COP26 headlines: 2/11/21

World leaders agreed to cut methane emissions and end deforestation at today’s session of COP26 in Glasgow. President Biden criticised China and Russia for missing the climate talks. And Boris Johnson said the eyes of the world were now on the negotiators.

Energy company advert near COP26. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Last updated: 11.30pm

China and Russia mistaken for not attending climate talks, says President Biden (DrillOrDrop)

“Eyes of the world on negotiators”, says Boris Johnson as world leaders prepare to leave COP26 (DrillOrDrop)

Oil and gas producers targeted in methane-cutting pledge signed by 105 countries  (DrillOrDrop)

Guest post: The Global Methane Pledge needs to go further to help limit warming to 1.5C (Carbon Brief – by Prof Piers Forster, Dr Chris Smith and Dr Joeri Rogelj)

100+ leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030 (DrillOrDrop)

Oil industry bigwigs given platform at COP26 despite organisers’ claims (Open Democracy)

Johnson apologises after minister who uses wheelchair denied entry to Cop26 venue (The Guardian)

COP OUT Inside Cop26’s carbon-heavy food menus where burgers are ‘worse for environment than a 10-mile car journey’ (The Sun)

Joe Biden’s eight-miles-per-gallon ‘Beast’ limousine is spotted filling up near his Edinburgh COP26 base after his 20-car motorcade ferried the president 90 miles to Glasgow and back while being tailed by helicopter (Daily Mail)

COP26 speech by Vinisha Umashankar: Earthshot Prize finalist, 15, tells world leaders that young people have ‘every reason to be angry’ (Sky News)

Fossil fuel protest disrupts oil exec’s speech (DrillOrDrop)

‘You can shove your climate crisis up your arse’: Greta Thunberg sings at Cop26 (The Guardian)

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