Police to get new powers to stop slow walking protests

Police in England and Wales are to get new powers to stop slow walking protests, a well-known tactic used by fossil fuel and climate activists.

Slow walking protest at Horse Hill oil site, 3 August 2020.
Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

The government said the new law was required because police lacked clarity on when their existing powers could be used.

In February, the House of Lords removed a clause on slow walking in the Public Order Bill. The government also failed to ban slow walking in its 2022 Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act.

But the home secretary, Suella Braverman, has now introduced new legislation to give police the ability to intervene and stop slow walking.

The tactic was used this week by Just Stop Oil campaigners, who held two days of slow walking protests.

Ms Braverman said:

“Selfish, disruptive protesters are wreaking havoc in people’s everyday lives across the country and this must be brought to a stop.

”This is why we are bringing forward this new law to clearly define serious disruption as requested by police chiefs. …

“this new legislation permits the police to clear the roads of slow marching protesters who are hell-bent on causing chaos across the UK.”

The legislation was introduced in parliament by statutory instrument and is said to complement the Public Order Bill, which will pass into law after being approved by the House of Lords on Wednesday.

“Neither necessary nor proportionate”

The Public Order Bill has been criticised by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk.

He described the legislation as “deeply troubling” and incompatible with the UK’s international human rights obligations.

In a statement, Mr Turk said:

“This new law imposes serious and undue restrictions on these rights that are neither  necessary nor proportionate to achieve a legitimate purpose as defined under international law. This law is wholly unnecessary as UK police already have the powers to act against violent and disruptive demonstrations.”

Mr Turk said he was concerned that the law appeared to target protests about human rights and environmental issues:

“As the world faces the triple planetary crises of climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution, governments should be protecting and facilitating peaceful protests on such existential topics, not hindering and blocking them.”

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  1. I think some may consider it far worse than “selfish” how this government over the past 13 years has failed to meet legally binding carbon reduction targets, failed to amend the planning regime to facilitate and support green energy initiatives and to properly evaluate development impacts on climate change. The government has been taken to court and found to be failing to meet clean air targets and having a climate change plan that is not fit for purpose. And of course toxic air pollution, largely caused by burning fossil fuels, the effects of climate change, not to mention discharging sewage into our water systems, cause harm and impact our human rights. No wonder they want to attack our legal rights.


    [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

    • No, Marie, it was seismic activity that stopped fracking, not protests. “Strangely” it was stopped by the same lot after seismic activity who are now responsible for this legislation! Maybe they saw the policing bill and decided enough was enough? Maybe they saw police being used to allow lawful activity instead of being able to concentrate upon unlawful activity?


        With a flotilla of rubber dinghies , jam packed with young able bodied men with nothing but the shirt on their backs, regularly crossing the English channel , 7 MILLION people on NHS waiting lists and people preforming their own DIY dentistry , out of sheer desperation.

        Taking note of this new legislation , can someone please remind me , who exactly does the government represent ??????

        MARTIN , maybe you could help answer that one.

        By the way , it was definitely people power that changed the course on UK Fracking…. JUST look at the proposed IGAS , Barton Moss Fracking site ….. The people of the area firmly sent IGAS packing on that project and yes slow walking , “every day ” played a major part.

        • The government of this country Jack are supposed to represent the people of this country. The make up of the government is determined by those who voted in enough numbers to vote them in. Quite simple, Jack. If you are wanting to imply that is not what happened, then welcome to DoD, Donald!
          Sorry, this lot have decided no more oil and gas from Russia. I can understand your dislike of them, but I would find it difficult to believe any other lot would get voted in with the opposite approach, so you will be disappointed that your dislike will have to be maintained.

          By the way, you can do some research on planning systems in UK. There are many local projects that don’t go ahead if they fail to make a strong case in a particular location. If a company involved has what they feel is a strong case to show that particular location is valid they have the means to force the issue. Some do, some don’t, it depends whether they feel they have a strong enough case in a particular location. Cuadrilla didn’t down in Sussex, Angus decided they did. I suspect there will be slow walking to come, and other events, and then shouting when the kit is delivered whilst the slow walkers are sleep walking, but now the consequences will just be a little rebalanced.

          You can slow walk as much as you like, Jack-although I suspect it would take a long while for anyone in UK to notice-the difference is that you would then have the consequences of some of your action yourself rather than selfishly imposing all of the consequences upon others and ignoring their human rights.

          I have my molar being re-crowned next week, Jack. Wish me luck? Will all be done in a day, old one removed, new one computer generated, created on site and fitted. One appointment am one pm. What a great service, even had a ‘phone call yesterday to remind me. If all that money being collected from the UK energy companies was not being spent to discount UK energy prices, how many more people would be helped by such money being directed to their teeth?
          NHS waiting lists? Yes, a lot of pandemic catching up being done now delayed by many procedures being cancelled due to staff in NHS striking. Was on BBC yesterday, so must be true! My catching up was fortunately done before the strikes. Why are they striking Jack? Could it be they are unhappy with how $47 has been impacting them compared to $7 in USA, whilst in USA they were pretty unhappy with $7 compared to their previous $2!!?? Such is life, Jack. The strikers have their human rights to strike. If they achieve what they want they will impose long term inflation upon others who have to put up with the consequences of that. Greed and/or selfishness are nothing new, Jack. My very young grandson has now decided on the days he can not observe his beloved cho-choos they must be “hiding in a tunnel”!! Is that an innocent two year old or a very profound statement about tunnel vision ignoring impacts upon others?? JACK, maybe you could help answer that one?

            • You mean the history after 1918, Jack?

              History is factual, propaganda is not.

          • AHH , I see MARTIN , are you talking about those ” selfish people ” who slow walked at potential UK Fracking sites to protect their communities from the HIGHLY TOXIC , environmentally damaging, climate changing, dangerous to human and animal health industry that also plummets the value of homes in effected areas ??????

            Are you talking about those ” selfish ” slow walkers ???????

            Or are you saying that those slow walkers are ” selfish ” because they potentially effect the Bank balance of Fracking industry millionaire/billionaire NON DOMS ??????

            • Deluded, is what I am saying Jack. House prices are dropping across the UK. Why? Because buyers can not afford to pay much higher mortgages AND much higher energy bills!

              So Jack, that is the real world. You really need to try and retune your search engine to what is current and real to people in the UK. I know that has never concerned you but your continued travel down that path makes the deficiency rather obvious.

              Selfish people are those who quote their rights whilst ignoring the rights of others. Absolutely nothing to do with NON DOMs. What a silly, disconnected nonsense to throw out just because???? You feel it make excite a few people. Again your methodology, but there are sites where that is the object and you may get better reception. Before you do so, please get acquainted with the Laffer Curve, VAT, plus also what action other countries might take to their tax revenues being pirated away from their own needs. UK used to be very good at piracy, however, there are pretty hefty consequences against that now.

