Older people drive increasing support for fracking – government survey suggests

Opposition to fracking continues to exceed support, according to the annual government survey of public attitudes published today. But support has increased since the last survey a year ago and opposition has fallen.

Support and opposition to fracking
Source: BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

The survey, carried out during the Liz Truss government when the fracking moratorium was lifted, suggests that rising support for fracking has been among people aged 45 and over.

The latest findings put support for fracking at 25%, up from 17% at the same time 12 months ago.

Opposition was 36%, down from 45% in 2021.

Support for fracking generally increases with age. 16% of people aged 16-24 supported fracking, compared with 36% of people aged 65 and over.

But in the past year, support rose in three key age groups:

  • Up from 12% to 25% among people aged 45-54
  • Up from 15% to 27% among people aged 55-64
  • Up from 23% to 36% among people aged 65+
Support and opposition for fracking by age
Source: BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

According to the survey, men were both more likely to support fracking than women (30% compared with 21%) and were more likely to oppose it than women (38% compared with 34%).

Women were more likely to say they ‘neither supported nor opposed’ or to say they ‘didn’t know’ (46% compared to 32% of men).

People educated to degree level were more likely to oppose fracking (50%) compared to those with other qualifications (32%) and to those with no qualifications (22%).

People who were very concerned about climate change were more likely to oppose fracking (51% compared to 19% of those who were not concerned). Those very concerned about climate change were also less likely to support fracking than those who were not concerned (19% compared to 38%).

39% of those questioned said they neither supported nor opposed fracking or didn’t know. This was unchanged since 2021.

Reasons for support and opposition

Source: BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

Among people who supported fracking, the main reasons they gave may reflect the war in Ukraine and the impact on energy prices and security:

  • Reduce dependence on other countries for UK energy supply (75%)
  • Need to use all available resources of energy (64%)

Other reasons included:

  • Reduced dependence on other fossil fuels (56%)
  • Cheaper energy bills (48%)
  • Positive impact on UK economy (41%)
  • Good for local jobs and investment (38%)
Source: BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

People who opposed fracking were most concerned about:

  • Loss or destruction of the natural environment (78%)
  • Should focus on developing renewable energy sources (72%)
  • Risk of contamination to water supply (62%)
  • Risk of earthquakes (54%)

Other reasons, all mentioned by 43%, were :

  • Not a safe process
  • Negative impact on climate change or meeting carbon reduction targets
  • Too much risk or uncertainty
  • Should focus on developing other energy sources
  • Chemicals used in the process

The autumn 2021 survey did not ask questions about the reasons for support or opposition. The 2022 findings on this question cannot be compared with earlier surveys which did ask this question because the methodology is different.


The 2022 survey found that 86% of people had at least some knowledge of fracking for shale gas. This was almost unchanged on autumn 2021 (87%).

The proportion of people who said they knew a lot or a fair amount rose to 41% in 2022, compared with 37% in 2021.

People who said they knew a little or hardly anything fell to 45% in 2022, compared with 49% in 2021.

Other issues

The autumn 2022 survey also found:

  • 88% of people said they supported renewable energy, with 56% strongly supporting.
  • 89% supported solar energy, 84% supported wave and tidal energy, 85% offshore wind, 79% onshore wind, 72% biomass.
  • 54% said they would be happy about a solar farm in their local area, compared with 43% for an onshore windfarm.
  • 49% supported fusion energy and 3% opposed


The survey was carried out between 1 September and 3 October 2022, which followed a period of industry and political lobbying to lift the fracking moratorium in England. The fieldwork ended before Rishi Sunak replaced Liz Truss as prime minister and reinstated the moratorium on fracking in England. 4,161 individuals took part in the survey, 3,435 online and 726 on paper.

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  1. So, opposition dropped dramatically, support increased dramatically. The old wise owls feature strongly in the support category.

    Surprising what arithmetic does to folk, isn’t it?!

  2. I’m surprised more people didn’t put carbon reduction higher on the list of arguments for fracking. This is the message that needs to be talked up more. Importing FRACKED gas from the US is far worse, with the extra emissions from liquefaction and regasification plus transport across thousands of miles. And UK and Europe seems to be committing hugely to that, along with a greater short term reliance on coal. Of course we need renewables, but surely by now it should be obvious that too much reliance on wind is a major liability. And solar is largely useless in the european winter. I wonder when we will see energy plans that ACTUALLY address energy demand with some sort of reliability? Meanwhile, at least, it seems some of the unrealistic propaganda is abating.

