Miliband promises Misson a Labour government will ban fracking

The shadow climate secretary, Ed Miliband, on a visit to the shale gas village of Misson in Nottinghamshire today, promised that a Labour government would ban fracking.

Ed Miliband at the Angel pub, Misson, 14/10/2022
Photo: Frack Free Misson

Speaking in a village pub, Mr Miliband said Labour would stand with shale gas communities like Misson and ban fracking for good.

The Liz Truss government lifted the moratorium on fracking in England last month after almost three years.

Mr Miliband said Labour planned to introduce a motion in parliament seeking to ban fracking for shale gas “once and for all”.

One of the leading shale gas companies, IGas, drilled a well near Misson in 2019.

Residents had voted 87% against the plans. A petition opposing the well was signed by 70% of the village.

Mr Miliband, who represents nearby Doncaster, said:

 “Labour will stand with communities in opposing the Conservatives’ dodgy plans to impose expensive, dirty and dangerous fracking on the British people.

“Fracking would make no difference to energy prices and could risk the health of local communities, nature and water supplies.

“Labour will stand up to Liz Truss’ unjust charter for earthquakes, including her plans to outsource decisions about local consent to fracking companies.”

Ed Miliband at the Angel pub, Misson, 14/10/2022
Photo: Frack Free Misson

The shale gas industry has hinted that communities that agree to fracking could get some reduction on their gas bills. But Misson is not on the gas network so residents would not benefit from this sort of deal.

Mr Miliband described as “insulting” the suggestions that residents would be offered cash for consent. He said the government could not be trusted.

Fracking would industrialise the local landscape and would ruin local businesses, leading to a loss of local employment, he said. There were cheaper, quicker, renewable alternatives to tackle the energy crisis, he added.

IGas has no planning permission at Misson and Nottinghamshire County Council has said it expects work to begin shortly on site restoration.

But in recent correspondence with local campaigners, the company said it wold not be bringing forward “concrete proposals” until it had “further clarity from government”.

In interim accounts last month, IGas said it had the potential to establish five production well pads in the East Midlands, each with up to 16 wells, within 12-18 months.

Frack Free Misson, which has campaigned against the Springs Road site, said today:

“It was reassuring to see that the resolve of Misson residents to oppose fracking is as strong as ever.

“Especially welcome at today’s gathering was the woman who stated that previously she was a ‘fence sitter’ on the issue, but was now firmly in favour of green energy over the expansion of fossil fuels.

“Ed Miliband’s message that a Labour government would be committed to such policies, including a ban on fracking, was well received by locals who had been genuinely concerned and anxious about what the Tories’ lifting of the moratorium would mean for their community.”

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  1. Did anyone treat him to a bacon butty?

    Just a point of clarification. No party in the UK can ban something “once and for all” They can ban something if and when they get into Government, whilst they undo most of what the previous lot did, then another party gets in and they can, and do, exactly the same.

    That is his problem. He gets carried away promising what cannot be promised. A lot of politicians do the same, but he is just about the worst offender. Good job waiting in secondhand car selling.

    • MARTIN, please, let’s spare a moment to reflect on the life and death of UK Fracking.

      MP’s of ALL parties……. SAY NO
      Council leaders of ALL parties……. SAY NO
      The people……. SAY NO

      I can see another U-TURN

      ” RIP ” UK Fracking

        • Thank you JONO,

          I know how devastating this will be to the UK Fracking industry and what impact this will have on your own personal happiness.

          My thoughts are with you .

          Maybe MARTIN , as chief PRO-Fracker would like to lead the funeral procession and formally open , what is to be a long drawn out remembrance service with some comforting words for the UK Fracking industry.

          MARTIN , they need your support at this difficult time .

          ” RIP ” UK Fracking

    • Martin since you bring it up can you explain why the bacon butty incident you are referring too was so hyped in the right wing press?

      I read it as anti-semitic “dog whistling” but I would genuinely like to know you have a less racist explanation for mocking him.

      • Well, it is beyond me to explain what you read into things, Dorkinian. Perhaps not the wisest reading with such a comment about a senior member of the Labour Party who did little to oust antisemitism from his own party. In terms of right- wing press, are you seriously suggesting the left- wing press would focus upon it?

        If you prefer another example of his “competence”, have you seen any sign of the Ed Stone? Perhaps I am being anti-stonemasons? Or, how about no new nuclear? No, I am not anti-nuclear.

        I judge a book by its content, Dorkinian. Comics are something I no longer have much time for.

        Meanwhile, no one noticed that you attempted to gloss over/deflect from the plainly incorrect statement he made in respect to once and for all. Oh yes, they did. As for Jono, well old thing I have voted Tory and I have voted Labour. Neither of those sorry bunches deserve or will receive my vote. For those of you who feel different, good luck, but you will become disappointed. With one lot, disappointed but with a job, the other lot, disappointed and without a job.