              Slow walking at UK fracking sites has protected nothing. Seismic activity had nothing to do with slow walking. So, on the basis it has protected nothing then pretty selfish to do so, ignoring the rights of others, and achieving what? Nothing! If there are those who are fixed to that activity then not a problem. They know what they are doing and can pay the consequences, just like a bank robber knows what he/she is doing. Bank robbers would state they are protecting their rights to an income.

              Finally, NO, the West will not go back to Russian oil and gas once the war is over. Sorry, Jack, your horse is dead, flogging it will not awaken it. The Freudian slip you had to rapidly try and correct I had not seen before I arrived at this sentence, but there “we” are! It is like the parrot Jack, dead, deceased and incapable of being brought back to life.

              Wrong again Jack, fake news. US fracked gas is helping my energy bills! Otherwise, why is UK importing loads of LNG from USA, when they could import from elsewhere? Might it be because it is inexpensive and more secure in comparison to gas from elsewhere? But, Jack, if you are worried about the cost applied to LNG conversion and transport over the Atlantic adding to my energy bills, then the solution sits below the UK! There, Jack, you arrived there, you have no idea how you got there, but welcome to the light!
              Check the Henry Hub gas prices for what the US pays for gas. It is not a world price for gas, that is just more fake news. (Maybe that is why they have such good teeth in USA?)

              OMG, the start up price of Tesla is somehow relevant to the current price!! Debt is such a problem, yet Tesla kept alive, just, on years and years of what Jack? Debt! Thank you Jack for reminding me of the total nonsense behind your rants. The world needs some light relief and thank you for providing some laughs although you are a bit late-it is May 1st, not April 1st.

              • I do so enjoy reading your authoritative pontifications Martin. They are expressed with all the enthusiasm of a zealot whilst completely uncoloured by any knowledge or understanding of the facts.
                When I sold my house in Roseacre I had to accept a price drop of £40,000, this due entirely to the mere threat of fracking. This was confirmed by both estate agents and solicitors.
                Slow walking at PNR – among other things – delayed fracking operations for almost 3 years. Cuadrilla first announced their intention to frack at both Little Plumpton (PNR) and Roseacre Wood in February 2014. They informed us that planning permissions for both sites would be granted by June of that year with fracking commencing in the Autumn. After researching the technique and being appalled by its side effects and consequences, residents such as myself began a spirited objection. This led to Lancashire County Council refusing planning permission in 2015. Cuadrilla appealed and a public inquiry was scheduled for February 2016. The findings of that inquiry were given to the then Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Sajid Javid, for a final decision. He announced in October 2016 that the Planning Inspector had recommended approval for PNR but had upheld the prefusal for Roseacre Wood. Javid immediately authorised fracking at PNR, and despite the Planning Inspector’s findings, said he was “Minded” to give approval to the Roseacre Wood site if Cuadrilla addressed the inspector’s traffic concerns.
                Fracking operations began at PNR in January 2017 however progress was delayed due to continued slow walking from local residents together with all other legal protesting tactics. Concerns about seismic disturbance were time and again handed to the government together with scientific evidence supporting the claims. The government continued to deny both the claims and the science. Ultimately, as is now known, all the residents’ claims were proved true when seismic movements damaged property and brought fracking to a halt.
                Finally, your last risible claim that fracking would affect gas prices. As you know, the UK does not own any gas that may be trapped in the shale rock. The licenses purchased by Cuadrilla etc. hand those companies the mineral rights. Any gas successfully reclaimed would be sold at the prevailing market price with profits going to the exploration companies. Any gas produced would be dwarfed in scale when compared to America’s volumes. Their production has not lowered prices. Are you truly so naive as to believe the UK would hold a balance of power over pricing? The production companies themselves have repeatedly told you that any local gas production will have no – zero – none – nil – zip- nada – not any- effect on price.
                These are the facts Martin. All I can do is give you the facts [Edited by moderator]

                • So, Jules how is the Windfall Tax generated-in UK? How has it actually been distributed?? Would it be to discount UK energy bills? Does that come from UK production or US production? Have you missed the “outrage” about the small amount of UK Windfall Tax being paid by some oil/gas companies, and if not, worked out why? What are Windfall Taxes generated upon, Jules? Could it be “profits”?

                  The gas companies were calculating the offer to pay locals to discount their energy bills before fracking for gas in UK was stopped. You may not have been involved in the debate about it on this site, but I was. One suggested offer included £100k for local communities, then, once into production a share of the revenues and maybe a 25% discount on local energy bills-at the time calculated to be £811/annum off energy bills per household. “Bribery” was the cry, except that was a bit rich as renewable energy projects have been offering similar for some time.

                  Those are facts, Jules. I would politely suggest that you must have missed out on the publication of them[Edited by moderator].

                  I think I stated that fracking tests, at best, were delayed. Seismic activity was delayed as a result, so what actually stopped the tests continuing? You have admitted it. Are you seriously suggesting slow walking created the seismic activity? It was a waste of effort and achieved nothing. The tests happened, and it was the result of those tests that stopped fracking continuing. Spirited? To you. A waste of £millions spent on policing to many others.

                  My eldest son was an estate agent for many years. He left the industry because he was fed up of being pushed to take on more clients and having to give false promises about the sales price achievable and then come up with an excuse why the sales price was not achieved. I have sold quite a few houses in my life. I have never achieved full asking price. The estate agent always had an excuse. You obviously have a gripe with the house price you received-so do millions of people across the UK. The last house I sold was my parents house. The achieved price was more than £40K less than the asking price. The estate agent had his excuse about market conditions etc. ready and waiting.
                  I am about to put my house on the market. I doubt if I will get the asking price. I expect the excuse will be: “Mr. Collyer, buyers are struggling to pay high energy bills and their mortgages, so house prices are correcting.”

                  [Edited by moderator]

                • No, they don’t Jack
                  Fear is not always seen to be reality. You are having your problem with dates again Jack. In 2016 there was no offer for householders regarding fracking consent, as it was not deemed to be required, just a disturbance token offer. Even the outline of a consent offer was enough to convince many householders they could be interested. You and I have discussed that before. I think your idea was they needed educating, then the Tracker Survey moved and I believe you came up with the same again. You antis love rewriting history! Problem is Jack, you have not shown much sign of education to impart, other than how to rewrite history, trash arithmetic and a loathing of USA but support for Putin. Oh yes, and a dislike for debt which any budding youngster who wants to develop what is between their ears, will trust is available to them.

                  So, rather than try and play silly childish games with my name, perhaps concentrate on knowing Jack Schitt, then there might be some reality to discuss. A cautionary tale known to most in UK Jack. I would suggest not wise to keep relying upon those that are ignorant of such cautionary tales.

