Latest UK onshore oil production data: April 2021

Key figures

Barrels per day (bopd): 13,855
Mar 2021 14,194 bopd
Feb 2021 14,491 bopd
Jan 2021 14,794 bopd

Weight: 54,474 tonnes
Mar 2021 57,653 tonnes
Feb 2021 53,165 tonnes
Jan 2021 60,083 tonnes

Volume: 66,089 m3
Mar 2021 69,956m3
Feb 2021 64,507m3
Jan 2021 72,911 m3

Onshore oil as proportion of UK total oil production: 1.9%
Mar 2021 1.53%
Feb 2021 1.59%
Jan 2021 1.63%

Source: Oil and Gas Authority

The data in this post is published by the Oil & Gas Authority, three months in arrears.

Daily rate at 31 year low

  • The production rate in barrels per day (bopd) in April 2021was the lowest for 31 years.
  • The last month when the rate of onshore oil production was lower was April1990.
  • The total weight and volume of UK onshore oil produced in April 2021 were both down by around 5.5% compared to March’s figures .
  • Total UK onshore production in April 2021 was 8% down compared to April 2020 and 11% down compared to April 2019.

Top producers: sites

Source: Oil and Gas Authority

Wytch Farm, Dorset

  • April 2021 production was down 1.4% on the previous month
    (11,745 bopd in April compared with 11,911 bopd in March).
  • However the field’s share of UK onshore production increased from 83.9% in March to 84.2% in April .

Horse Hill, Surrey

  • Barrels of oil produced per day fell 3.5% (from 104.7 in March 2021 to 101.1 in April ).
  • Water production (barrels of water per day) was down by 7.5% (from 50.5 to 46.8).
  • The water cut at Horse Hill (water as a proportion of total liquid produced) fell from 32.5% in March 2021 to 31.6% in April .

Scampton North, Lincolnshire

  • Water produced almost doubled in April 2021 (79.3 bpd compared to 40.4 in March 2021)
  • Oil production was up 10.4%, (101bopd in April 2021, up from 91.5bopd in March)
  • The water cut increased to 44% in April 2020, up from 30.6% in March

Humbly Grove, Hampshire

  • Dropped from 13th to 26th in the onshore oil production table
  • Oil production fell 84.6% (down from 65.5bopd in March 2021 to 10.1bopd in April)

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

  • Fell from 11th to 28th in the onshore oil production table
  • Oil production was down 89.9% between March and April 2021 (falling from 78.9 bopd to 8.0 bopd)

Top onshore producers: companies

Source: Oil and Gas Authority
  • Perenco was the only company to significantly increase its share of production (up from 84.8% of onshore production in March 2021 to 85.7% in April)
  • IGas share of onshore production fell from 13% in March 2021 to 12.6% in April, after a large fall in production at its Gainsborough field
  • EP UK Investments saw its share of onshore oil production fall from 0.5% to 0.07% as output from their Humbly Grove field continued to decline.

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