  3. It’s clear, some of the elderly haven’t been enlightened to this .

    Study finds ELDERLY living near to FRACKING sites at HIGHER RISK OF DYING,risk%20was%202.2%20percent%20greater.

    With some of the elderly , already having ” ONE FOOT in the grave ” do they really want to jump in quickly with BOTH FEET ????????

    I think not , more education regarding Fracking dangers needed .

    • There was a study that showed sexual activity close to US fracking sites also increased, Jack!

      So, perhaps the elderly are going with a smile on their faces?

      Here, in the UK how many old people will die from the cold, this winter, Jack?

      As far as Pauline’s comment, OMG! Elderly people are more likely to read!! Yes, indeed. Become informed on all sides of the argument and then make up their minds. I read recently that gas was $7 per MMBtu on the US Henry Hub but $47 per MMBtu on the Dutch TTF. Provided the information for others to read. Look back, Pauline and see the “educated” response. Absolutely pathetic avoidance and deflection with claims continuing that there is one market for gas!.
      The young? “Don’t think, be angry”. Which makes me, as an older one think, why would anyone want to be angry without thinking? Self indulgent and childish, but fortunately left behind by most as they mature-apart from the activist clan who appear to want to “appeal” to that level of education, and maturity.

      No, Pauline, I am not guilty either. You may not like the fact that I disagree with you but it makes me guilty of nothing, other than disagreeing with you. Are there no left wing press for the left wing elderly?

      • Oh dear MARTIN ,

        More COLLYWAFFLE

        What’s all this ” gibberish ” about, regarding
        an increase of sexual activity around Fracking sites ???????? What’s that got to do with the CREDIBLE study , by the Harvard University , School Of Public Health ??????

        Let’s stick to the FACTS and remember MARTIN , if your going to say something , back it up with some evidence .

        Otherwise the readers will just have to accept it as another one of your wild , off-the-cuff OPINIONS.

        AGAIN let JACK press home the results of this study

        ELDERLY people living near to FRACKING sites , at HIGHER RISK OF DYING prematurely .,risk%20was%202.2%20percent%20greater.

        As far as your comment regarding the elderly dying from the cold …… That’s something they won’t need to worry about if they were living near to a toxic Fracking site , as the chances are , Fracking will already cut short their lives ……

        Also , didn’t you know , any Gas produced in the UK from Fracking would be sold on the open WORLD market to the highest bidder . So it WOULDN’T help the UK ” elderly ” keep warm in Winter ….. Fracking companies are NOT warm, loveable friendly charities .

      • Comments such as this on “Don’t think, be angry” reveal an unfortunate inability ( or unwillingness) to penetrate below the superficial. Is it any wonder that we are in the state we are in when there remains the hard core of those unable to understand that the thinking has been done , (if not by them), and that the time has come to act. The Oil Machine, BBC iPlayer, says it all.

        • Ahh, the thinking may have been done, 1720, but from those with an inability to know what facts are it does make one wonder how they can conclude anything sensible and coherent from the effort. Nice of you to make the effort though 1720, even with that limitation. I never had problems with facts, so does my thinking have more value? (See question mark, not an activists statement as in your text.)

          I would suggest you avoid the superiority attempts when your previous posting history is on such sandy ground.

          The opinions of the wise old owls are making more sense every time an anti post is added to this section.

  4. As someone of that description I plead not guilty. Not all older people are so easily taken in by the slick, organised opportunism of the fossil fuel industry in exploiting the war in Ukraine. However, elderly people are more likely to read and therefore possibly be swayed by the frenzy of lies, misinformation and Putin scaremongering churned out by the fossil fuel biased right wing press and media which swung into action when Truss, Rees Mogg and the rest of their ERG, Tufton Street took their cynical decision to lift the fracking moratorium. Another example of the Truss regime’s total departure from reality which has cost us all dearly.