                  [Word added at poster’s request]

                • I love the way you respond with answers to points never raised, [Edited by moderator].

                  Since your son was an estate agent and you know everything there is to know about selling houses, you will be well aware that a property’s potential selling price is arrived at by a comparison to recent sales prices achieved of similar properties in the same area. My house was valued in 2014 so I had a good idea of its value. House prices in the UK rose by an average of 4.75% p.a. between 2014 – 2018. My area in the Fylde was the exception to this trend with prices remaining static until 2016 before falling sharply against the backdrop of the well-publicised public inquiry and subsequent rulings from central government. It was accepted by all local estate agents that pricing in what had historically been a highly desirable rural location had become “challenging” solely due to the advent of fracking. As I said previously, all I can do is give you the facts. Having read your contributions on this site for the past 6 years or so however, I realise that your rejection of all truths which run counter to your opinions is of truly Trumpian proportions.

                • Well, Jules, [edited by moderator]

                  Your own situation regarding your own house is yours to speculate upon. What I know Jules, it is not unusual in any part of the UK. My own property will be lower in value due to certain local impacts. Far more than £40k. Those impacts are all legal and authorized, not often put forward when a valuation is given. Sorry, but those are facts and well known to most in the UK.

                  However, I note you conveniently ignored the (politely) errors you made regarding energy prices. Now, Jules, that is your choice, but what I find surprising is that someone who is so keen to protest, do so and waste £millions and cause others disruption is so unaware of the basics around what they want to protest about. You are not the first to promote rights to protest about issues that are then put forward showing lack of understanding about some basics concerning those issues, on this platform. I suggest if you wish others to be supportive of your desire to protest then at least show you understand some pretty basic things before you slowly deliberately cause others serious inconvenience. To do otherwise is not my definition of intelligence but closer to selfishness.

                • MARTIN

                  OF course your son was an estate agent and my son was a toilet cleaner on the international space station.

                  When it comes to trying to defend your weak hand on Fracking , is there ANY job that you and your family haven’t done ?????

                  Strange how you’ve never mentioned that one over the last number of years that we’ve been debating how property values PLUMMET in Fracking areas 🤣

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  Let’s now get back to reality , nobody wants to buy a home in a Fracking area and if they were to buy , they’d want a massive discount on the asking price .



                • Well, Jack, you never previously divulged your “knowledge” of vaccines! Now, when you did, I could see why, except what I did Jack was to show your knowledge was pretty poor rather than infer you were a liar. I could add a whole lot of pages where your “knowledge” is as poor, but there are records already showing that, so I will just whisper “Chesapeake Energy”, and your use of particular periods to try and distort-which leads onto the following:

                  The 2016/2017 card you have played before, yet Jack, we discussed-you and I-the offers that were being suggested more recently, in 2022, by Charles McAllister. Is your memory that poor? Jules has an excuse in that he may have missed out on the offers being suggested. You have none. You even tried to argue that the numbers of local people who stated they were inclined to favour such offers was fiction. 29% going to 53% Jack. You and I have discussed before Jack, if you are going to post something then it is pretty difficult to expect others not to be aware of what you have posted, even when you state no one takes notice of what you post. Perhaps they notice what you have posted but just find it so distorted it is really not adding much? If they were in any doubt, now you have copied and pasted your job description they will not be.

                  You will be pleased to know I have had my old crown removed, a new one made and fitted-all between 10.45am and 3pm today. A bit more of that, and I will have choppers that would make an American smile, although I might have to wait until my energy bills approach theirs to afford to do so! Meanwhile, there are many US smiles that might be seen from your Space Station as their owners pocket the revenue from exporting gas to the UK. Someone said-well posted-fortunes being made, didn’t they Jack. Good job too, as their banks seem to have a problem with debt, as does their overall economy. Strange though that Jack only focuses upon selective and historic debt, to go with selected and historic other stuff, yet has difficulty getting the history correct?!

                • WRONG AGAIN MARTIN ,

                  Russian oil is coming in to the EU and inevitably the UK through the back door .

                  Of course were paying more for it, because it unnecessarily travels around the world before it finally gets to the EU .. This oil will no doubt also find its way to the UK .

                  Losing the Nord Stream pipeline has been a costly hit for the EU and UK


                • No, Jack, you enlighten the readers to something. Certainly not the facts. You are a great advertisement for the level of delusion within the antis, but have you not noticed that none of them wish to be associated with your extreme example of it!?

                  Fracking can be expensive, it can be cheap. Such is the case for “traditional” methods. It would appear when the export market is $47 and the local market, including a big margin, is $7, then there is plenty of room for “fortunes” to be made! I wonder who posted that, Jack? OPEC threw $billions at that sorry fiction, Jack, and tried a price war. They lost their money, and the price still dropped significantly and US still became not only self sufficient but a huge exporter. In the process, fortunes were made, and some were lost.

                  Slow walking in my community? Perhaps. As a tax payer I expect my rights to be protected, and I suspect that one will be now. Great, isn’t it?

                  Ahh, more conversion from you Jack, hopeful about Russian oil and gas coming through the back door! Answer is easy, open the front door to UK gas and oil, and then no need for slow walking! India might need to start up fracking in India, again. Goodness, if they did so and were successful, less forest cut for cooking and more forest for tigers!

                  The cautionary tale fell upon some deaf ears, but a number of eyes will have observed it. Sorry antis, you are lumbered with it. Your only hope is to suggest it is a Trojan Horse plonked onto DoD by the fossil fuel industry.

                  I can understand your emotion, Jack. After previously posting that membership of an organization would support the organization as they were members, then all those Man. Utd. supporters that may shortly get behind Sir Jim based upon your “concept” must indeed be very emotional for you!

                  Who are “were”???? Good one Jack. Do you know that there are T shirts with “I know Jack Schitt” on them? Only one full stop after EU, Jack. Again, thank you for the entertainment. All that, without a license fee.

                • Hah hah hah – I knew it!!! You were bound to have experienced the same thing but worse. [Edited by moderator] Anyway, I’m sorry to leave your stimulating company but I have some urgent business to attend to. I really must watch this paint dry……

              • MARTIN ,

                Your ” OPINION ” as that’s all it ever is has been duly noted .

                Slow walking , STOPPED dead in its tracks the IGAS proposed Fracking site at Barton Moss , Manchester.

                This is a FACT , It also added crippling, unsustainable costs to Cuadrillas site in Lancashire.

                BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR , giving up your rights to any government.

                The next slow walking march maybe in your village/town as the community come together to try and stop a tower block being built on green belt land , or a complex being built for mild sex offenders .

