Fracking moratorium is a “betrayal” – Cuadrilla’s owner

Cuadrilla’s Australian owner has condemned the reinstatement of the moratorium on fracking in England as a betrayal of the shale gas industry.

Fracking operation at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site. Photo: Cuadrilla Resources

Speaking at the AJ Lucas annual meeting today, group chief executive Brett Tredinnick said:

“There is no rational scientific basis for the re-imposing of the moratorium, and it is a betrayal of an industry that has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs across the North of England, generate billions in private sector investment, and provide local councils with much-needed tax revenue.”

Mr Tredinnick said the company had been “shocked” at the decision by Rishi Sunak to restore the moratorium last month.

He said the company would “continue to push for the removal of the moratorium to ensure shale gas can play a role in alleviating the UK’s energy crisis”.

A J Lucas raised nearly $20m in a share placing a week after the lifting of the moratorium by Liz Truss in September. The money was needed to fund A J Lucas’s operations in the UK, including spending on plant and equipment.

A J Lucas’s chairman, Andrew Purcell, told the meeting in Brisbane the return of the moratorium was a “profoundly disappointing decision”. He described it as:

“a curt dismissal of the genuine and considerable good faith effort invested by Francis Egan, CEO of our UK operations, towards a restart of our operations”.

He said the introduction of the moratorium in November 2019 was “unfair” and “its reintroduction particularly so”. He said:

“We and our partners have invested significant amounts of money in the UK and have always performed in full compliance with our licence conditions.”

The moratorium was introduced following fracking-induced earthquakes at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool in 2018 and 2019. The stronger seismic events were felt across the Fylde region. Nearly 200 people reported damage to buildings from the 2.9ML earthquake on 26 August 2019.

Cuadrilla has complained that construction and extractive industries have been allowed to generate higher levels of surface seismicity than shale gas operations.

Mr Purcell suggested that the real purpose of the moratorium for the UK government was “to provide a thin veil for a mindset of outsourcing fossil fuel production whilst loudly proclaiming green credentials to the domestic electorate”.

Cuadrilla has the largest acreage of shale gas licences in England. It said it spent $1.1m in the past year on maintaining its licences and pursuing strategies to overturn the moratorium.

The AJ Lucas statements did not refer to a court challenge on the moratorium. IGas, another leading UK shale gas licence-holder, has said it reserved the right to take legal action recover “significant” investment.

But Mr Purcell said:

“Increasing domestic production of gas, should be a national priority. However, imposing windfall taxes on oil and gas production and a vacillating position on fracking only underscores the regulatory risks associated with making long term investment decisions in the UK.”

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  1. That your information is incorrect, Jack-again. The one-off is not what was being suggested. A share of the revenue during the life of the producing sites was also being considered, in addition. As was a local community fund. Is it that you are unaware of the facts Jack, or is it you want to distort them? You are confusing exploration and production. [Edited by moderator]

    There are many examples from USA of property prices rising, and local businesses booming. Why not take those examples and avoid resorting to speculation? Looking at existing UK on shore oil sites there are no signs of local property prices falling. Even in Cornwall, where seismic events have been observed during geothermal exploration, the property prices keep on rising.

    How many more old people would die in USA from the cold without the benefits of cheap gas and oil, Jack? Don’t suspect you will find that in the Guardian, but it does get very cold every year in much of the USA. Shock/horror. I can recall being in Atlanta (even) and parts of the sidewalk being cordoned off to avoid huge icicles falling from high rise buildings and causing injury and death, to people of all ages. Yet the cost of heating is relatively low compared to many other countries. The reason for that is?

    Well JACK, what’s your answer?????? Could it be something to do with $7 per MMBtu compared to $47 per MMBtu?

    • MARTIN ,

      When producing gas using the highly expensive, resource intensive process known as Fracking.

      Any gas produced will be sold on the open , international market to the highest bidder ..

      It won’t bring down prices for UK consumers.

      Didn’t you know MARTIN , Fracking companies are NOT charities ???????

            • Just more of the same nonsense Jack, no answer.

              So, you just wanted to ignore share of the revenue? Which would be, by far, the largest chunk, if a well was successful. Even after you were reminded about it!

              Wrong about the fictional international gas market. Details explained to you, ignored by you.