    • Martin. You deliberately choose to misunderstand my comment. My point was that it’s older people who are more likely than younger people to read the right wing press. It’s obvious for all to see that the fracking industry took the opportunity to exploit concern over energy costs and the situation in Ukraine to use that press and certain media to peddle their usual misleading information . Their PR campaign appears to have had the desired effect since the majority of the reasons given for increased support of fracking in this poll demonstrate that this misleading information splashed all over these papers has been believed by those polled. Thankfully, even the Tory MPs realised Truss and Rees Mogg’s proposals for resuming fracking would make no difference to the present energy crisis and was unpopular with communities and would be a totally backward step environmentally.

      • Pauline, you seem a sensible person. Do you think the “impending energy crisis” is all just smoke and mirrors? Do you have any facts to put my mind at rest? My particular concerns being that 1) we’re committing to heavy long-term imports of expensive LNG at far greater environmental cost (overall) than local fracking and 2) we’ve been lied to about the costs of reliable renewable alternatives. Please see my other posts here for further context. Frankly, I find it incredible that people are still arguing at the ad hominem level, apparently assuming that anyone with a different opinion is doing so with criminal intent.

      • Pauline, your comment is just silly. Older people may be more inclined to read. There is no indication they are more inclined to read right wing press. What on earth are you suggesting? With the benefit of experience and age, people throw off their left wing tendencies? Some may, others may go the other way.

        Your comments about accuracy are equally silly. Just look at the approach of Jack, alongside you. He/she/it takes pleasure in constantly plonking out nonsense that is factually incorrect in a silly failed anti PR campaign.

        Oil and gas companies, fracking or not, are being expected to rectify the current situation, whether that be in increased output or windfall taxes. They didn’t create the current situation, they were not the ones who were shouting gleefully during COP26 or the pandemic. Then you turn around and suggest exploitation! No, Pauline, it is meeting the desperate demand that is there and very obvious. You can claim the demand is not there, and the wind is blowing and the sun is making a difference in UK currently but by so doing you simply expose the real problem that Tom has eluded to, and morphing into a denier such as Jack.

        When the new nuclear is there, then the nice little add on of wind and solar will make sense. Until then, they are a dangerous unreliable distraction, and will be in need of support from gas. Even before the new nuclear is there, the sums are available to inspect, and they show very clearly that the combination will be very expensive to the consumer. Even before the cost over run that is associated with every nuclear power station is achieved.

        Perhaps it is that the older population have some experience of being able to do arithmetic on subjects that their Governments seek to hide, before it is fully evident to all generations? Next, you will saying that the Chief Scientific Officer who gave the warning some years ago just before he died, did so because of his age or his politics, even though I do recall it was detailed in the Guardian!

        • Oh dear MARTIN ,

          I’m a ” denier ” you say .

          Well what am I ” denier ” of ??????? Please fully explain and don’t forget to show evidence to back up any comment you make.

          Whilst I have your attention , I’ve already put this link twice on this page . It’s very strange how you’ve TOTALLY IGNORED this evidence , why is that ???????

          Here it is again, for your personal attention

          ELDERLY people living near to FRACKING sites , at HIGHER RISK OF DYING prematurely .


          Are you going to be a ” DENIER ” of the facts ????????

          • In USA the elderly are at more risk of dying from forest fires caused by electricity distribution, Jack. Fact. References previously provided. Fact.

            Based upon that “evidence” are elderly people in UK likely to die from forest fires caused by faults with electricity distribution? Should electricity distribution in UK be banned, because of US evidence? Have they banned electricity distribution in USA?
            Perhaps in USA they have considered more elderly people will have their lives enhanced by electricity than killed by it-and also for gas and oil! If you want the stats. on that Jack, DYOR regarding life expectancy since fossil fuels became available and used. Shock/horror, life expectancy has risen!

            Just about as much knowledge and common sense in that nonsense from you Jack, as you previously plonked out there regarding livestock production, and again became confused with what is the situation in the UK compared to other areas. Somewhat of a routine for you Jack.

            Denier? Please explain how $7 is the same as $47, Jack. You can’t, so you deny the reality to make the false claim that there is one world market for gas-and repeat such nonsense as if that would change the reality. Looks like a denier to me, and a serial denier to boot. I could fill several pages regarding previous denials from yourself, Jack, where you have plonked nonsense out there and been caught out, but I have the Christmas spirit and feel you will struggle enough with the $7v$47. I suspect the “answer” will be-“it was normal, just like 2020”!

            • MARTIN 🤣

              I’m laughing at your comments .