                • MARTIN ,

                  I see that you are finding it difficult to even get of the starting grid with your grammar. Would you like JACK to work his way through your posts ?

                  For instance, you say, ” you enlighten the readers to something. Certainly not the facts. ”

                  IT SHOULD READ , “you enlighten the readers to something , certainly not the facts. ” 🤣

                  Putting grammar aside , I FULLY DISPUTE all you have said and challenge you to show evidence to back up ANY PART of your above comment.

                  Come on MARTIN , let’s see your evidence .

                  Either you have ZERO EVIDENCE, or is that you are to frightened to put up a link ?

                  In the quest for truth and transparency, for the sake of the readers , which one is it mate ?

                  NOW CAN WE finally get back to the matter in hand , or do you want to drag on with these petty diversionary tactics on English grammar ??????

                • Keep it going, Jack. Another modification to history to make something fit. Your friend Mr. Putin would be proud of you. However, the real antis must be wondering how their platform became such a venue for factual distortion and modification of history. Not to worry, Jack, keep it going and the record keeps on growing for any interested party to observe.

                  Jack, most of the UK population never had any interests in rights to cause problems for other UK citizens. Most were, and are more interested in their rights not to have mobs curtailing their own rights. Mobs are not usually allowed to be unruly for too long in UK, Jack. Rules are made and applied. It is the action that generates the reaction.

                  I have a right to rob a bank to feed myself? Perhaps there are other ways to feed myself, or protest, that don’t deliberately cause problems to other UK citizens?

                  (I am left intrigued though, as to what a mild sex offender might be! Your posts continue to be a fruitful source of the merriment that comes from someone struggling with the English language and mixing that up with fake news.)

                  Truth and transparency, Jack? Oh yes, and 2020 was a normal year, and Russian oil/gas will flood back into the West once the War is over. Sorry Jack, as I stated in the first paragraph the record keeps on growing. It is yourself who has grown it. Just live with it.

                • MARTIN please , no more , my sides are splitting with laughter.

                  What’s all this nonsense about , my friend Mr Putin ????

                  I m just supplying you with the facts , that a ,% of Oil and Gas is still making it’s way in to the EU and the UK through the back door from countries like India .

                  So whilst the EU cut direct supplies of cheap Oil and Gas from Russia ….. India on the other hand is buying huge quantities of Oil and Gas from Russia , adding their crust on top and then selling it back to the EU .

                  What a joke , you couldn’t make it up .

                  My comment regarding ” mild sex offenders ” is referring to open prisons , half way houses , rehabilitation centre’s for low level criminals …… Come on MARTIN , keep with it .

                • Hmmm, that only works if you think sex offences are mild, or low level criminals, Jack!

                  I think you need to catch up with the seriousness such offences are viewed in the UK, Jack. Different in your part of the world, Jack?

                  I do fear for that situation in Russia, now that Tinder is being withdrawn.

                  A change from Make Love not War, to Make War not Love!?

                • Yes MARTIN ,

                  In the ” NORMAL ” year of 2020 , Chesapeake Energy was saddled with 9 BILLION of debt and the US shale industry was riddled with bankruptcies and 300 BILLION of debt.

                  Fast forward to 2023 . What difference a WAR makes .

      • ‘it was seismic activity that stopped fracking, not protests’
        Incorrect. When George Osbourne and David Cameron said they were ‘all out for shale’ and ‘we will make it happen’ they knew full well that fracking caused seismic activity. It was, is, and always will be part of the extraction process. They didn’t say ‘all out for shale if there are no earthquakes’. Nor did they say ‘we will make it happen if there is no seismic activity’. They knew exactly how the industry needed to operate. Sorry if it’s a hard pill to swallow but the UK shale gas industry was pummelled by well organised communities. Was, is, and always will be whatever bill slips through.
        So much money lost by investors in AJ Lucas. I wonder who they all are.

        • Not me, jP. If I wanted to lose real money, I could have invested in Tesla! If I wanted to make loads of money, I could have invested in Chesapeake Energy! Unfortunately/fortunately, I don’t have the money to invest as I am paying high energy bills.

          But as well as that I do not seek to change history. Interesting that your semantics change through your post, from incorrect ending up with pummelled- which is subjective. In reality, the impact the protests had, at best, was to delay fracking tests. Those fracking tests then caused what was deemed to be unacceptable seismic activity-although similar for geothermal in Cornwall were deemed okay. In reality, at best, protests caused a delay in fracking for gas in UK to be stopped! You stated that it was always going to be part of the extraction process, so you knew (lol) what would happen. All you needed to do was to sit back and await that happening, but I realize it is now a hard pill to swallow after all those £millions were wasted on policing and the county line gangs could operate and ruin lives with police tied up on such activity. The police were there jP to allow those tests to go ahead. Without protest, no police required, and the tests would still have happened-perhaps sooner. It won’t be long before you reach the ultimate point, that protests created the seismic activity, but maybe that step along the changing of history track is a step too far?

          By the way, my history notes that when fracking tests were conducted in UK, Cameron and Osbourne were long gone! I also understand, that hugging a hoody was gone too! So was Government policy to remain in the EU. So was £100k+ guaranteed net profit per wind turbine per year. “D” for history, jP.

          Good to see though that the anti mechanism of doing the jigsaw is still there. If a piece doesn’t fit, just take a hammer to it! Doesn’t produce the correct picture but it produces a picture. Strangely akin to the approach to arithmetic, where cheap clean energy can be claimed-as long as the £200B for new nuclear is ignored which “suddenly” noted has to be spent as someone seemed to forget about the sun not always shining and the wind not always blowing. (My 2 year old grandson knows if the wind is blowing and the sun isn’t shining we don’t go to the beach, but have a plan in place for something else.) Then, there is the £20-£30B forgotten about, which is fuel duty-which will need to be replaced and the costs of doing that are rather high. Then there is the £50B “industrialization” of the countryside with expansion of the Grid. After that comes the ones that have not even been estimated, like decommissioning of nuclear.

          What I do know, jP, if UK has an energy mix with a lot more nuclear and less gas, then the average generation cost is a lot higher for the consumer and industry to pay. The vested interests, jP, can claim what they like, but that is reality and how the correct jigsaw will look. The vested interests couldn’t care less, they calculate they will be sitting comfortably and they can afford big hammers. The Tesla shareholders may not be sitting as comfortably as Mr. Musk, but such is life.

          • OH DEAR MARTIN , you really will have to stop churning out that Collywaffle.

            Chesapeake Energy , until the Ukraine WAR was nothing more than a debt ridden, bankrupt , white elephant…. Nobody was willing to buy their expensive Fracked Gas.


            In fact the Great American Fracking PONZI SCHEME , was a debt ridden bankrupt empire , with debts of 300 BILLION .


