“Bleak” outlook for fossil fuels as study finds 60% of oil and gas must stay in the ground to meet climate targets

A majority oil and gas reserves must remain in the ground to avoid the climate crisis, analysis published today concludes.

Oil site in East Yorkshire. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

The study by University College London found that almost 60% of global oil and gas reserves could not be extracted if there was to be a 50% chance of keeping global temperatures below 1.5C, a target set in the Paris Agreement.

It argues that 92 trillion cubic metres of gas (59%) must stay in ground, along with 744 billion barrels of oil (58%).

Oil and gas production must decline at a rate of 3% a year from now until 2050, the study said.

And the rate of decline might need to be even steeper, the study concluded:

“The bleak picture painted by our scenarios for the global fossil fuel industry is very probably an underestimate of what is required and, as a result, production would need to be curtailed even faster.”

More carbon would need to stay in the ground for a greater than 50% chance of limiting warming to 1.5C, the study said.

“most regions must reach peak production now or during the next decade, rendering many operational and planned fossil fuel projects unviable.”

The study in the journal, Nature, comes as decisions are imminent on whether to permit 20 years of onshore oil production from new wells in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The site operators, Rathlin Energy and Egdon Resources, have both argued that their proposals would support the UK’s transition to a low carbon future because, they said, local oil production had a lower carbon footprint than imports.

“Rapid decline needed”

The Nature study is the first to estimate fossil fuel reserves and resources that must remain in the ground under a 1.5C target.

It builds on previous research in 2015, which estimated that one-third of oil and half of gas must remain in the ground to stay below 2C of warming.

The latest modelling assumes substantial use of carbon dioxide removal and carbon capture and storage.

The authors said:

“Fossil fuels continue to dominate the global energy system, accounting for 81% of primary energy demand. After decades of growth, their rate of production and use will need to reverse and decline rapidly to meet internationally agreed climate goals.”

“The need to forgo future production means country producers, fossil energy companies and their investors need to seriously reassess their production outlooks.

“This is particularly true for countries that are fiscally reliant on fossil fuels, to allow for a managed diversification of their economies.”

The study calls for domestic policy to restrict production and reduce demand by, for example, subsidy removal, production taxes, penalties for regulatory non-compliance and bans on new exploration and production.

The proposed international non-proliferation treaty on fossil fuels could also be key to global action,  the study said.

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  1. Oh, well I had better stop breathing air then, Kaushik!

    Meanwhile, here in the UK a warning has just been issued that domestic energy prices will rise further due to the rocketing cost of gas. I just await the reaction to “we are going to leave gas in the ground so you can pay even more!” That was tried in Australia by one political party with regard to coal, and they are now the opposition, not able to achieve anything. Another hike in UK taxation to subsidize energy? No chance.

    I suppose the consolation is, Kaushik, that those who currently have to chose between eat and heat in the winter, should not do either based upon your “logic”.

    By the way, what is the specific reason that gas or oil is in the ground? I know the physics that explains it, but you seem to have an alternative view? The Bible tells us that God made the earth in 7 days and placed the resources there for mankind, which is slightly different to the physics, but either does not preclude man from using those resources. If that was the case what about the lithium and the cobalt, what about the wind and the sun?

    Oh sorry, I should know that answer by now-one sided equations again that do not need to balance. Sorry, but they do, because voters in UK are pretty logical people and they insist the equations do balance, and they can change them pretty quickly if they do not. They did so for Brexit when taxation without representation was the equation that did not balance, the Americans did it many years ago with the War of Independence for the same reason. The Australians have just done it. Buck the trend? Good luck.

    • There are and have been more and bloodier wars fought over the misunderstanding and mistranslation of the supposed God given “dominion” to man over the Earth in the English translation from the Latin texts of the Christian Bible than almost any other religious text.
      “God on our side” must surely be the worst of all the cries of the totalitarian dictatorships worldwide.
      There are several very pertinent points to be made to understand why that is, and why that is not what was indended to be said.