              The elderly have more chance of dying from forest fires as a result of electricity distribution , you say .

              MARTIN , let’s get this clear, you have never, I repeat NEVER provided one shred of evidence to back up anything ,you have ever said , FACT …..

              Prove me wrong , come on MARTIN , let’s see you put up some LINKS , were waiting.

              Ladies and Gentlemen we have MARTIN, who I can only assume is a redundant Gas Mantle maker , trying in a feeble attempt to vilify electricity in favour of Gas .

              In MARTIN’S world , we can see Watchmakers , Dentist’s and Brain Surgeons working under Victorian Gas Lamps 🤣

              • Well, Jack, reality and truth may make you laugh. I have previously supplied you references regarding forest fires and their impact in USA and the cause of many of them . The information is there for every reader to inspect. It is a fact. $ hundreds of millions have already been awarded in compensation, deaths have resulted, there have been investigations that have concluded to produce that result. Anyone in UK who has followed certain disasters in USA will be well aware of the information already, most who live in USA will be well aware of the information. Anyone who has a search engine anywhere can make themselves aware. You are obviously outside of that very large group, but you have already shown that on previous threads.

                [Edited by moderator]

                I am not vilifying electricity, Jack. I am just showing that anyone can select information from just about any energy source that in isolation can be weaponized. It is what activists do. Some do it quite well. Jack, you do not. DoD don’t like me doing so, but it is the reality, and my journalism is independent, so it must be okay. Humanity-apart from fictitious characters-do not live in isolation. For anyone who has difficulty understanding that amidst the current energy issues, then they do indeed require isolation.

                No-one will have noticed your continuing avoidance of $7 V $47, Jack. LOL, again. Your deflection attempts need a lot more work, but they make me smile.

                • MARTIN ,

                  I have noticed ALL your ” Collywaffle ” but I have to accept it as just your OPINION only .

                  I ask you for evidence and you always give NOTHING .

                  EVIDENCE is something as the readers will note , I always supply .

                  Your journalism is independent you say, 🤣 that’s why you are Constantly Wrong … You just make it up as you go along 🤣

                  MARTIN , didn’t you know , it’s CLIMATE CHANGE that’s having a devastating effect in the USA …. It’s CLIMATE CHANGE that is the MAIN culprit for raging forest fires in the USA and the root cause of the problem is the continued burning of Fossil Fuels.

                  The financial and personal cost to the US economy, is unimaginable… BILLIONS and BILLIONS each year and getting worse every year …

                  OH and MARTIN , for all the relentless, , destructive , toxic Fracking in the USA . The only thing the ordinary American people are getting out of it , is record HIGH fuel costs …….. Like I’ve said many times before, a few get very rich , the ordinary people get NOTHING , just pain and suffering.

                • So, that was it, Jack?

                  Your answer to $7 v $47 is that $7 was a record high!!

                  Indeed, Jack, but a lot different to $47!! I really wouldn’t try that one too much, the simple way the USA has to stop $7 being reached again is to stop exports! You may like that, but Europe would not.

                  Absolutely pathetic attempt. Need to do better-but obviously can’t.

                  Then, forest fires which have been investigated and the cause defined as faults with electricity distribution, and huge fines imposed, are really to do with climate change. Again, that one is a Jack classic. No attempt to hide the mechanism, just change the FACTS.

                  Have you ever had the joy of successfully completing a jigsaw, Jack? Where the pieces really fit?

                  Keep on digging Jack. You started the hole, it is the only way to go, but you are trapped. Again.

                  No wonder the wise old owls have seen such is not education.

                • MARTIN ,

                  Let’s keep this ice and simple for you.

                  The USA , the world leaders in intensive Fracking .

                  Fuel costs are at a RECORD HIGH .

                  ” FACT ”

                  If there’s any words in the above comment , you don’t understand, , please ask JACK for help .

                • Oh I understand desperation when I see it Jack!

                  Record high? In what respect? Oh yes, in respect of lower previous prices, whilst they were fracking, but not exporting so much. Then exporting more, and fracking some more, and prices rose-notice the tense-to $7, whilst they rose to $47 in Holland, even after the USA “helped” out, whilst helping themselves!

                  So, what you are posting Jack, is that with local fracking, record prices are $7 without fracking they are $47. I knew you would arrive there, Jack. I understand 47 is a lot more than 7-does that help you out?