        The guy with his back to him in the bar, might feel the same.

          • Ah, a Guardian reader, Dorkinian.

            I think you have answered your own question.

            My view upon the incident was here was another champagne socialist down amongst the workers trying to make himself fit in as one of said workers. What better than a PR opportunity to be filmed munching a bacon butty? Except, he appeared to be in need of more rehearsals to get the job done effectively. Maybe should have stuck with some smoked salmon nibbles? Perhaps a good job no one put a shovel in his hands? Not an isolated incident within the current Labour lot. Remember White Van Man incident? I even have my own experience when in a waiting room in an NHS hospital and the current leader was on another re-launch, being shown on TV. It was a nurse who glanced up and muttered, “that man needs to live in the real world.” It is a common perception, Dorkinian.

            Probably would all go down as some sort of plot within the Guardian, Dorkinian, but I don’t read the Guardian. I do read when a politician promises something that he cannot deliver. I do read when a politician is involved with delaying a source of energy that is now admitted as being essential, but all rather late because of that incorrect decision. Then I do think that if that politician is in charge of UK energy policy going forward then the outcome looks bleak. Promising what he cannot deliver. Not good to have put on your own CV regarding that job.

        • Funnily enough Martin, anti-Semitism was not considered an issue in the Labour party until Mr. Corbyn became leader, and even the EHRC concluded that such accusations were unfounded.
          And the guy in the bar? Happenstance. The pub was opened early for Mr. Miliband’s visit, with attendees unanimously opposed to fracking , and very relieved that Notts Planning Authority are actively pursuing the restoration of the Springs Road site.

          • Oh dear, Dennis.

            When Corbyn was leader and anti-Semitism was rife in the Labour Party what were other senior members of the party doing? I understand they now reckon they were campaigning vigorously against it from inside the Party! A few were and I remember them and applaud them, but others were not, and I certainly don’t. They knew what was going on, resignation was an option, yet they were campaigning for Corbyn to be PM. If you expect me to applaud inaction against such, then sorry I am not that person.

            But interesting point you admit. So, a group of antis were brought together to be addressed! Hardly a tough audience. Just a PR stunt. Fits the Ed Stone previous.

            • Oh dear Martin, TheGuardian article really is simple to understand and to be perfectly honest you have stooped to the same level as The Sun rag with your comments but as usual you deflect from your own failings by throwing the blame onto Jeremy Corbyn , much like a Tory politician does when they don’t want to answer that awkward question, shame on you. True colours and all that !

              [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

              • Except Jono, I read neither the Sun or the Guardian with respect to that incident. (The bacon butty one.)

                I did follow the anti-Semitism separate issue within the Labour Party-certainly not in the Sun, the Guardian or the Mail- and did note the apologists who were at the time denying what was evident. I noted those who did fight it and those who resigned unable to fight it anymore. I thought after the report on the matter that showed the reality, the apologists would disappear. But it seems not Jono, and co.

                Mr. Mann, at the time, you obviously have more work to do.

                As far as throwing blame on Jeremy Corbyn, you mistake me for the Labour Party who have done exactly that.

            • So you obviously haven’t read the EHRC report then Martin, just the Daily Mail; that figures. And that group of antis, consisted of locals, who when polled back in 2016 were 87% against fracking, as stated in Ruth’s article. But please, don’t let facts get in the way [edited by moderator]

  2. Martin, you Tory pro-Fracking types must be on a real comedown atm , it’s not looking good to be fair is it ? By the time the Tories get another sniff at government there will be a thriving renewable industry so there will be no need Fossil Fools. Or do you think there will be another Tory landslide at the next General Election? Asking for a friend 😊.

  3. I think Labour are totally irresponsible regarding their pronouncements on UK Energy supply during their recent Party Conference as reported here https://www.ice.org.uk/news-insight/news-and-blogs/ice-blogs/the-infrastructure-blog/infra-takeaways-from-2022-labour-party-conference/. In particular the often repeated statements by Mr Milliband in recent interviews that “Keir Starmer has also pledged to decarbonise electricity by 2030 (5 years quicker than under the current government’s plan)” It is irresponsible, because it is undeliverable, and politicians should not pledge to the electorate what is impossible to deliver. Trust in politicians is already at an all time low. Undeliverable promises, will further undermine our democracy. That is dangerous.

  4. Exactly, Dr. Nick.

    Miliband is a repeat offender in respect of trotting out incorrect statements. His track record in that respect is evident for anyone who wishes to observe.

    The fact that he gets away with it repeatedly is one thing, the fact he takes the voters for fools is another.

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