Three arrests at Schlumberger blockade

Police have removed climate campaigners blockading the research centre operated by Schlumberger oil service company in Cambridge.

Police protest removal team, Schlumberger blockade, 15 March 2022. Photo: XR Cambridge

Members of Extinction Rebellion (XR) blocked the entrance yesterday with a boat, fake oil rig and metal tripods. They also built a self-supporting Da Vinci arch.

Today, officers used a scaffolding platform to release the protesters and made arrests.

Three people have been arrested. This evening, everyone has now left the site.

XR Cambridge and XR Youth Cambridge had planned to prevent vehicles entering the Gould Research Centre for a week as part of their ongoing Schlumberger Out campaign.

The groups are calling on the University of Cambridge, which hosts the research centre, to cut all links with Schlumberger. They also want the company to leave Cambridge and stop profiting from the fossil fuel industry. More details

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  1. OMG!

    XR with a fag in the mouth.

    What an image to present whilst claiming to be protecting others.

    However, it has added a smile to my day, so thanks for that.

    • Indeed Martin:
      I was away to say if you are an activist the ‘stop using oil agenda’ then i would have suggested not publicly being snapped ‘a fag in the mouth’, having the 2 plastic water bottle in the photo, wearing inherently oil based clothing and the oil based pink painted boat in snap shot. Not a great advert to share!

      Please Schlumberger conduct an education master class for these [edited by moderator], they are obviously in need of a proper education…

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