                  All that sacrifice, for a short period of time, Jack, by the American people, although those in the production, export, supply chains and shareholders will have gained much! Now up to the USA government to decide what they do with distributing all that revenue from those exports!

                  Hook, line and sinker, Jack. Even young owlets should be able to understand now, Jack. Thanks for, and to, your input! LOL.

                • MARTIN ,

                  Come on old chap , don’t be frightened

                  You make a comment, shows your evidence . A ” LINK from a credible source will do , or I’m afraid to say , the readers will have to accept that what you are saying is just more of your Collywaffle .

                  I see you are having difficulty understanding the meaning of ” record high ”

                  Here is what the Cambridge Dictionary say ,


                  Here is a true and FACTUAL example as to where you would use the words , ” record high ”

                  FOR EXAMPLE……… Fuel prices in the USA are at ” Record Highs ” , despite the country fanatically and intensively Fracking every possible area .

                • A record high with fracking was $7,without it was $47.

                  Jack, which is much, much higher?

                  The readers will already have observed the source of the $7v$47 Jack, and how you desperately revert to that part of your algorithm every time, as you are unable to deal with the substance and the reality. Overdone by you Jack, and inaccurate-as always.

                  Keep on giving me the opportunity to show how you have been exposed, your nonsense about one world market has been exposed, and what local production of gas can produce for countries who engineer that, against those that can’t/don’t.

                  I am not sure whether you will find a nice little Christmas bonus from the oil and gas companies for such efforts, but you really should!

                • MARTIN COLLYER ,

                  YOU SAY , quote , ” A record high with fracking was $7,without it was $47. ”

                  Let’s see your evidence to back up your above comment .

                  A ” LINK ” to a credible, reputable source will be sufficient . It will then give JACK and the readers the opportunity to analyze the source , it’s contents and its validaty .

                  ” WARNING ” failure to fully comply , will diminish your comment to nothing more than a mere , mundane , box standard COLLYWAFFLE comment.

                  PS …… Don’t forget , I have already shown you indisputable , credible evidence that highlights that even with USA insanely , fanatically going Fracking MAD …… The American citizens are still experiencing the HIGHEST fuel costs in HISTORY .

                  If you still question this please , PLEASE say . JACK will be delighted to show you the evidence again and explain any words you don’tunderstand.

                • Just to finish 2022 on reality Jack, and show your nonsense for what it is:

                  Here are some facts for you:

                  “Natural gas spot prices at Henry Hub likely will exceed $6.00 an MMBtu in the first quarter of 2023, up from November’s monthly average of $5.50, EIA projects. The agency attributes the increase to higher winter natural gas demand and rising LNG exports.”

                  So, not record prices-they were July, then dropped then rose as winter set in. Additionally, it confirms that US domestic prices rose as exports to Europe rose. What a nice lot those Americans are, especially those frackers who enabled US prices to rise less as a result of their activities! Perhaps “we” should have some?

                  “Despite the cold temperatures, the agency predicts natural gas prices will begin declining after January as US storage levels move closer to the previous five year average, largely as a result of rising US natural gas production.”

                  Hmm, that can’t be true, can it?! Some would have it that there is only one market for gas and a country can not have it’s price for gas reduced if it increases production, as it is dictated by the “world market”.

                  Know what, Jack? I will be informed by the EIA, and will rely upon you for the laughs.

                • MARTIN , MARTIN ,

                  Did you forget to wish the readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on the DOD page ???????

                  Anyway , I’m very much looking forward to helping people understand the serious dangers of Fracking in 2023 .

                  See you on the other side MARTIN .

                  Best wishes , JACK

              • MARTIN ,

                PROOF , let’s see your evidence . That is if you have any , a ” LINK ” will do.

                Well , we’re waiting.

                What the DOD readers cam be 100% positive about , as the FACTUAL evidence JACK has presented shows.

                I the land of fanatical, all out , Frack Till You Drop AMERICA…… …FRACKING has NOT reduced fuel prices for American citizens……… FAR from it , not only do they have to endure the toxic ” proven ” side effects of Fracking . They are also enduring the HIGHEST FUEL prices in HISTORY.

