New parliamentary committee seeks views on net zero priorities

The group of MPs who will scrutinise the government on cutting emissions and securing energy is asking for advice on its work programme.

The new energy security and net zero committee is holding an event for stakeholders and organisations next month.

Source: House of Commons

The SNP MP Angus Brendan MacNeil, who was elected the committee’s chair last month, said today:

“To deliver the twin aims of having a secure and affordable supply of energy while achieving a net zero carbon economy will require carefully balancing a spectrum of policies and interests.

“That is why the committee will want to hear as wide a range of views as possible from people and organisations across the energy and environmental sectors, as we set our priorities for holding the government to account on its delivery of one of the most important challenges of our generation.”

Organisations interested in attending the stakeholder event are invited to contact the clerk of the committee at CommonsESNZ@parliament.uk

The committee was established following the creation of a new government department for energy security and net zero, under Grant Shapps, in the February 2023 reshuffle.

Other members of the committee are expected to be appointed in the coming weeks.

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  1. Net zero is a complete farce. Mere window-dressing and virtue-signalling to try to look as if we are making an effort. In fact all it will do is bankrupt the UK and have zero influence on the imagined global warming we are supposed to be concerned about.

      • I don’t have to be a climatologist to know that the amount of difference to the planet’s future the UK bankrupting itself is less than zero.

  2. Imaginary to you Iris, but very real to those already losing their homes, livelihoods and lives to the changing climate and rising sea level.

    • People have been losing their homes for centuries, probably millenia, because of the changing climate. It does not mean the end of the world is nigh.

    • Ere is no risinsea level it is a myth. Coastal towns all around the uk have no change in 100 years. Also checkout world tide gauges , Fort Dennison in Sydney 16 years old shows no rise ,in fact a fall over the last 100 years. Many o5ers show likewise. No overallice melt a no temp rise overall for 30 years. You are being fooled. Check things out for yourself.

  3. English wine doing pretty well again though Neil P-as it did many centuries ago.

    Shame the next mini ice-age may halt it in it’s tracks, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

    Actually, if one researches the data far fewer lives are being lost to natural disasters today. The real problem is that many more people are living in areas where natural disasters may be likely. Why are fewer lives being lost? Because when they occur fossil fuel support is rushed to the rescue, support and rebuild. Food is brought in, from areas that have generated surplus food thanks to manufacture of fertilizer-from fossil fuel. This electricity stuff is rather poor at surviving natural disasters, so along come the ‘planes, diggers, generators, chain saws and all that medical equipment, derived from oil.

    Just think, if UK did not have all that resource in N.Sea, thanks to oil and gas extraction, where would all the carbon get stored?

    (Is the SNP camper van electric??? Maybe start with some practice first.)

    • I think the Old Testament explained it quite well, jP!
      Before YouTube-and before fossil fuel was used in any quantity, and before 7 billion going to 10 billion were pontificating about what they did and others shouldn’t. Not to worry, after everyone has been forced to their State imposed glorified electric Trabant the 10 billion issue will get some attention as the food and water runs out and the way of correcting that is remembered.

      Is this the same NASA that received all that money as it was vital to get man an escape route off earth for when solar activity made earth uninhabitable? Or, was that another NASA?

      I will enjoy the UK wine and leave others to the UK whinge.

        • Thank you for sharing John, great to hear the optimism of Dr Sellers, so lacking from those here who bury their heads in the sand.

          • Thanks, John Powney, incidentally, you might have noticed that the supplied ?tube link is in 360p definition.
            So, I looked it up for a better definition version, and you can watch the original in higher quality on ‘archive.org’ – *’ – https://archive.org/details/before-the-flood-full-movie-national-geographic – ‘* – [notice also the download link].
            It’s nearly a gigabyte size file [0.987,069Gb], but worth it if you wish to view it again later.

            [Figure corrected at poster’s request]

  4. Incorrect, Dorkinian. I am generally optimistic. I am optimistic now cereals are being removed from fuel tanks of vehicles, and that stupid idea is consigned to the same bin containing Cash for Ash. I am not too optimistic that the same policy with regard to Drax will be dealt with anytime soon. I am not optimistic that Greenland and the oceans will not be trashed to gather rare minerals required to furnish the “brave new world”. I should be optimistic that kids in DRC are not handling a known carcinogen to then be paid a pittance by Chinese buyers. I am optimistic that someone has eventually realized the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine in the UK, although my optimism is countered by having to rely upon the same clowns coming up with a new energy policy . I am not too optimistic that there will be no issues with the insurance policy required to cover that, or the ability to control and dispose of the waste from that. I am not too optimistic that a very expensive constant and a cheaper unreliable produce anything other than a fairly expensive average. I am optimistic now that diesel is 10p/liter more expensive than petrol rather than 20p, inflation will start to decline pretty rapidly. I am not too optimistic that anyone will own up for not having mitigated against that some years ago.

