COP26 headlines: 3/11/21

Governments, bankers and campaigners focussed today on money. The UK chancellor was challenged by an activist and the COP president said “We’re all Swampys now”.

Artwork at COP26. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Campaigners challenge Rishi Sunak on fossil fuels as he announces a “rewiring” of global finance (DrillOrDrop)

Financiers are the new Swampys, says COP president (DrillOrDrop)

Councils urged to drop pension investments in fossil fuels (DrillOrDrop)

Boris Johnson races back from COP26 on private jet to meet climate change sceptic (The Mirror)

Mark Carney declares a watershed movement as $130 committed to hitting net zero (Sky News)

Police in two-hour stand-off with ‘greenwashing’ protesters in Glasgow (Sky News)

Twenty countries pledge end to finance for overseas fossil fuel projects (Guardian)

COP26 emission pledges may limit global heating to below 2C (Guardian)

More than 40 countries agree to phase out coal-fired power (Guardian)

Gulf states push for net zero but warn ‘we can’t just switch off the tap’ (FT)

Joe Biden ‘ripped up’ plans to stay at Gleneagles during COP26 stay in Scotland (Daily Record)

The parts of the North West that could be underwater in less than 10 years (Manchester Evening News)

DrillOrDrop’s reporting from COP26 has been made possible by individual donations from readers

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