      There have been many versions of the Christian Bible in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and later translated into English in many subsequent formats. All of which have led to translations and blind copies of earlier translations. However much of that has been studied and unravelled to a degree that has revealed some quite interesting anomalies of translations and misinterpretations.

      The word “Dominion” in Genesis has also received some mistranslation due to one or two dots being added to the original word.

      “As I look at all the Modern Christian Translations of the Bible I find that without exception everyone of the translations follow the common teaching that the word yiredu comes from the root word radah which means dominion, or to subdue, to rule over, to tread upon like in a winepress. An old rabbi, however, once pointed out to me that the root word is really yarad. When he told me that I instantly thought of the story in Acts where in the Aramaic the Holy Spirit necheth descended like a dove.”

      “Seven hundred years after the birth of Christ the Masoretes put a chireq (one dot) under the Resh making this the root word radah which means to subdue. Had they put a tsere (two dots) under the Resh they would have the root word yarad which means to come down or lower oneself. The original inspired Word of God had no dots and I believe this old rabbi was correct in using the root word yarad (to lower oneself) rather than radah (to rule over). In the original Hebrew the word starts with a Yod which is a picture of a heavenly messenger or yarad which means to lower oneself and not a Resh which means to rule over.”

      So, it would appear that “dominion” as in the English transation of the Biblical Genesis that is presently understood to say:-

      “Genesis 1:26: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepth upon the earth.”

      That the word as translated as “dominion” is incorrect and correctly translated means from “yarad” meaning “to come down or to lower oneself” meaning perhaps to be “subservient to nature and the Earth and all its creatures”. And not to “dominate” or “subdue” as is mistakenly mistranslated.

      That one simple mistranslation, amongst so many others in all the translations of various religious texts including all the bibles, is perhaps the one major important disrespectful aspect in the human races relationship to the Earth and all its creatures and lifeforms, including it has to be said, eachother.

      So in actual fact, God is understood to say we are instructed to live with the Earth and all its life forms, in fact to be protectors and caretakers, not to subdue, or dominate.

      Now doesnt that put an entirely different notion of our true purpose on this Earth and our true responsibility? Not to dominate and have ownership over everything, but to be caretakers and be ourselves subservient to nature and Gods Green Earth.

  2. Emission will need to fall faster than that, real world climate consequences are already overtaking climate theory. Research has shown actual climate change indicators are not falling within the IPCC’s central predictions, they are equal to or worse than their worse case scenario. See IPCC expert reviewer Peter Carter on the subject

  3. Good luck on your travels to pressure the major emitters, then.

    Let me know how you got on if you get back. Meanwhile, I will continue to work on those transport emissions that the deniers are trying to deny the existence of, and worse, try to deny simple and quick remedies for some of them, costing funding that could have been used to, for example, insulate a load of houses. And, then, wanting to rinse and repeat!

  4. Thank you, David, for your insightful and informed comments. At the very least and even if your interpretation is incorrect, being difficult to demonstrate conclusively as you accept, it makes little sense to interpret ‘dominion’ as a licence to pillage and destroy in our own perceived interest as such a course of action is eventually destined not to be in our own interest. Perhaps this is yet another reason to accept the interpretation you propose.

  5. “Insightful and informed”??

    Nope, 1720.

    You will need to re-read and note that one sentence contains speculation, and following sentences state that speculation as fact. Perhaps education has changed over the years, but I still believe the teacher who corrects that and asks for a rewrite does the child a favour. I know of one ex University lecturer who found it a common correction required for new students, until they became tired of rewriting. She did note that Chinese students were less prone to the curse.

    The formulaic approach by many activists, or a few activists with many guises. No matter which, it is a contrived way to try and make a point, like forcing a piece into a jigsaw that doesn’t fit. Took Mrs. C. a while to get used to it within main media, but she has now, and her filter is fully functional.