                • Sorry you have once again shown your inability to research anything, Jack. I posted my best wishes well before DoD had provided the spur for you to do so-together with 1720. Never mind, Jack, finish the year in the way you have operated through the year-no knowledge of what is happening, whether here in the UK, over the pond in the USA, within agriculture in the UK, in respect of oil and gas companies and their success in normal years, that 2020 did not represent-and on and on and on, all the way from pigeons to the NT!

                  Nope, in the USA they are enduring a small blip-up to $7 compared to those who are left in the cold-literally-at $47! They are helping those enduring $47-and helping themselves in the process. They are increasing production, have added to export facilities for gas (figures are easily available, and I provided a source only yesterday) and even in the Permian, there are pipelines under construction to catch and transport what was seen to be a waste product. All that underway, and gas prices set to reduce-for those in USA-as 2023 gets going, and all due to their increased production. Meanwhile, the rest of the world awaits China getting going again, and the impact of that upon their gas and oil prices. Stranded assets? What happened to them? Those that coined the phrase should now be unemployed but they won’t be.

                  Whilst Jack is left with silly denials that is the reality, and wonders why he is correctly termed a denier.

                  How about this for a New Years resolution, Jack? Correct the RIRO, and give the antis a chance of being taken seriously. The wise old owls have already sussed your form of misinformation that you suggest is education, and the rest will surely follow,.

                • TOM ,

                  MARTINS a big boy now he can answer his own questions

                  MARTIN , I don’t know why your so FRIGHTENED to put up a link on DOD

                  Like I said and I will keep repeating it,
                  FRACKING has done nothing for the American consumers , except give the record high energy prices in the year 2022

                  Record HIGH fuel costs in the USA


                  Although due to demand, ” debt ridden
                  economies ” and yes you only have to look at the UK economy to see the financial squeeze on the public ……Fuel prices have now dropped slightly and notice this MARTIN and TOM the word SLIGHTLY as demand dips .

                  OH , I nearly forgot, there are a few other things Fracking has done for American citizens.

                  It’s given / caused

                  ( 1 ) Serious complications for pregnant mothers and newborn children.
                  ( 2 ) Reduced life expectancy .
                  ( 3 ) Given residents close to Fracking sites SERIOUS health problems, like CANCER and ASTHMA.
                  ( 4 ) Greatly fuelled climate change .
                  ( 5 ) Caused extreme environmental damage .
                  ( 6 ) Caused serious problems for animals .
                  ( 7 ) Left a toxic financial burden for future generations…. Due to the cost of maintaining abandoned wells .
                  ( 8 ) Greatly reduced the value of homes in Fracking areas .

                  Now if there is ANYTHING you dispute in the above please , PLEASE let me know , as it will give JACK a great opportunity to fill this forum page with evidence.

                  Well MARTIN and TOM

                • Absolute nonsense, again Jack.

                  You haven’t a clue. Gas prices peaked at $7 in USA thanks to fracking, they peaked at $47 in Europe thanks to having to import gas from same USA, who “kindly” added some more exporting facilities as it was such a good earner! They are now dropping back in USA as further production is achieved and forecast, as Tom indicated, to drop further. Even the Permian is about to make use of the gas that was going to waste. I provided a reference for you Jack, Tom was already aware of how to source such information. What is your problem? Are you controlled to what sources of information you can research? You have access to a search engine. Maybe convert it to gas or oil and it would run more efficiently?

                  So, just as with oil, fracking has reduced USA prices for gas, and will continue to do so. $7 is a reduction upon $47, Jack.

                  I recall in years gone by, OPEC threw $billions at trying to stop USA increasing oil and gas output and continue to rely upon imports. Didn’t work. USA ignored it and carried on, in the process reducing the world oil price, until recent events. Many who lost their biggest customer became annoyed in the process.

                  Now, Jack, is annoyed and trots out the same tired, tried, failed and fake narrative in the hope his postings will produce a different result! The plus point Jack, is your efforts will be a whole lot cheaper than all those $billions squandered. The downside Jack, as you admit, is you will be ignored.

                  By the way, Jack, oil and gas prices are dipping largely due to China’s economy slow down. Enjoy it while it lasts. I suspect it will not be for long. Forecasts are for oil to be back around $100 in 2023, and I suspect it could go higher. The world has yet to see the full impact on energy prices of economies returning to pre Covid activity. Why is that Jack? Because the reality is that unknown to you, and maybe only you, 2020, was not a normal year and oil exploration was dramatically reduced, so production is not there to keep up with such demand. You need the comfort blanket of “stranded assets” to try and cover that up, Jack, but sorry, I fear reality will show that piece of cloth to be no better than the Emperors New Clothes.