            Arms manufacturer’s and the expensive Fracking industry have done very well out of this terrible war . Just remind us MARTIN , who is the world leading producer in both industries and which country has the most to gain out of this war ??????

            MARTIN , expensive US Fracked Gas is not helping your energy bills .

            As far as TESLA go , just look at the online share price chart , from an initial start price of around $1.28 a share , to an eye watering current share price of $164.31.

            MARTIN , even in your world, that can only be described as an amazing success.

            [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

              • But, it is Jack! Even apart from my pension pots which will inevitably have some chunk of BP and Shell.

                Nice of you to involve someone else in your fake news, but it is still fake news.

                Maybe it is coming from BPX Energy, with some now whinging about BP tax in UK? The cake and eat it brigade. Sorry, if profits are transferred overseas, they are taxed overseas. If more profit is wanted in UK to be taxed in UK then the answer is simple! (Maybe not to Starmer but that is why he needs a glass of water whenever he ventures into economics.)

                The Laffer Curve shows no tax if no activity, and little tax if little activity! Lots of tax if lots of profitable activity, collected where that is the case. I wonder what research has suggested few voters are unaware of that, but there must be some to justify the continued thread.

                • MARTIN ,

                  If you think the reputable evidence I put forward is FAKE , then you prove me wrong .

                  JACK and the readers will need more than your OPINION , as that accounts for nothing .

                  Come on MARTIN , let’s see your evidence .

                • Nope Jack. If you are too lazy to look at the volumes of US gas being shipped from USA to UK, I am not going to help you. It is readily available to anyone who wants to look-apart from the three “wise” monkeys. (Refinitiv Eikon is one source, but there are others.)

                  I will continue to treat the other viewers of DoD as adults who can make themselves aware of the facts if they wish to. (Children even more so.) I leave it to you to spoon feed distorted nonsense to try and change realty, including your attempts to change recent history. Alternatively, if that is their desire they can see more of the same at the UN.

                  Instead of wandering off into fantasy, just answer me this-is gas not being exported from USA to UK?? Come on Jack, fire up that search engine-then you will find your comment about my energy bill is FAKE. Not a very good attempt to mask that, Jack, especially as I have previously supplied full details of the comments from Rystad on the other side of the pond regarding the economics of converting gas to LNG, shipping across, trousering a profit-and still helping UK users of gas -like me-towards a better outcome than without that sourcing.

                • MARTIN ,

                  You talk about being LAZY .

                  Are YOU to LAZY to look at the facts that prove without a shadow of doubt that Fracking is a highly toxic, environmentally damaging , climate changing, energy intensive process that is dangerous to human and animal health , causes steep drops in property values and leaves a toxic , costly legacy for future generations wherever it rears it’s ugly head .

                  For the health and safety of the British people , our government was right to kick Fracking in to the long grass .

                  Fracking , children and Cancer


                  Peer Reviewed Studies , Fracking and Cancer .


                  Fracking , premature death in elderly people.


                  MARTIN , is it LAZINESS that stops you finding out the facts concerning the dangers of Fracking ??????

                  I ask you again MARTIN , if you dispute what I have said , show JACK and the readers your evidence . Your OPINION only , is woefully unacceptable .

    • Marie. Here in Lincs, we have protests against oil, solar and Scampton Refugee proposals. Slow walk protest to disrupt solar and oil as well as glue on protest to prevent the arrival of refugees has been aired on social media. Should people slow walk lincoln against solar and prevent people going about their lawfully activities? Not sure…..

      • A reminder of what the CEO of Cuadrilla stated in 2018,

        “At a time when we are running out of gas. At a time when we are importing half our gas by pipe line from Russia”

        That of course is complete nonsense.

        No wonder support for the industry dropped and a major concern for the investors believing Cuadrilla knew how the fracking industry worked. They didn’t even have a clue where the UK got it’s gas from.

        Well organised communities and an industry not knowing the basics were the reasons why commercial fracking in the UK never materialised.

        Clearly the Government were completely wrong when they said ‘we will make it happen’


        In my experience when someone denies something that they need not comment on it usually means that they are involved.

        • In your experience you may be correct jP, however if you assume it is the same for others then you risk making an ass out of u and not out of me.

          If you seriously want to suggest that those who invested in a financially very high risk business were unaware of risk/reward then I suspect that says more about your experience and nothing about them. I have previously observed absolute twaddle about mythical pension pots being invested in such businesses, and noted again the manufacture of such simply to excite.

          History recalls facts, jP, not comfort blankets. Commercial fracking for gas in UK has not materialised as a moratorium was activated after seismic activity, that current Government decided would stay in place until it could be shown the same would not happen again. Of course, a Government has a finite period so what happens in the future is not controlled by the past or the current. Governments could even change traffic lights in the future!

          My involvement is as a user of energy, I have an interest in it. Equally, as a user of other things I have an interest in them also. I commented yesterday to someone that house insurance could be obtained for around £150/year for a £1m home but car insurance was around £300/year for a £4k car, yet I am not “involved” in the insurance business. I have to pay to the insurance business, so I take an interest. I pay for food, so I take an interest in how that is produced, yet I do not invest in farming-to my knowledge.

      • Interesting point you make HEWES62,

        First of all let me make this clear , my comments on the new slow walking legislation was not specifically directed at the Oil and Gas industry .

        It is correct to point out that slow walking could be directed at any industry and on that basis , we could have a country in complete paralysis if slow walking became the choice of tactic at every UK protest .

        My comments were to bring awareness to the fact that when one segment of society is singled out and vilified like the ,” environmentalists.” Careful propaganda can be used to turn the public against them… It then becomes easy for a government to take away some of your freedoms.

        Just look how the political parties vilified people who questioned covid vaccine safety , labeling them granny killers and enemies of the state . Those people were right to question the vaccine , as it’s now come to light that all sorts of information was kept from the public

        [Edited by moderator]

        HEWES62 , didn’t the Police already have powers to clear the highways , as and when they see fit to do so ?

        Do the really need more powers ?

        • An anti- vaccer to boot!

          Goodness, Jack, how much damage are you satisfied with? If you don’t want the Covid vaccine, don’t have it-and risk the consequences. No vaccine is 100% safe. Never has been, never will be. The choice is whether the probability of side effects is greater than the probability of death. The UK mortality figures from Covid make that case pretty starkly, Jack. It “has come to light” that many thousands died without the benefit of a vaccine and far less with the benefit of a vaccine. I have seen DoD comment section abused to offer some pretty dubious propaganda, but you are moving rapidly to the top of that particular tree, Jack. “Careful propaganda can be used to turn the public against them”. Hmm, hardly subtle modus operandi, is it? Consistent approach, but failing-fortunately.

          Slow walking has been chosen as an activity by certain groups. They are “targeted” because that is what they have done, Jack. Shock/horror, if they had not done it there would be no legislation required!