    However, whilst the technique is used widely on this site and even on the BBC, the point should not be lost in that mire. You quote “our” to reinforce, yet that is not supported by anything. What is your interest is not everyone’s. You try to imply it is, but I am not interested in adding to the problems of kids in the DRC, or the pockets of land owners (wind turbines) or wood pellet suppliers interested in heating empty barns in N. Ireland. I am not interested in forcing new motorways to be built in this country or extend internal flights when there is a cleaner alternative. If that is “our” God’s Green Earth it is not to me-it is Mammon, green washing.

    At some time, alternatives that adequately replace fossil fuel may be here. But, they are not yet, so meanwhile the approach of some is just to attempt to stop fossil fuel use before that is the case. From a marketing point of view that is doomed to failure, as it merely focuses attention upon the failings of the alternatives. I have seen it many times before when customers recall a competitor rubbishing others products without having an acceptable replacement. (Social Care-two days ago! It is common.) They quickly decide they will not waste further appointments. But, I have noted on DoD that there are many who have a converse approach to marketing, and so be it. More filters will be applied, because it is not insightful and informed on scrutiny.

    • [Edited by moderator]

      There’s a lot of noise there but nothing of any value concerning the issue of the misrepresentation and mistranslating of the original Aramaic Hebrew text. That’s very carefully avoided.

      Its very telling of a dogmatic imperative obsession to attempt to cling on to the fake dominion myth as the truth is so fundamentally contradicting of the desire to ransack and ravage the planet and all of its life forms. Their only desire appears to be the destruction of the fragile balance of the ecological systems of the Earth merely for profit and greed.

      It’s very clear that the human race was, and still is intended to lower ourselves to serve to protect all life on Earth as caretakers. The destructive and counter productive cognitive dissonance of the myth of dominance only serves a much darker master. When offered all the kingdoms of the world, some apparently greedily accepted and bowed down to their new dark master.

      The dominance myth is demonstrably and factually discredited. No rewrites required, except by those multiple sources from whence the nonsense sprang in the first place.

      Their putative University lecturer awards top grades and a 1st class pass with honours to the truth and verifiable evidence. Proof of which is the quote and many others I could have quoted. For clarity the quote is provided here again, since apparently dogma from those multiple sources prefer to obscures the facts with unsubstantiated nonsense.

      “Seven hundred years after the birth of Christ the Masoretes put a chireq (one dot) under the Resh making this the root word radah which means to subdue. Had they put a tsere (two dots) under the Resh they would have the root word yarad which means to come down or lower oneself. The original inspired Word of God had no dots and I believe this old rabbi was correct in using the root word yarad (to lower oneself) rather than radah (to rule over). In the original Hebrew the word starts with a Yod which is a picture of a heavenly messenger or yarad which means to lower oneself and not a Resh which means to rule over.”

      So now we can attribute the following soggy slice of speculation back to the multiple sources from whence it came cant we.

      “The University lecturer who found it a common correction required for new students, until they became tired of rewriting. As evidenced by the formulaic approach by many fossil fuel activists, as we see from that multiple activist sources that it emerged from, or a few fossil fuel activists with many guises. No matter which, it is a contrived way to try and make a point, like forcing a piece into a jigsaw that doesn’t fit.”

      The extremist fossil fuel activists and fake narrative dominion terrorists are forced to rewrite again and again and again. But due to excessive planet destructive dogma, have to remain in the lower stream at the back of the class amongst the other greenwash climate destruction deniers.

      [Edited by moderator]

  6. “It’s very telling”

    “It’s very clear”

    Actually, no it isn’t. To an individual who contrives that it is, but not to we or us. “It’s very clear I am not getting sufficient pocket money. We all agree”. Well, that one is in the same camp, and no it isn’t, either, and no, we did not.

