Planners back Rathlin Energy’s West Newton oil plans

Council officials have recommended approval of major plans for production, drilling and extension at Rathlin Energy’s well site at West Newton-A.

Site plan for Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-A site

A report to East Riding of Yorkshire Council published this morning said nearly 400 people had objected to the proposals, as well seven parish councils and three environmental groups.

The decision is expected to be made next week (Thursday 17 March) at a meeting in Beverely.

The application includes 20 years of oil and gas production, a doubling of the site size and drilling a further four wells. The planners have recommended 21 conditions, including a ban on the use of hydraulic fracturing.

An larger scheme, for six new wells and a near tripling of the site, was refused by councillors in September 2021, despite support from planners.

Many objections to both applications had been about the impact on climate change and carbon reduction targets. Many said it contradicted the council’s declaration of a climate emergency.

The planners concluded that while climate change was “a significant material consideration in general terms, the planning policy implications of the Council declaring a Climate Change Emergency will however be considered through the preparation of new planning policy in the review of the East Riding Local Plan”.

Their report said:

“Whilst there is a firm commitment on the part of Government to move to a low carbon economy, in the transition period there will still need to be a secure and reliable supply of energy sources. Whilst the burning of hydrocarbons produced by the proposals will undoubtedly give rise to unwelcome carbon emissions, it is important to note that the consent is limited to 25 years and that during that time it is anticipated that there will be a substantial restructuring of the UK economy to enable it to become based upon low carbon.

“In the transition period the economic component of sustainable development means that it is essential for the UK to be able to draw upon traditional sources of energy, which comprise a resilient form of supply. This is fully supported by UK Government policy. Such emissions to air need to be viewed in this context therefore, however unwelcome.

“Overall the proposals will accord with the policies of the development plan, and, on balance are consistent with national policy.”

An application for a second nearby Rathlin Energy site has also been recommended for approval.

The company sought consent for another three years at the West Newton-B site. The site was previously approved in June 2015.

The planning meeting is at 10am on Thursday 17 March 2022 at County Hall in Beverley

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  1. As a middle class professional with a marginal tax rate just under 50%, seeing tax revenue producing projects come to fruition is a blessing. I am also now seeing ill health in my patients due to energy poverty for the first time. This is Britain in the 21st Century.

    If we don’t produce our own oil and gas, we still consume every bit as much. We just have to export more money and tax ourselves more, and have less money to invest in transition technology and and energy production from alternative sources.

    Those desperately trying to impoverish us for no tangible benefit, then expect people like me to pay even more tax to fill the huge holes created by their hysterical folly.

    I grew near Britain’s 3rd largest onshore oil field, and none of us even knew it was there.

  2. indeed Rib-eye, The renewable’s only got a look in as the tax from industries like oil and gas treasury taxation, made this achievable. The Wytch Farm, of which i worked many years for BP was / is still very discreet. If you have ever been to southern California and see how the million dollar homes and nestled in about the very discreet oil fields from Chevron then its easy to see how the agenda of the anti’s if if we have been consuming North Sea gas for the last forty years and its been offshore, then why would we still want to consume it when its spoiling my view!! The crown estates and the government have a huge part to play. Unfortunately as there is more influence from differing angles, the government is a** covering and scared of the potential concrete plugging of Cuadrilla’s 2 of Preston New Roads wells, right at the same time transportation fuel is the highest in this country in history, electricity has sky rocketed, (even with the introduction of all these turbines). and the gas has hit 800pence and therm. These infancy of renewable’s are doing more harm than good, huge subsidies and rich land owners using and selling their wind production to the grid for a 25 years subsidy is scandalous and no different to the Irish Heat incentive. But if you mention fracking in the UK the hostility from those who are resistant on individual energy companies producing shale to be sold a world energy prices, trashing their view, at least until the rig is stimulating and resistant in increasing our energy security in times of need!! Gas is an energy transition fuel, and will benefit the transition to achieve Carbon Net Zero eventually. Renewables and the Oil and Gas companies need to work together!

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