        • MARTIN please ,

          My views on the Covid vaccine , I will not divulge .

          I would therefore ask that you refrain from making another one of your, Wild-Off-The-Cuff OPINIONS.

          What I did say about the vaccine and the way people were vilified for asking legitimate questions , I was correct about . The people were not given the full facts.

          • There were no full facts to give, Jack. [Edited by moderator] Full facts about ANY vaccine are not achieved until a vaccine has been used for a long period of time. The facts were presented that were known when the vaccines were introduced, then more facts have been added since. I expect more will be added in coming years. That is normal for any vaccine, and indeed, most medicines. If individuals want to wait the many years of use by others to have the full facts, Jack, there is a high probability that in many cases they will be dead before that is achievable. Their choice, and the UK Government allowed that to be the case.

            You are the one who wanted to divulge your job description:

            “Careful propaganda can be used to turn the public against them”.

            Then wandered off into Covid vaccine land. Your choice. A very silly choice, but one where you thought your propaganda could take place. [Edited by moderator]

            • MARTIN , I really do question if you are truly living on planet Earth .

              It’s either that , or your woefully naive .

              As far as the Covid vaccine goes , it’s now been acknowledged by our OWN government that the probability for an adverse effect from taking the vaccine was higher than what the public were told.

              Secondly , you were just as likely to catch and spread Covid to your GRANNY vaccinated , as non vaccinated.

              Branding non-vaccine takers as the only ones putting granny’s life at risk was false , a complete lie .

              These facts were known by the drug manufacturers, virtually from day one . I therefore find it hard to believe that the government and its many highly qualified , highly paid scientific advisors didn’t also know the truth .

              • Nope, they were not known, Jack. What was known was that if Granny caught Covid and had been vaccinated she stood a much greater chance of staying a live Granny.

                It has now been acknowledged once the probability has been determined a bit more. How is probability determined, Jack? You can do some homework on that, but it needs data from usage, just to start with. Until there are millions of vaccinated the data is ermm not from millions. Look at the data sheets for most medicines and observe the probability of certain side effects.

                Non vaccine takers were not the only ones putting Granny’s life at risk, but because they were non vaccine takers they allowed infection to spread much more, and mutate much more. A virus always looks for a host where it has the ability to mutate and spread, vaccinated hosts are not a comfortable home for viruses. I don’t disagree with individuals having the right to decline a vaccine, but they have no right in a pandemic to claim that doesn’t impact the wider public. It does, unless they shield themselves continuously. They don’t, they expect Granny and others to have to-until they are protected.

                The Granny in my own situation was my wife. In her case she had to shield for a long time before the vaccines were available to enable her to mix without being given Covid with every chance that would have been fatal. I know, because I had to do the same to protect her. That probability was known from very early on. She was unable to meet her new grandson until that was the case, so if she was still alive she would have some choice words for those who wish to change history without knowledge of the facts around a subject and just spout incorrect propaganda. That being their modus operandi would have not been any excuse, just a pattern from which they should have learned something. She was being treated for cancer at the time and her whole focus was to get vaccinated and protected sufficiently to spend some time with her grandson. [Edited by moderator]

                [Moderator] That’s enough CoVid debate [/Moderator]

                • MARTIN , your wrong again.

                  These facts regarding the Covid vaccine were known and the public were kept in the dark …..

                  If you lived in the UK , you would of been FULLY AWARE of these facts , as it was plastered all over the British media .

                • Ahh, the British media!

                  What is plastered over British media is another subject, Jack. Much of it is not factually correct, and much of the remainder is speculation. For example, a recent IMF FORECAST detailed on the BBC was FACT within an hour, and that is certainly not a one off! One poster on DoD has made a complaint to the BBC concerning what he deemed to be incorrect information. Even my leaflet from the Green Party was admitted to have some “poetic licence” within it. I could go on, or back-the chlorinated chicken reporting was an absolute classic! Anyone able to pick out how the UK voted within the EU when the ban was imposed many years ago, and why, within all the British media coverage?

                  However, I note how you come to your conclusions and “learn” what you want to “learn”. Goodness knows what will happen when AI gets to work upon you. I have previously put on my old marketing hat on the subject, Jack. You are a classic “follower”, a dream target audience. Sorry, not my choice but a very cheap group to market to, that in my days of employment I was grateful for.

                • [Moderator] Comment removed as off-topic. No more CoVid discussion, please [/Moderator]

                • MARTIN ,

                  Still waiting for your response to my above post . It concerns the highly toxic process , otherwise known as Fracking , did it slip your mind old chap ???

                  What about this , is this FAKE media ????.

                  I look forward to your detailed response, with supporting evidence.

                  Fracking , children and Cancer


                  Peer Reviewed Studies , Fracking and Cancer .


                  Fracking , premature death in elderly people.


                  Fracking and Breast Cancer


                  Toxic Fracking gas found in homes


                  [Text added at poster’s request]

                • Your above post was deleted, Jack, so no I will not reply to that.

                  I am pleased though that after some years of claiming you are unaware of British media content, you now claim you are.

                  Nope, I am not interested in what you can find regarding what they are claimed to be up to in USA. What I do know is that UK is having to rely upon them doing it, and it is reducing energy bills for me. I also have it from a quality source (lol) they are making fortunes from it with some strange fiction added that will not be the case once Russian gas/oil starts to be pumped to the West again. Seems to be a lot of British media missed coming to that conclusion!
                  By the way, forest fires are still being caused by electricity distribution in USA. I note in UK the pylons march across the countryside with many more to be added. Train crashes seem to be pretty frequent in USA yet in UK the rail network is being expanded, and derailments pretty infrequent. In USA the Second Amendment exists and there are big issues around that, in UK gun ownership exists and there are not too many issues around that. There is a much longer list Jack, but I suspect others are well aware of that, and so are you if you have started to read any quantity of British media.
                  Perhaps you should direct your US sources to a US audience and ask them if they are angry about paying $7 how would they be with $47?!

                • MARTIN ,

                  My above deleted post concerning the Covid vaccine , was removed by the MODERATOR due to it not being relevant to the forum . It’s all there , just read the comment by the MODERATOR .

                  To now try and use that as an excuse as to why you won’t respond to the provable , indisputable evidence concerning the toxic dangers of Fracking that I put forward , is laughable to put it mildly 🤣

                  PLEASE NOTE ladies and gentlemen , MARTIN can NOT dispute the evidence that JACK has put forward, , therefore it should be noted that MARTIN acknowledges it to be factually CORRECT.

                • OH DEAR MARTIN ,

                  Sorry to burst your USA fuel price bubble .