    Once again, the simplistic and formulaic and suggesting, without anything, other than the speculation to fact “magic” trick. Like all magic tricks, too much repetition and the trick is ruined. Time to find a new one. But, if it is a major part of an act then there is an issue. I recall a certain Australian Green lady found that out the hard way, and had to put into the Lords for safety.

    Your view David, and if you are embarrassed about it, or feel it needs support, then by all means add the “we”. But, it is noticeable, and sorry, but I do not accept it.

    If it is very clear-please explain it to the young kids in the DRC. They may show you the lesions and ask who is the dark master, and could he not pay them a bit better for their sacrifice? What will your answer be? “It is very clear we have decided you have to be sacrificed, so “we” can set an example to the rest of the world.” (You might escape that situation as they sacrificed their schooling, as well, and may not understand your explanation as a result.)

    Nope. I will not accept that. I will continue with petrol, at least until I know that has been stopped. And, if that petrol comes from a local source, so much the better, as I would be pretty sure child labour had not been used. And if aviation fuel is required to airlift a child out of Afghanistan, do you know what-yes, I will support that too.

    However, do enjoy your weekend and reflect upon Christian values of love and respect for your fellow man. It’s very clear that is a work in progress, and “we” should strive to do better.

    • My reply was to you by the way Iaith1720. Interesting how greetings amongst some of us are forbidden isn’t it.

      I find it strange that the original multiple fossil fuel activist sources mentioned this subject of Gods intentions for the human race was to use this analogy as a means of justifying their domination over all life forms and planetary ecological systems across the Earth. And how that led to the truth that man has never been instructed to dominate and ransack and ravage the planet. But that all of mankind was instructed to be the Earths caretakers, its stewards and its protectors, not its ravagers and polluters. The attempt clearly backfired on them, hence all these pointless meaningless attempts at denigration rather than addressing the very same issue that they themselves originated.

      And don’t you find it strange how merely stating the facts as regards the history of translation by a knowledgeable rabbi with a deep understanding of the written Aramaic Hebrew text. How that was mistranslated from the instruction by God that human beings lower themselves to protect and act as caretakers of the Earth. Then how that was mistranslated and altered to create the myth of fake dominance. How that simple little mistranslating solicits such a tirade of negativity amongst those multiple fossil fuel extremist activist sources?

      I find it really very telling how that one simple word has led to the Earth being ransacked and ravaged by those who only wish to perpetrate greed and avarice in order to ravage and pillage entire ecologies across the Earth. The human race was very clearly instructed to protect the Earth and act as caretakers including those very same people who have done so much damage and destruction to the Earth.

      You can see why the extremist activist domination myth is so vehemently protected. Because without it, they wont have a God given leg to stand on. Without that one word, their ransacking and ravaging of the Earths natural ecological systems and the extinction of so many species on Earth has no valid support. Not by man, not by God and not by anyone or anything on Gods Green Earth.

      Their cognitive dissonance has led to the destruction of the Earths ecological systems and is causing the latest multiple species extinction event in the Earths history. The truth of that multiple species extinction and the millions of lives that are destroyed daily is now well known. That is why the fossil fuel corporations are desperately fighting a rear guard action to influence weak governments and corrupt the moves to stop further exploration and production.

      As you say Iaith1720, Cop26, is becoming Cop-Out-26 in 2021 under this weak government. Cop26 never stood a chance of being a significant change of direction for mankind, the various governments will make sure this one will also be compromised by internal differences in an attempt to defeat any move to make the planet less vulnerable to greed and destruction by those who only see profit and nothing for human or ecological or any flora or fauna survive ability. The Git Reset…”Git” or “Get” meaning “Gate”.

      As to Christian values the multiple sources should look to their own words and accept that there is nothing there which indicates or operates any such Christian precept of any form of beneficial religion of any kind under their fatalistic death cult mythological dominance dogma.

      Quite the opposite. If religion is anything to them, then it is perhaps something that has many names going far back in history, right back to the Garden of Eden and beyond.