              Ermm, how do the elderly become elderly if they have not lived long enough to have experienced a winter? There are plenty of places in this world today where few become elderly as they do not enjoy the benefits of fossil fuel which have increased life expectancy in other areas.

              None of what you post bothers me Jack. You recognize and have commented most ignore what you post. I simply take the time to demonstrate why they are right to do so.

              • MARTIN ,

                If you call what I say nonsense, then your prove it .

                Let’s see your evidence.

                Or are we to accept that what YOU say is your OPINION only ??????

                • [Edited by moderator]

                  If you want me to state recent examples again, you missed the biggest potential element of any local support ie. the share of the revenue. If the biggest part of the package is ignored Jack it doesn’t change the reality, it just exposes the author.
                  Then, there was the fake news about an international gas market although I supplied the evidence that prices are very different in different parts of the world. $7 looks very different to $47, Jack. I have previously supplied the source for that. You know it, I know it and anyone who actually reads information on DoD knows it.

                  Then you have the gall to try and present the fake news that it is my OPINION only.

                  Total nonsense, Jack. But it is really not my job to sort out your problems. No new clothes, equals exposed. What might help is some cheap gas!

                • So MARTIN ,

                  Your not willing to show any evidence , you mean you have NO evidence to back up your comments.

                  Therefore what you are saying is your OPINION only …. Now we have that sorted, let’s move on .

                  Share of the Fracking revenue, , don’t make me laugh🤣 … I wonder what these desperate Fracking companies , like ” snake oil salesman ” will offer to residents to try and trick them in to ignoring the toxic dangers of living close to a Fracking site .

                  Residents MUST consider,

                  What possibly could compensate for your child getting Leukaemia ???

                  What possibly could compensate for greatly increasing your risks of getting Cancer ?????

                  What possibly could compensate for increasing your risks of Asthma ????

                  What possibly could compensate for increasing your chances of early DEATH ?????

                  What possibly could compensate for putting an extra heavy financial burden on our already over burdened NHS ????

                  What possibly could compensate for ” run away ” climate change and destroying the environment for our children/grandchildren ??????

                  What possibly could compensate for the whopping great chunks , wiped of the value of homes in Fracking areas ?????

                  MARTIN , I could go on all day with this ……. I think though for the benefit of the readers, I’ll let you address the above issues first .

                  Please, PLEASE , if there is anything you dispute in my above post , please say … I will be delighted to fill this page with evidence to back up my comments .

                  PS……… don’t forget to provide evidence to back up any of your comments, or the readers will have to accept it as your OPINION only .

  2. Jackie: you are assuming a lot, non of which relate to the UK! Fracking has not begun in the YK your evidence and facts are links to fracking in other country’s, and you have the nerve and audacity to dis Martins Facts regarding another country DRoC mining of cobalt with 8 year old children, but you dis another country’s Facts! Similar you your facts from other country’s links on Fracking, NOT THE UK!

    • ELI-GOTH , or would you prefer Sherlock Holmes ????? Thank you for pointing out that Fracking in other countries is not the UK .

      Fracking is Fracking , no matter what part of the world it is done …

      Strange how your first concern , is for people mining Cobalt in the Democrat Republic of Congo… MARTIN seems to hit on that one quite a lot as well….. Your not out there with him are you 😂 ?????

      How come your not interested in the proven , increased risk of Leukemia for children living in close proximity to a Fracking site …. Don’t you care about the risk to UK children , if Fracking was given the go ahead here in the UK ???????

      I will though concede on one possible angle though . Unlike MOST places where Fracking is done in the USA , which are lightly populated…. The UK is a densely populated Island , therefore a lot of the Fracking will be conducted in more populated places , which will of course mean more people with health issues

      Finally……. Oh dear ELI-GOTH , what ” facts ” of MARTINS post am I having the nerve and audacity , to as you say ” dis ” ???????? MARTIN only ever gives an OPINION , he/she never backs up a single comment with any evidence .

      • Jackie: WHERE IS YOU EVIDENCE! That Fracking causes Leukemia in children in the UK???
        Wrong!, you are using links relating to NOT the UK! Your argument is without merit and unwarranted!! Haha, good day!

        • [Edited by moderator]

          “Fracking is fracking”!!??

          Nope, that is just not true. The way that things are done in USA, and some other countries, is not the way things are done in UK. [Edited by moderator]

          (Chicken production is chicken production! So, why all the fuss about chlorinated chicken?)

