Latest UK onshore oil production data: March 2021

Key figures

Barrels per day (bopd): 14,194
(February 2021 14,491 bopd, January 2021 14,794 bopd)

Weight: 57,653 tonnes
(February 2021 53,165 tonnes, January 2021 60,083)

Volume: 69,956m3
(February 2021 64,507 m3, January 2021 72,911)

Proportion of UK total oil production: 1.53%
(February 2021 1.59% of total UK oil production, January 2021 1.63%)

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

The data in this post is published by the Oil & Gas Authority, three months in arrears.

Daily rate at 30+ year low

The production rate in barrels per day (bopd) in March 2021was the lowest for nearly 31 years.

The last month when the rate of onshore oil production was lower was May 1990.

The total weight and volume of UK onshore oil produced in March 2021 were both up slightly on February 2021, probably reflecting the longer month.

Total UK onshore production in March 2021 was 93% that of March 2020 and 91% of March 2019.

Top producers: sites

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Wytch Farm, Dorset: The UK’s largest onshore producer again saw production in barrels per day fall. March 2021 was down 1.67% on February 2021 (11,910 bopd compared with 12,112 bopd). But the field’s share of UK onshore production was up slightly, from 83% in February 2021 to 83.3% in March 2021.

Horse Hill, Surrey: The newest production field onshore in the UK rose one place in the rankings, from 8 to 7. Barrels of oil per day rose 5% (from 99.5 in February 2021 to 104.6 in March 2021). Volume (m3) rose 16% (from 443m3 to 516m3). But water production (barrels of water per day) at Horse Hill rose 16% (from 44.3m3 in February 2021 to 50.5m3 in March 2021). The water cut at Horse Hill (water as a proportion of total liquid produced) rose from 31% in February 2021 to 33% in March 2021.

Bletchingley, Surrey: This site, which ranked 15 in February 2021, rose to 9 in March 2021. Volume of oil rose 44% (303m3 in February 2021 to 436m3 in March 2021). The rate of oil production also rose, by 30%, to 88bopd (68bopd in February 2021). Water production at this site rose 87% in March 2021, to 88m3 (up from 47m3 in February 2021).

Horndean, Hampshire: This field rose one place in the onshore production rankings. The rate of oil production was down slightly from 135bopd in February 2021 to 134 in March 2021 but the total volume (m3) rose 10% (602m3 in February 2021 to 665m3 in March 2021.

Storrington, West Sussex: This field in the South Downs National Park rejoined the top 20 fields after dropping out in February 2021. Volume (m3) was up a third (133m3 in February 2021 to 177m3 in March 2021). Production was also above the January 2021 figure of 158m3, when the field was ranked 19. Barrels per day rose 20% (29.8 in February 2021 to 35.9 in March 2021).

Top producers: companies

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

The top two ranking companies (Perenco and IGas) retained the places they held in January and February 2021.

UKOG was stable on 0.7% of UK onshore production but rose in the rankings from fourth to third.

EP UK Investments, in third place in February 2021, dropped to fourth in March 2021. Its share of UK onshore production fell from 1.1% in February to 0.5% in March. Production at the company’s Humbly Grove site in Hampshire more than halved from 684m3 in February to 323m3 in March.

Onshore Oilfield Services Limited rejoined the list with an increase of 54% in production at Farleys Wood in Nottinghamshire in March 2021 over the previous month.

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