                  Gas prices are the most expensive in US history , breaking record from 2008


                  Don’t forget MARTIN , if you are going to dispute anything I’ve said , please provide evidence to back up your comments . Failure to do so , will leave JACK and the readers with no other option but to accept what you’ve said as another , Wild-Off-The-Cuff OPINION.

                • Oh dear Jack.

                  The same pattern. Get confused when you have to explain yourself. Jack, it is now May 2023!

                  Gas prices in USA can be verified by anyone who wishes to do so. Whilst checking they might also look at volumes of gas exported from USA to UK and wonder how someone can post that US gas is not helping UK gas consumers, whilst claiming they only post verified information! I have recently provided one source where that data can be verified. I suspect there might now be a retraction from what media Jack is able, or willing, to view.

                  They are NOT the most expensive in US history. They peaked last year, and have fallen back since. The reasons for that are pretty clear. Then, 2020 was a normal year, so the bar of expectation is pretty low.

                  Just more of your confusion method Jack. Don’t expect readers to be so unaware of your methods to try and deceive after you have been plonking them on this forum in the same way for years.

                  That is your way of trying to avoid answering whether you could convince the US public with your US links, who were pretty upset at paying $7 they should pay $47? You know those numbers, Jack. You know they are accurate and where they came from. Your previous response to them? Oh yes, I should not keep posting them as over time they became historic! (Except you now seem to want to merge 2022 and 2023!) Yes, Jack, and then you posted more recently that history teaches us something. An awful lot of confusion from Jack, and not much else is one thing it does teach.

                  I can save you some embarrassment, Jack. I would suggest you don’t ask US consumers if they would rather pay $47 than $7. The answers may be a long way from confusion and somewhat direct.

                • MARTIN ,

                  I show you evidence , from reputable sources.

                  You on the other hand , ONLY ever give your own OPINION , backed up with the usual sweet NOTHING .

                  CASE CLOSED

                • MARTIN ,

                  I take note of your above Collywaffle, but here are the facts .

                  Gas prices are the most expensive in US history , breaking record from 2008


                  MARTIN , above I presented FIVE LINKS from credible sources that show how Fracking is linked to Cancer in children , Breast Cancer in woman and early death of the elderly …. This is a very serious situation that JACK and the DOD readers are very concerned about .

                  MARTIN , why are you not acknowledging or responding to these very serious warnings ???????

                  When you see the devastating effects , living near a Fracking site can have on one’s health , can you not understand why people were slow walking at the IGAS Barton Moss site and Cuadrillas PNR site ??????

                • Nope, you don’t Jack. The case is still the same case. You provide data from 2022 and fabricate it is 2023. It is supported by nothing, other than I suspect what may be available from the Daily mirror for the Confused.

                  Still no attempt to explain how the US might prefer $47 v $7, after the outcry about the $7 last year, or how US exports of gas to UK are not helping my energy bills, or even how 2020 was a normal year. Absolute fabrication Jack.

                  Come on Jack, you have put yourself into the case. It is looking remarkably like a casket, so perhaps best to close it to keep away from prying eyes, except it is too late Jack, you left a trail. You always do Jack then off you go to return at some future date to rinse and repeat. Don’t blame me for you wandering out too far on the limb. You do it time and time again and with the same result. There was a guy far brighter than me who commented about that and those who expect a different result.

                • MARTIN ,

                  Thank you for your ” OPINION ” which as usual is VOID of any evidence.

                  I will take note , that what you have said is your OPINION only .

                  REMEMBER , if you are going to make a comment on anything that I’ve previously said , your going to have to back it up with more than Wild-Off-The-Cuff Collywaffle .

                  Now MARTIN , for the THIRD TIME on this DOD page , I will ask you . Taking note of the serious health and environmental dangers of Fracking .

                  Can you understand the reasons why people were ” SLOW WALKING ” in protest outside these potential Fracking sites ???????

                  Will we get an answer this time ???????

                  Fracking , children and Cancer


                  Peer Reviewed Studies , Fracking and Cancer .


                  Fracking , premature death in elderly people.


                  Fracking and Breast Cancer


                  Toxic Fracking gas found in homes


                  For the THIRD TIME I ask you , what are your thoughts on the ” links ” above ??????

                • Well, well, Jack.

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  Can I not understand? That is new, Jack. I can understand, never said I couldn’t. I can understand why a bank robber robs a bank, why a hooligan mugs an old lady, but it doesn’t qualify-to me- any reason to do so. I also understand after a footie match it may be claimed the ref. was to blame but usually a comfort blanket as you just attempted. Seismic events stopped the fracking. (Can you not understand 2022 is not 2023? Can you not understand energy poverty is one of the causes of mortality in the elderly? Can you not understand cobalt is a carcinogen?)

                  Just more Jack Schitt.

                  But, Jack, with US about to have problems with it’s national debt, you might want to check the US level of national debt-Feb 2023 was around 31,458 trillion US $s. Then there is Jack trying to create excitement around $300B, which would be lost within the “around”, and helps produce one of the most profitable export streams for the US, especially as it is now the world’s largest exporter of LNG! Yes, I can understand why you would try that Jack but I can also understand why it is a very poor attempt and why you post as if the readers of DoD understand very little.

  2. I’m disabled and can only walk slowly. Will it therefore be illegal for me to do my shopping? Obviously government will say my fears are groundless and that the police can be trusted not to misinterpret the law. Police actions over the last 40 years have proved that the only thing we can trust them to do is actively enjoy curtailing as many freedoms as they can as violently as possible. I have more respect for my toe-nail clippings.

  3. We need to adopt the “Bavarian model” in the UK:

    “Police representatives, members of the judiciary and politicians in Germany are calling for harsher penalties for climate activists, including preventive detention and longer prison terms, in an effort to halt their disruptive protests.

    This week has seen the most intense protests yet by the campaign group Letzte Generation (Last Generation), with hundreds of its members blocking scores of roads during rush hour in Berlin.

    Rainer Wendt, the head of a police trade union, the Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft, led the calls for what he called the “Bavarian model” to be rolled out across the country. In the southern state, activists can be placed in preventive detention for up to 30 days in anticipation of their participation in a blockade.”


    • The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, doesn’t agree with you. He states quite clearly who are at fault in this and it’s not the protestors.

      • Mr Turk will have his hands full looking at certain members of the UN such as China and Russia when it comes to Human Rights.

    • ‘Modèle Bavarois’ – ‘Bayerische Modell’ – ‘Bavarian Model’ –
      *’ – https://cdn.acidcow.com/pics/20111005/bavaria_01.jpg – ?

      *’ – http://images.esellerpro.com/2681/I/296/623/4055%20-%20015.jpg – ‘* –
      Or? –
      *’ – https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5e/28/a6/5e28a69956469507c98d380052b7f0c7.jpg – ‘* ?

