Saltfleetby gas – quarterly volume of 5.6m therms

Angus Energy has reported that its Saltfleetby gas site in Lincolnshire produced 5.6m therms between October and December 2022.

Saltfleetby gas site Image: Google Earth Imagery (c)2019 Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Imagery (c)2019 CNES/Airbus, Getmapping plc, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Maxar Technologies, Map data (c)2019

The company said this was above what had been predicted in January 2020.

Average daily flow rates were 5.5 mmscfd (million standard cubic feet per day), Angus Energy said. Rates were highest in November at 6.0 mmscfd but lower in December because of scheduled and cold-weather shutdowns.

Peak daily flow rates from the two producing wells, A4 and B2, were about 6.4 mmscfd throughout the final quarter of 2022, the company said.

Gas condensate averaged 120 barrels/day, which was higher than expected. Water production, all from the A4 well, at 20 barrels/day, was lower than expected.


Angus Energy said drilling on the final section of the SF-07 sidetrack was due to resume on Thursday 5 January. Well testing was expected in the second half of the month, the company said.

If successful, the well was expected to use most, if not all, of the additional process capacity from the site’s second compressor. The compressor, now on site, is expected to increase processing capacity to close to 12.8 mmscfd, Angus said.

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  1. Small footprint, unobtrusive. 5.5mmscfd natural gas we don’t have to import.
    Equivalent to 164 GWh total for the quarter or 55 GWh / month.

    Equivalent to 12 Vesta V172-7.2MW 166m tall wind turbines at 100% efficiency (rated at 6.5MW / turbine). These are among the biggest wind turbines available for onshore use.

    If a typical onshore load factor of 30% is used, 36 of these turbines will be required. One can only imagine the size of the footprint and the visual impact…..

  2. It would be industrialization of the countryside-spread far and wide! For an unreliable result.

    Never mind, Rishi is going to make sure all the youngsters can do arithmetic. Wonder what they will make of £200B for new nuclear, and the generation costs, to be added to the unreliable renewables to enable some more security of supply? Doesn’t look “cheap” to me.

  3. I think Sunak is wanting everyone to study math (even if they are not gifted that way, as he thinks that being in “business” will somehow remodel society into replicas of his own family, thus removing the need for any welfare state and public sector health provision!

  4. Ahh, CJR you have a problem with marrying a rich lady?!

    Unfortunately, not that many of them to go around, but if one is found and love develops, then surely that is embracing diversity? You sound a bit of a dinosaur trying to manufacture and then fight a class war. Why only in “business” to gain from being numerate? Plenty of nurses who can do the math and find Agency work pays much more for doing exactly the same job, and their representatives who make sure that can continue.

    Meanwhile, Sunak’s parents were pharmacists, who I understand are quite important in universal health provision. (Strange terminology you used. I would suggest it is universal health provision.)

    Perhaps the hopeless gent who didn’t do the math when advising UK to go diesel, could now apologize for diesel around 25p/liter more expensive than petrol adding a large burden on top of other cost of living issues, with distribution still relying on diesel? Then, he was not that clued in to the price of gold either, and allowed a note to be left, together with high unemployment, stating there was no money left. I can see Rishi’s motivation to get UK more numerate, but where would politicians be if they were expected to get things to add up? They haven’t even attempted to find the means for replacing Fuel Duty yet!

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