      So much for their continued nonsense. Nothing of any value to life on this beleaguered planet Earth is issued from those multiple extremist activist fossil fuel sources.

      The rest of us in the others absence, will learn be the guardians and caretakers of the planet and all its life forms and ecologies once again. To protect the Earths natural resources on Gods Green Earth. As for those who still persist in destruction greed and profit. There is further to fall than to down to Earth.

      An interesting weekend awaits, not the least of which is the 20th anniversary of the 11th of September 2001.

  7. Lovely weekend.

    Wasn’t the tennis a joy!

    Greed and profit, or joy for millions?

    Next weekend the IOW Festival, capacity for 90,000. Greed and profit, or joy for ermm, 90,000! Plus the Ferry staff. Plus a good number of event workers who have not been working for a long while. Wonder if there will be room on the ferries for the house builders from the mainland to travel to the IOW to build those houses? Or should they just stop as it represents greed and profit? Or, does it represent social housing much welcomed by those who need social housing-even though the developers had to Appeal and had partial costs awarded to get the planning through?

    All sounds very familiar.

    After some weeks Gods Green Earth on IOW should be re-instated, after the Festival, but not certain when, and if, the owls will recover.

    • [Edited by moderator] We were instructed to be caretakers and stewards of the Earth and all of its life forms and resources, not the ravagers and pillagers of the Earths every ecology and environment that the fossil fuel corporations have become. But that apparently cant be admitted to since the entire fossil fuel industry is irrevocably and fundamentally transfixed by that one miserly fake domination myth at the expence of everyone and everything on Gods Green Earth. If Soddom and Gomorra was anything to go by, its going to be a rough one, though it would be wise not look back like Lots wife did.

      So now the attempt is to avoid the subject altogether by even more false means.

      A straight apology and an admission that the suggestion of the fake domination myth was entirely false would have sufficed. But rather than honesty, this latest evasion of the subject seeks to evade and deviate into attempted “safer” ground. What extrudes from the machine in reply? Tennis? The Isle Of Wight Festival? What next, cute little bunny wunnies and baby burps??

      But of course admission of the fake narrative being proved wrong cannot be allowed. So instead, just to pretend to say something in reply, or anything at all just to fill the void. What emerges is a typical diversion into as many other irrelevant subjects that can be used to obscure the tracks of the fake domination myth narrative.

      But the experienced tracker can see the tell tale signs, the broken fake narrative hanging by a verbal thread, the barely disguised footprint of specious side steps into nowhere land, the inept leap across the cracks in the logic, and the pungency of the crushed grammar twisted into deviation and fake obscuring “joy” attempting to harvest normal events into the fake narrative.

      Just to put this very strange conversation back on track, there are still more extensions of the false domination myth to be explored.

      Fossil fuel air pollution blamed for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide

      ‘The researchers estimated that 8.7 million people worldwide died in 2018 as a result of breathing in air containing particles from burning fuels like coal, petrol, and diesel, which aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and can lead to lung cancer, coronary heart disease, strokes, and early death. The highest rates of death linked to fossil fuel related air pollution were found in South East Asia, Europe, and eastern North America. The study was published online in the journal Environmental Research.1’ That was in 2018, how many more have occurred since this acceleration into extractivism has occurred in the last three years?

      The news this morning reported that 200 recorded deaths of people attempting to protect their ecological environment. The Bolsanaro government in Brazil has carried out the deliberate murder of the native Amazonian peoples to clear the ways for more and more ravaging and pillaging of the Amazon.

      Bolsonaro should be tried for crimes against humanity, Indigenous leaders say

      ‘Indigenous leaders and human rights groups say the Brazilian president’s policies threaten tribal communities and constitutes what should be a new crime: ecocide.’

      Extractivism, the action of short sighted destruction by extraction of natural resources for profit without a thought for the worldwide consequences.

