is recorded.

            Then, it was found you didn’t know much about that subject.

            Now, you want to revert to the subject that was being discussed.

            Not certain that will lead to any more factual stuff from you but quite willing to oblige. Perhaps you take up the reins of Interconnectors?

            Or, why it is the product to blame with fossil fuel rather than the people, but not with alternative energy sources? That should keep you flapping for some time. Meanwhile, I have been discussing that already.

  3. I have to agree with Martin here. Over fishing and illegal fishing practices and careless littering and dumping if plastic waste are the cause of damage to ocean ecosystems not the product itself. Take pain killer medicine and sugar as an example, the buse of the product is causing the problem not normal and responsible uses of the product.

  4. Thanks, Tommie.

    Good job there are some who are genuinely interested in solving such problems, rather than weaponizing for their own ends. If there are enough of the former, the problems will be solved. There is always more that can be weaponized, so a win for all.

    Meanwhile, I notice the Interconnectors that were the anti fall back when the UK energy supply equation looked a bit suspect, are now themselves under scrutiny, with the Channel Islands the latest example of their insecurity. Not sure a new ship will even prevent them from being turned off.

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