          (Cobalt production is cobalt production! So, no chance it can be done properly and safely then Jack?)

          (Geothermal is geothermal! Well, based on reports from Germany, then subsidence will become a big issue in UK.)

          Example regarding fracking:

          What are the seismic activity controls in USA compared to UK, Jack???? They must be identical. Nope.

          The platform has to be built on the quicksand otherwise the library of selected links doesn’t work. Well, the platform has sunk, so the links don’t work. Sorry Jack. It was you who built on quicksand.

          If you had any real concern about people’s health, Jack, you may be more concerned about children in DRC and may be more concerned that oil and gas comes from areas where tighter environmental controls may be applied, rather than imported from areas where that might not be the case. Can you show any evidence of harm to people’s health living in proximity to UK oil and gas extraction? Nope.

          Your “evidence” is extrapolation of what is reported in one country would happen in another. That is your OPINION, without any EVIDENCE. Ironically, what you have attempted is “tarring with the same brush”. Apart from the fossil fuel link, it really is just about the laziest method to attempt to make a point.

          • [Edited by moderator]

            🤣 MARTIN , chlorinated chickens , what’s this got to do with Fracking 🤣 . Your diversionary tactics are legendary

            MARTIN , do you live in the Democrat Republic of Congo ???????

            JACK who is living in the UK , is deeply concerned about the PROVEN health effects linking Fracking to Cancer in children …… I’ve asked you many times this question , but failef to gain an answer….. Are YOU not concerned for the health and well-being of UK CHILDREN ?????????

            Need I remind you , this is a UK forum , discussing the impacts of the UK Oil and Gas industry and what effects, benefits and problems it will pose to the UK general public , the UK economy , the UK environment and the UK’s commitments to the world to lower its greenhouse gas emissions.

            The forum members of the UK are waiting for your answers .

            • [Edited by moderator]

              Fracking is fracking. No, it isn’t.

              So, Jack decides just to extrapolate again, and then has to make the pieces fit to that. They don’t. There is NO evidence to show they do. It is Jack’s OPINION that they do. There is no evidence given to show that they do. There is evidence to show that they don’t, that fracking is fracking is not true. Chicken production is chicken production is not true. [Edited by moderator]

              Are there differences between fracking in different countries Jack? You could start with seismic controls. You avoided that, and just came out with the same extrapolation. [Edited by moderator]

              Jack, if you are really living in the UK, you do not have the excuse for being so unaware of what is topical within the UK, previously demonstrated. Therefore, your level of research is severely lacking! Okay, if that is what you want to go with. Live with it.

              Health and wellbeing of children in UK, Jack? Just listening to Gove (you can find him on Giggle, Jack) talking about the tragedy from mould causing the death of a child in UK. Are you not concerned about that Jack? I know of someone who is allowing mould in their house with a two- year- old living there simply to cut back upon their energy costs. It is happening, and not just in rented accommodation. Politicians, and others, are telling parents to turn their thermostats down, yet two- year- olds at this time of year will create humidity if their washing is done and windows are secured to stop them freezing. [Edited by moderator]

              • Just look ladies and gentlemen.

                MARTIN ,has supplied another bucket load of unsubstantiated waffle.

                Please therefore , ONLY accept that this is his OPINION only ..

                MARTIN , I am supplying evidence to back ALL I say ……. YOU pretending it’s not there , will cause great laughter for the readers…… Please remember old chap , the forum members can actually see with their OWN eyes , who is supplying evidence and who is not .

                PLEASE address the issues I have raised above , linking Fracking to Cancer in children .

                The UK readers will be very keen to know if you have any concerns for the health and safety of their children .

              • MARTIN ,

                I take note that you are getting a lot of [ Edited by moderator ] with your personal OPINION based posts .

                I’m very concerned that your anger is raising your blood pressure …… Could it be that the rise in blood pressure is because you’ve finally realized that the solid evidence that JACK has always put forward , warning about the dangers of Fracking , is the truth ????????

                Please , I must stress again , this forum page is not, I repeat is NOT a Farmers Weekly Club , discussing the finer arts of chicken preparation , or mould on walls ….. The webpage name , Drill or Drop should be a good indicator as to what this page is about .