      The Island of Nauru – Development as Environmental Decline

      But apparently all of that is OK because everything can be evaded and diverted onto blaming tennis and the Isle Of Wight Festival? If ever there was a speciously blatant evasion of a subject, that is it.

      ‘It was ever thus’ to quote the oft used popular parlance. Just remember, when it all hits the fan, dont look back, the rest of us will have a job to do in repairing all the destruction wrought by those who will suffer the consequences of their actions.

  8. Ahh, Lots wife, but not tennis!

    The rest of us? Hmm, well many were watching the tennis, and it was a joy. The reward for success was quite high but not greed and profit.

    I will await the move to “everyone” from the “we” and “us” and “experienced tracker”, to go with the speculation to fact magic trick. Nearly arrived at the full house, “everyone” should complete it. Except it will not, because there will be best part of 90,000 this weekend outside of that.

    However, I would suggest more were concentrating on the tennis than on Lots wife.

    By the way, you have lost the thread. There was no suggestion of a fake domination myth, apart from yourself David. “If that was the case” was clearly stated in my original text. But, as that then included other resources used to try and replace fossil fuel you obviously wanted to avoid that. And how did you attempt to do it? Deviation!

    “Apparently all of that is OK”. Apparent to whom, David? I have made it quite clear to you and others that I do not deny climate change. What I do disagree with is a stream of posts from individuals who have to change reality and can not balance an equation to produce something to replace, but suggests that can happen before that is achieved. It simply can’t.
    Neither do I like the way that in Brazil land is cleared to grow sugar, that is then processed to manufacture fuel. So, there are many issues already within renewable energy provision that are not exactly maintaining God’s Green Earth. Perhaps “we” should be aware of that, as well? And, Brazil is outscored on that by USA when soya planting is reduced and corn planting is increased for the same sort of reasoning. Except, then the cost of animal feed rises across the world, cost of feeding animals rise, cost of human food rises and all that previous surplus US grain to help with countries experiencing poor harvests and starvation, is suddenly not available. And, now, UK is following.

    Maybe young tennis players who have just done well in their maths. and economics will come up with a better answer than panic. And, no, I don’t think she should be criticized for prioritizing spending some of her winnings on plastic, although I am sure some keyboard warriors-those experienced trackers-will just be itching to do so with their plastic.

    • [Edited by moderator] I can think of far worse fates than merely pillars of salt for those who just will not stop their continued assault on Gods Green Earth. No people will be left to play tennis or visit The isle Of Wight Festival if destruction of the Earths ecosystems continue. No one to blame then but the extractivists themselves then. If any survive that are not pillars of…something nasty.

      Time will tell. Not long to go now. Better hold your noses as well as not look back folks. It looks like Soddom and Gomorra was a fragrant holiday compared to the next one. More mess to clear up.

      You can always tell when those fossil fuel extractivist multiple sources have failed their own argumant when all these less contraversial elements are introduced to deviate from the original subject they themselves attempted and thats not mentioned any more. The rest of the attendant nonsence is just fake window dressing to pretend to say something, or anything in a false inept reply. Nothing changes does it.

      The truth tracker has more traces to add to the list, to show where the exractivists have left polluted tracks.

      The terrible toxic legacy of 1 in 5 deaths worldwide from fossil fuel pollution and the many more lives devastated by having their ecology and formerly peaceful abundant country destroyed by the pollution of the fossil fuel industry extractivists.
      The murders of innocent ordinary indigenous native peoples fighting to preserve their ecology from the fossil fuel ravagers and polluters.
      The sticky ecocidal trail and the trail of death left by Bolsanaro in particular who should be tried for crimes against humanity. And the others worldwide who deserve a similar fate.
      The blatant attempts to harvest normal every day human activity events into the false domination myth fake narrative of deviation, repetition and avoidance.