                  Reference your list Jack, the same could be said for anyone living near electricity distribution in USA, with evidence there with hundreds of millions $ being paid out, deaths resulting and property destroyed, rather than devalued, just for starters. Yet, looking at the weather in USA currently, most would quite like electricity and gas to be available to them, at prices they can afford (even $7!)-otherwise, MOST would die Jack!
                  You may also like to look at property value predictions for 2023 in the UK Jack. Forecast to drop in value, as energy prices take up a bigger proportion of salaries leaving less for mortgages! Perhaps lower energy prices might actually push property values upwards if high energy prices pull them back?

                • MARTIN ,

                  I see your dispensing more of your ” Collywaffle ” again.

                  OPINIONS backed up with your usual trade mark of ZERO EVIDENCE

                  Above I have shown you FACTUAL EVIDENCE, that the ONLY thing Fracking has given to the American people in the year 2022 was a record HIGH in fuel prices .

                • Are YOU pretending MARTIN ??????

                  Are you pretending you’ve not seen JACKS 1 – 8 of Fracking dangers in my above post .

                  Come in MARTIN , let’s discuss these very important issues in front of the readers .

                  Is there’s anything in numbers 1 – 8 that you dispute , please fully explain why , giving the readers your evidence to back up your comments

                • SpecSavers are an option, here in the UK Jack, (or other opticians) to help you solve your issue with reading.

                  You really have lost the plot when you have to resort to pretending you can not read what has been posted to then go over the same ground again.

                  Subject dealt with. Usual nonsense, shown to be such. Wasn’t a good idea, Jack. Move on. Here in the UK Jack, December 31st 2022 is before January 1st 2023. Do try and keep up [edited by moderator].

                  Meanwhile, no one will notice the desperate myopic attempt to avoid that $7 is a lot less than $47. LOL. However, Jack, it is. What next, Jack in your desperate attempt to avoid that? You can’t, but as with previous, you will supply some entertainment along your tortured path, continuing in trying to manufacture there is one world market for gas when that is plainly not the case. Fake news is fake news, Jack, and easily exposed. $7 is not $47, or anywhere near it.

                  Meanwhile, I had an E-mail from my energy supplier yesterday telling me what the prices are likely to be after April 2023 in UK! (Unfortunately, not based upon USA prices, which I found surprising (LOL) if there is one world market!) Hmm. I suspect the wise old owls will get some continuing help from the tax payer, the younger ones not so much. Now that should really test their resolve and their opinions! Alternatively, they may just have to migrate to the land of the free, and enjoy the forecast reduction for energy bills supplied by those helpful frackers, which even before that are way below those for many other countries. Plenty of jobs paying high wages, helping to increase production of gas to supply to those who are “willing” or conned, into expensive opinions across the pond. To be followed by many more jobs as companies migrate to where energy prices are so much cheaper, whilst companies in Europe continue to close, or shrink, due to high energy prices.

                  Looks to me as if the Group Think collective is also shrinking.

                • MARTIN

                  First of all I would like to wish you , a Very Happy Frack Free New Year.

                  Now down to business , when it comes to FAKE , your Collywaffle is legendary.

                  Ladies and Gentlemen , I challenge you to find on DOD , any post at anytime where MARTIN has presented you with anything more than an OPINION ONLY .

                  Is that possible ???????

                  The answer is quite simple , you’d have a better chance of winning the National Lottery on SIX consecutive occasions .

                  It’s important the readers are made aware of this .

                  MARTIN , forget the Collywaffle smoke and mirrors , let’s get to the FACTS ……… For ALL the insane, out of control Fracking in the USA … The American consumer still has had record breaking HIGH fuel costs during 2022 .

                  USA , all time HIGH fuel costs.


                  Now MARTIN , in front of ALL the readers, let’s work our way through JACKS 1 – 8 of Fracking dangers.