                MARTIN , please don’t talk about seismic controls …… We all know that the UK Fracking industry was desperately try to raise the seismic threshold bar to a house shaker level , because they couldn’t Frack at the current level….

                YES , I will concede , we are different to the USA , our geology is NOT suitable for Fracking .


                Even the founder of the Fracking company Cuadrilla says the UK is NOT suitable for Fracking .


                MARTIN , it’s time to let go and accept, the UK Fracking dream is OVER , time to move on .

                • My blood pressure is fine Jack. Had it checked yesterday. I am quite content with what is moderated and why. Truth does hurt sometimes. I have not been angry for many years now Jack. You mistake me for Greta! Look-no shouting.

                  Ahh, so UK is different to USA! So, why do you still waffle on Jack about animal production in other countries, to E-G, that is different to animal production in UK? Goodness, you are actually making an argument for production to be in an area with tighter controls! I knew you would eventually see the light. No more extrapolating from the USA now then Jack? What’s left?

                  Jack of all trades, master of none. The trap was set, regarding eating meat. I knew it would be you who would have to jump in headfirst. You may be helped out, but it won’t change the reality of jumping in just to show how easy it is for you to come to a conclusion based upon incorrect information. Again.

                  Have a good weekend and don’t waste too much time looking for organic free- range eggs, or fresh organic free-range turkeys /chickens etc. unless you are doing so over the horizon. Been told to stay indoors in UK-to keep them healthy!

        • Here you are ELI-GOTH , ” PEER REVIEWED ” studies linking Fracking to CANCER

          CHILDREN living near Fracking sites have an increased risk of LEUKEMIA

          Proximity to fracking sites associated with risk of CHILDHOOD CANCER

          For the readers ELI-GOTH , does this not bother you ???????

            • ELI-GOTH ,

              A.K.A Sherlock Holmes , taking note of your above comment.

              In the field of knowledge , you’ve excelled yourself once again .

              With your great pearls of wisdom and knowledge , can you please enlighten us mere mortals on your thoughts concerning this .

              Fracking ….. Chemicals , Dust and DEATHS


              • I thought I would take a leaf out of your book Jackie, and link more USA links. This one states that Red Meat is not a cancer risk.
                They only found weak evidence that unprocessed red meat consumption is linked to colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease, and no link at all between eating red meat and stroke. But the money that is being spend to discredit the oil and gas industry is also being used to discredit the Meat industry, d we see a theme??
                An anti-capitalist theme! All that billionaire cash being used to control the drones…. (Activists!)


                • ELI-GOTH ,

                  I suppose you’d also of been there with the ASBESTOS and TOBACCO industry , trying to discredit ALL the scientists that were screaming from the roof tops about the dangers of these products , some 50 + years ago.

                  Cheap low grade processed meat and intensively farmed , growth hormone and antibiotic fed , factory animals ,
                  give a whole host of serious medical problems for humans beings …. These issues have been well documented and proven .

                  My friendly advice to you , is ONLY eat meat from organic grass fed , free range animals and only in small quantities.

                  I believe King Charles does an excellent ” Duchy line ” of the said products.

                • Your advice is tripe, Jack, whether organic or otherwise.

                  You have no experience and no knowledge on the subject. I do. You are a follower easily led by your algorithm-again.

                  There are many more issues regarding antibiotics as a result of overuse by the medical profession. Strike off the doctors, only see the ones who stick with leaches and prayer!? Non-therapeutic use of antibiotics for farm animals in UK is precluded/banned. Whatever the husbandry system to rear, I still prefer that antibiotics are prescribed by a veterinary surgeon if so required to protect animal health. To deny that is animal cruelty.

                  Ever noticed that many animals on free range do not even eat grass, and are open to infection from wild animals that housed animals are protected from? Some animals that do eat grass have the same issue, such as with TB. Probably not noticed that free range organic eggs are no longer available here in the UK, Jack, for very simple reasons, but you could Giggle. Bird flu is transmissible to humans, Jack, although a low risk.

                  Actually, I quite like free range produced meat, but because the animals are usually considerably older before they are ready for meat, which gives better flavor. They are also more expensive because of that. But there are some who don’t seem to care about what people can or can’t afford, aren’t there Jack? [Edited by moderator]

                • GEEEEE MARTIN , is there anything in the world you don’t know ????????