      – Als Antwort auf Paul Trestos Beitrag vom 28. April 2023 um 12:26 Uhr

      Auf Englisch –
      In reply to Paul Tresto post of April 28, 2023 at 12:26 pm

      En Français –
      Alors ‘nous’ [où est la source habituelle avec une verbaphobie rampante commentant son mot interdit? Hypocrisie quelqu’un?] besoin d’adopter le ‘Modèle Bavarois’ au Royaume-Uni do ‘we’? [Encore?]

      Auf Deutsch –
      Also “wir” wo ist die übliche Quelle von grassierender Verbophobie, die ihr verbotenes Wort kommentiert? Heuchelei irgendjemand? Müssen Sie das ‘Bayerische Modell’ in Großbritannien übernehmen, tun Sie “wir”? [Schon wieder?]

      En Anglais seulement —
      So ‘we’ where is the usual source of rampant verbophobia commenting on its forbidden word? Hypocrisy anyone? ‘We’ [who is we?] need to adopt the ‘Bavarian Model’ in the UK do ‘we’? [Again?]
      Auf Deutsch – En Français – En Anglais –
      Ach mein lieber Gott! ‘Götterdämmerung’? Oh, Mon Dieu! ‘Le Crépuscule Des Dieux’? Oh My God! The Twilight of The Gods’?

      Perhaps ‘Rish! Sunak’s rapidly collpapsing ‘Unicorn Kingdom’ has transformed the United Kingdom into a mythological fantasy land, where all the old ‘scary monsters’ including the ‘Bavarian Model’ threats [not those in the photo?] can be waved in front of the public to ‘excite’ them into subservient compliance?

      ‘Rish! too busy wrangling unicorns to answer tricky questions’ – John Crace -Mon 24 Apr 2023 19.38 BST – *’ – https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/apr/24/rish-too-busy-wrangling-unicorns-to-answer-tricky-questions – ‘*

        • Strange? Synchronicity? These photographs just popped into my in-box from some friends.
          ‘Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria – Summer 2008′ – *’ –

          – ‘*-
          ‘Unicorn Apothecary Sign 1700s Bavaria’ – *’ –

          – ‘* –
          ‘Memmingen Bavarian Swabia Bavaria Germany Einhornapotheke unicorn’
          – *’ –

          – ‘* –
          Maybe Rish! Sunak has ‘ Unicorn Kingdom Bavarian Model’ connections?

  4. The UN doesn’t make UK laws Pauline, UK Parliament does. Even UK Courts do not make UK laws, their job is to apply them, and on occasion, clarify them. However, even then, if that is outside of the wish of Parliament they can just amend further to clarify again-as they have just done. Strangely (lol) the ones who win a stonking great majority to carry out the task have been given the stonking great majority to do the task they said they would do! Sorry if that upsets a few forking out crowd funding, but it is the reality.

    As for Jules, well I suspect most people would be more concerned with police inaction over the last 40 years, either internally or externally. Try living in a society where police inaction is directed by Government as a norm and see how that is. Maybe a little better than anarchy, but only for those not subject to the inaction.

    I do not want to protest in a way to cause others as much inconvenience as possible, and even risk to life, as I have respect for others so impacted, their human rights and the rights from paying their taxes to employ law enforcement. To go about their business without having selfish individuals claiming their rights are greater. That is the bank robbers excuse. I expect legislation to deal with both sets. I certainly don’t accept the higher intelligence nonsense as if the IQ is that much higher how come less disruptive protest methods have not been found? I don’t accept the wanting to engage in debate as it would seem when the rest of the public do so and give a clear instruction to go away and do something else (!), that instruction is not heeded.

    • The Human Rights Act 1998 sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to. It incorporates the rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic British law. The Human Rights Act came into force in the UK in October 2000.


      The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is an international treaty between the States of the Council of Europe. The United Kingdom was one of the States that drafted the ECHR and was one of the first States to ratify it in 1951. The Convention came into force in 1953.


      • Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

        Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others.

        No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder and crime.
        This Article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on the exercise of these rights by members of the armed forces, of the police or of the administration of the State.

        So, you can protest peacefully as is your right. But when you stray beyond that, then that right is superseded by the laws of the land.

        if you obstruct a highway, or prevent a person or company going about its lawful business, or endanger the public or cause disorder, then your rights to peaceful protest become null and void.

        The European Convention on Human Rights cannot be used as a right to commit a criminal offence or used as a shield to protect against prosecution for those unlawful acts.

  5. Fortunately Mr Turk’s comments are irrelevant to this issue. The people the activists target also have human rights. Too many people have suffered the selfish acts of these “do-gooders”. They achieve nothing other than cause unnecessary disruption to people going about their lawful day to day activities including trying to get to work / hospital / school etc. Everyone understands there are issues with climate change; there is no need to cause this disruption. Most of the protesters are hypocrites and are part of the problem. Their demand, as well as mine and yours, requires supply of hydrocarbons. For once I agree with Suella Braverman. Longer prison sentences are required.

  6. But…….its already illegal to block the highway. Why do the police need more powers to enforce an existing law?

    • Exactly, it’s the new “Nat-C” conservatism promoted by Reeks-Smog, Braverman and other far-right authoritarians, cosying up with Trumpian election denialists in the US. They’re already using the tired old far-right tactic of scapegoating immigrants, trans, human rights & environmental campaigners to deflect from themselves for destroying this country over the last 13 years. Now they want to try and rig upcoming local elections for those marginalised communities who don’t have easy access to ID (straight out of the US Rep/Trumpian playbook) and are less likely to vote “Nat-C”. It’s no coincidence that they are reverting to more FPTP elections, than the increasing demands for PR. It’s well known that the Tories won the last elections from a minority of the people in this country. The majority were split between progressive parties and those who abstained, being disillusioned with politics. Unfortunately Starmer’s Labour is just voting for the lesser of the evils and current UK politicians are there to serve the rich minority, themselves and parasitise off those who are the real workers and taxpayers. No wonder more people are disillusioned and taking to protest. It’s hardly “representative democracy”.

      • Sorry TMB, if those who “abstained” couldn’t be bothered to vote they were not wanting to represent democracy! Those that did, voted according to what they wanted from “representative democracy”. What they actually got, is another matter, and is always the case after any election. So called progressive parties offer nothing different in that respect-which is why few who bother to vote bother to vote for them.

        A postal vote is not difficult to acquire in UK in any community. There was a referendum regarding PR in UK. The voters rejected it. They are used to Governments being elected by a minority of people in the UK. It has rarely been anything different, just that the percentages may alter.

        There are “parties” that stand at every election and never get enough support to get elected, and nearly always lose their deposits. The voters have decided that they don’t want them to represent democracy. Sad, but true and probably for the best.

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