                  PROVEN FRACKING FACTS

                  ( 1 ) Serious complications for pregnant mothers and newborn children.
                  ( 2 ) Reduces life expectancy .
                  ( 3 ) Residents living close to Fracking sites , experience SERIOUS health issues, like CANCER and ASTHMA.
                  ( 4 ) Greatly fuels climate change .
                  ( 5 ) Causes extreme environmental damage .
                  ( 6 ) Causes serious problems for animals .
                  ( 7 ) Leaves a toxic financial burden for future generations…. Due to the cost of maintaining abandoned wells .
                  ( 8 ) Greatly reduces the value of homes in Fracking areas .

                  Is there anything in 1 – 8 that you disagree with ???????

                  If there is , let’s here it … Please also remember to give the readers more than just your OPINION

    • Not all older people are so easily taken in by the slick, organised opportunism of the self proclaimed “green” protest industry.
      Perhaps we have had the time to learn that, like it or not, we will need oil & gas for many years to come and that home produced power is much better for the environment than importing.
      That home produced energy has no value because it is sold at world prices is plain misinformation. Royalty & tax can be collected ( & perhaps should be increased).
      There is a world price for most agricultural commodities so perhaps our farmers should just give up & leave their land to the right-to-romers!

      • Actually it’s impossible to export gas unless you have the necessary infrastructure, which is very expensive to build out (in both time and money.) As far as I know there are no plans to build liquefaction plants for LNG (liquefied natural gas) as it would make absolutely no sense given that we are focused instead on imports and therefore have extensive regasification facilities. These facilities allow us to consume huge amounts of expensive, higher emissions imported LNG. And we already export any excess through a pipeline to Belgium.

        You’re absolutely right about tax. Our government taxes local gas production at a rate of 75%. Whereas they get nothing from imports – all those profits go elsewhere.

      • Rod, the one world price is a fiction. It certainly is for oil and gas-if someone doesn’t believe that, then go the Mid East or USA and see what they pay! The local price is controlled by Government, who can do all sorts of things like export restrictions and pull many other levers if they wish. The comfort blanket is needed by some, but it has as many holes as the Emperor’s New Clothes.

        What are world prices for gas? Are they $7 per MMBtu as in USA or $47 per MMBtu at the same time in Holland? Hmm, wonder why the big difference and how USA pays $7 and Holland pays $47?
        Surely not as Rystad reported:
        “US and European gas price differences are so wide (impossible, they can’t be say the usual suspects) producing and shipping gas across the Atlantic, even allowing for the pricey liquefaction process (well, shiver me timbers, no one suspected that) is still economically advantageous.” The economically advantageous bit is even confirmed by some antis who have recently stated that really means, making lots of profit!

        The consequences are not apparent, apparently, except:

        In the recent words of Thomas Schaefer, a senior ex. at Volkswagen AG:

        “When it comes to the cost of electricity and gas, in particular, we are losing more and more ground, unless prices fall quickly, investment in Europe will be practically unviable.”

        So, where will the investment go? Oh yes, to the areas who have control over lower energy prices. Now, I hear a lot of reference to “we’s” on this site, but excuse me for believing the “we” referred to by TS.

        Not in agreement with you on the increasing tax bit though Rod. That has just sent the biggest golden goose in the N.Sea (Harbour Energy) to state they will not look to acquire any new licenses and will also look to trim planned expenditure. There is a fine balance between tax level and supply, and that announcement would suggest it is out of balance. However, I suspect that one will be covered up with something about some company who is not that engaged in the N.Sea.

  5. Honestly, the posturing and clever rhetoric is so silly. If you assume the world is composed of angels and demons then that’s what you’ll find, because there are swarms of activists on all sides fanning the flames of that kind of division. They all cherry-pick their stories to gain (or maintain) a foothold in your mind and at the trough of political favour. Surely we need to forget all that and try to unearth the realities?

    Why for example is noone up in arms about importing so much (fracked) LNG, which has far worse emissions than locally produced gas, whether fracked or conventionally produced?

    You will probably find skulduggery and filthy lucre somewhere along the chain of events for every political decision. You will also find plenty of real world compromise. It may or may not be in the public interest, but how will you know if you’re simply led by the nose by one set of propaganda or another?

    There are plenty of sensible and qualified people pointing out that the western world (UK and Europe in particular) is facing a couple of perilous cliffs – the first is energy security, but it leads inexorably to the second: We are completely dependent on energy, and there’s no way to undo that without a serious drop in our living standards. And our land is too small to support its population in conditions of poverty. Will any politician or activist ever talk about that?

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