                  Let JACK , weigh up the REAL facts with the readers .

                  ( 1 ) Antibiotic ” OVERUSE ” in UK animals has been a major problem for many years … The reason for its use is simple . When keeping factory farmed animals in appalling , CRAMPED conditions . It stops one sick animal infecting ALL the other animals…… Considering MOST people can’t afford Free Range , Organic meat and so unknowingly buy this type of rubbish ….. I wonder how this continual digestesting of antibiotics by humans in their food , has been responsible for lowering our own bodies resistance to medically prescribed antibiotics .


                  ( 2 ) Let’s face it , growth hormones are legally , intensively used in meat production throughout the world in order to quickly bulk up animals for MORE profit.

                  DO YOU REMEMBER the UK Horsemeat scandal and how it had been making its way in to ” low end quality ” Supermarket food , unnoticed for a considerable length of time ??????


                  DO YOU REMEMBER how long that had been going on unnoticed ??????

                  Although banned in the UK , when taking note of how much meat the UK imports . Do YOU honestly think , growth hormone laced meat and dairy products are not making there way on to the British meal table ??????? WELL DO YOU ???????


                  When you see young children , unusually as tall as giants , it does make you wonder , doesn’t it ???????

                  Like I said before to ELI-GOTH , take JACKS advice MARTIN ….. ( a ) Eat less meat as it’s better for your health… ( 2 ) Stay away from garbage processed meat … ( 3 ) If you can afford it , buy BRITISH free range meat from organic grass fed animals .

                • Antibiotics for farm animals in UK are only allowed for therapeutic purposes, Jack, to maintain animal health in the face of a disease challenge, only allowed by prescription by a vet. who has diagnosed a disease challenge. Then a withdrawal period is required before slaughter. You would rather they die? Hmm, consistent but not compassionate. If you were managing farm animals, you would be open to prosecution.

                  Growth hormones are precluded in UK in farm animals.

                  Labelling of animal products in UK clearly defines the source of those animal products, as well as the way they are reared.

                  The one key bit of information missing on that labelling is the way the animals were slaughtered and that is a disgrace that has been allowed to continue to satisfy certain vested interests. If one buys with local knowledge, one can avoid that, but it should be clarified for those that can’t.

                  Once again Jack, you demonstrate. Except you demonstrate you do not have a clue what you are on about.

                  It is your prerogative to show you have no knowledge of a subject, but your constant silly approach that there will not be at least one person on a public forum who does know about the subject, is reckless and will be exposed. Well, it has.

                  For someone who claims to live in the UK and is concerned about people in the UK, then at the very least you need to get out of your cave and find out what is reality. If you wish to remain misinformed, good luck, but spare the rest of humanity your fake news. “Tall children!” OMG. Rickets would solve that.

                  My shop arrived from a certain Supermarket yesterday. The one product substituted? Eggs! Reasons are obvious here in UK, Jack. Shall we discuss cricket now? Meanwhile, I am off to enjoy pancakes with my grandson, if bird flu allows.

                • Oh dear MARTIN ,

                  Taking note of your above post,

                  YOU , trying to justify the endless feeding of Antibiotics to intensively farmed animals by asking the question, quote, ” would I rather have them die ”

                  NO MARTIN , I wouldn’t . What I would like is for animals to have the space and freedom they need to roam unhindered , giving them some sort of a life …. NOT have some greedy lowlife only looking to maximize profits by keeping animals caged in cramped spaces.

                  Wherever there’s money and greed , you’ll always get some people willing to cut corners and sacrifice animal and human welfare.

                  Maybe then , with a reduction in the use of antibiotics in farm animals , human beings may have a better chance of fighting off some of our our illnesses , as our own antibiotics may then be more effective .

                  One thing I will agree with you on , is your comment regarding the way animals are slaughtered , labeling and vested interests.

                  YOU then go on to say , labeling defines where the source of meat is from , ABSOLUTE RUBBISH……. When you buy a meat pie , burger or processed sausage your haven’t got a clue where it’s REALLY from . … Again I remind you of the supermarket Horse Meat scandal and yes there is probably Horse Meat still making its way in to low end processed food here in the UK.

                  Like I said previously , if you can afford it , only buy free range, organic fed BRITISH meat ……

                  Support BRITISH farmers who care about their animals.

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