COP26: Pictures from the exhibitions

The COP26 climate summit is hosting huge exhibitions, as well as the climate negotiations. As the summit goes into its second week, DrillOrDrop has compiled this collection of images from some of the displays.

An exhibit in the blue zone from the Methane Moment pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The ‘Blue Zone’

The exhibits in the blue zone are in the Scottish Events Campus on the north bank of the Clyde, behind the security cordon where the climate talks are taking place.

They are in a vast exhibition hall hosting “pavilions” by many of the delegate countries, as well as campaign organisations, think tanks, scientific bodies and climate groups. There are long lists of talks, many suits and lots of hopeful-sounding slogans.

Australia’s pavilion, supported by Fortescue Future Industries. Photo: DrillOrDrop
The broadcast point in the blue zone pavilions. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Catering in one the pavilions. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Brazil’s exhibition area. Photo: DrillOrDrop
The mini theatre built for the international affairs think tank, Chatham House. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Denmark’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Private meetings in Ghana’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
A talk in Indonesia’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
The Methane Moment pavilion representing science and technology on cutting methane emissions.
Photo: DrillOrDrop
Pakistan’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
An exhibit about peat bog restoration. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Rwanda’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
A list of solutions to climate change. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Sweden’s list of talks. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Thailand’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop
The United Arab Emirate’s pavilion. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The ‘Green Zone’

The exhibitions in the green zone are open to the public at the Glasgow Science Centre, on the opposite side of the Clyde. Many of the exhibitions are hosted by COP26 sponsors. Some invite people to make pledges said to help live in a more climate-friendly way. Others offer a future of carry on as we do now but with new technology.

Climate advice from Reckitt. Photo: DrillOrDrop
Rolls Royce’s zero emissions plane. Photo: DrillOrDrop, a group of charities and organisations run by Action for Global Health. Photo:
The first hydrogen-powered double-decker, driven to Glasgow from London for COP26. There are questions over where the hydrogen came from and whether it had zero lifecycle emissions. Photo:
Message from UK Atomic Energy Authority, First Light Fusion and Tokamak Energy.
Saving the planet with supermarket shopping – Sainsbury’s display in the green zone. Photo:
Pledges on Reckitt’s display. Photo:
Climate change advice from Hellmans Photo:
Power from wind in the SSE exhibition. Photo:
Microsoft. Photo:
The Polestar2 electric car from Volvo. Photo:
Restoring ecosystems in the Sky exhibit. Photo:
Carry on trucking with electric-powered lorries. Photo:

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  1. Hello there Ruth. First of all, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all your posts over the years, they have been so useful to me, and concise and easy to understand. I really appreciate your work. I am writing now because I wonder if you have a clearer picture of the “solutions to Climate change” list from COP 26? I can’t read it properly and I would love to print it out for discussion purposes. Is it possible to do that? Best wishes, Luise Hunt.

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