      I must say to Emma Raducanu and her fellow tennis players and suporters, and to the staff and visitors to the Isle Of Wight Festival should require a deep apology from the usual multiple fossil fuel sources. For being falsely dragged into the fossil fuel extractivists latest attempt to justify the fake domination myth that will endanger all their lives and every creature on the planet just for their own greed and profit.

      I wish Emma Raducanu and her fellow tennis players and suporters, and the staff and visitors to the Isle Of Wight Festival well and a swift end to the fossil fuel industry who have so cruelly and falsely highjacked your names and professions [edited by moderator]

    • [Edited by moderator] The truth of the original words is that God did not loosely ‘place the the resources there for mankind’. The original text, from which the quote mentioned originally from the multiple fossil fuel sources, indicates a clear instruction God that the intention was for man to be the caretaker and steward of the Earth. Not its ravager and pillager. And not as so loosely and lazily put it:-

      ‘The Bible tells us that God made the earth in 7 days and placed the resources there for mankind’.

      The distinction lay in the original text of the Aramaic Hebrew text that was mistranslated and apparently altered to say that man was instructed by God to be dominant over the Earth, and not as was originally intended to say, as caretakers and stewards. i say again, that is the single word that been used to justify that the fossil fuel industry has permission by God to ravage and pillage the Earth, when the real truth is quite the opposite. That is what the multiple source has attempted to say by that somewhat rough misquote.

      The multiple fossil fuel sources cant have it both ways. Even if they want it to. Either the mistranslating led to the modern English Christian Bible being incorrect, or the quote…

      ‘The Bible tells us that God made the earth in 7 days and placed the resources there for mankind’

      ..was never correct in the first place. And was therefore wrong to begin with. Either way what I said is true. In the multiple fossil fuel sources own language that is..

      What is that? Deviation!

      It is a fact that more and bloodier wars have been fought over that one word than most others in any language or religion. The original intention of using that rough quote was that the fossil fuel industry had been given permission by God to ravage and pillage the Earth as it saw fit. All I did was to clarify the word and explain that is not true. And it took until now for that to sink in. Hence this attempt to avoid ever having said it. But clearly that was indeed the intention, because until now, the multiple fossil fuel extractivists didnt even bother to check what they had written. What does that tell you? Laziness and incompetence or that the intention was to suggest that God had given the fossil fuel industry permission to ravage and pillage the planet without mercy all along, since they never checked what was actually said? Clearly the latter. But if they prefer the former, well that can also be accommodated.

  9. So, it is “normal every day activity” to remove the rain forest to grow sugar for fuel? It is “normal every day activity” to make young kids into slave labour and remove their schooling to “fuel” renewable energy, handling carcinogens?

    Perhaps concentrate upon the maths. and physics rather than the grammar? That one is also routine on this site, and signals an inability to deal with the issues. “I wish Emma Raducanu …..well”, except the tournaments are cancelled, so your wishes are without substance, and fake. Equally, those just returning from Tokyo, sorry no more Olympics, with a swift end to the fossil fuel industry, because no one is coming up with a swift replacement. Perhaps a replacement in the future, but I suspect well beyond the career of an 18 year old tennis player.

    Maybe, though there will be exceptions made, like those taking their son to college, or those founders in XR taking their kids to rugby? I believe there are certain countries who do still operate such preference.

    So, good grammar implied. My grammar is great, but grandad is not so good, comes to mind. Especially when, “experienced tracker” morphs into “truth tracker”. No one will notice if I imply my grammar is superior? Oh, come off it.
    (By the way, after “isn’t there” there should be a question mark, as you are asking opinions of other people. They might not agree with you, even if you have adopted a truth tracker title. Indeed, many will look more carefully at what they are being expected to agree to without question!)

    But, where I do agree, is that there are many countries where serious issues exist. There are few where they do not. Perhaps, if more countries followed the advice of some good teachers and “enjoyed the exhilaration of solving an equation” there would be far fewer. Maybe they are confused with those who imply the easy fix, that serious issues do not need the equation to be solved to get the progress?


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