    However, where I am not that optimistic I can fall back upon the UK wine, whilst I watch/listen to those in just one small part of the UK whinge about oil, gas, interconnectors, hydrogen, off shore wind turbines, solar farms, electricity pylons and nuclear!

    Meanwhile, Iris is right, whatever UK does will have zero influence upon global climate change, unless UK cracks fusion. But as the Australians have noted “we” can lead the world in whinging, and the SNP are at the top of that tree. Another bottle, please.

    • You mean those doing it in DRC, Jack, or those doing it with deep sea mining, or those about to do it in Greenland? Absolute disgrace, isn’t it Jack.

      However, perhaps you would be best to avoid nonsense when there is a certain Mr.Musk with very well lined pockets, who likes to take some dosh out of his pockets every now and again, plonk a lot of fossil fuel product in a great big rocket, blast it into the sky and the thing explodes showering debris over a wide environmentally sensitive area-all after being accused of trashing a forest in Germany before permission was obtained to trash it!

      Meanwhile, there are those Jack who have to use fossil fuel products for their very poor propaganda against-what? Fossil fuel! What sort of person attempts to talk the talk and yet is unable to walk the walk?

      Besides which Jack, I have yet to come across any climate change deniers. I do come across a lot of people though who have their own opinions about those who use such terms as a cop out and yet can not come up with any coherent alternatives that actually add up, and when it starts to become apparent they don’t add up want the lot of people to ignore that they will get a bill for £200B and a very expensive energy source, with very great safety risks, to help to make the alternatives add up. Yet they still don’t add up, do they? Another £50B for the Grid to be upgraded and all those extra pylons industrializing the land and woodland being trashed to accommodate. “Strange” how these “little” figures were found hiding down the back of the sofa and were not available when “we” signed up. Oh, silly me, no-one was asked to sign up, were they! They just were falsely labelled if they thought the Group Think had whacking great holes in it. Then, no-one has detailed yet how Fuel Duty will be replaced-another £20-£30B-so all part of the same routine.

      I look at the evidence Jack, not what I would like to see. I note Chesapeake Energy has just posted better than expected financials and detailed some of the expectations for the next year-including export contracts to Europe. Strange there are those in Europe, unlike Jack, who have signed contracts not expected Russian oil and gas will be piped back into Europe. Lining their pockets? Well, Jack as you have continuously tried to play the debt card you must be pleased! Of course, there will be those who noted your “outrage” about the company with your original link-your irrefutable evidence (lol) that was soon amended to contain the classic that 2020 was a normal year to vainly attempt to get the pieces to fit together-and think-what planet is this person on who can get things so wrong and then just tries to rinse and repeat? Enjoy your time on that planet Jack, but don’t expect me to join you.

      US data also shows many forest fires caused by electricity distribution, Jack, with damage to property, animal life and deaths amongst humans. Masses and masses of links available, yet electricity is still used in UK, and forest fires avoided. It may have escaped your notice Jack, but US gas is also being used in UK! Lots of it, helping to make USA the largest exporters of LNG in the world. LNG production and transport costs and emissions can be readily accessed. Looks good for the USA, not so good for the buyers and pretty poor for the environment. That is where “we” are, Jack. For those few who might actually be climate change deniers, they may be excused for thinking “if that is the mess the zealots can create, why should we join them?” Not just the zealots but the idiots who promoted diesel use a few years ago, with one Guardian reader amongst them, and yet failed to notice UK was not well positioned to produce diesel, so that when a problem arose with supplies from Russia, diesel suddenly shot to a 20p/liter premium in UK adding to inflation, as much production and distribution uses ermm, diesel! Another little exercise supported by “science”, but subsequently trashed by reality. Then, there was the “science” for using wheat to plonk into petrol, that has subsequently been contradicted by other scientists and yet the consumer is left with dearer motoring and food inflation at astronomical levels. Quite a mess, Jack, yet now a committee is being formed, so all is well! Hmmm, put a committee in charge of designing a racehorse and they will produce a camel-and one that is unable to race. You should apply, Jack.

      • MARTIN ,

        It’s just strange , how you are deeply concerned about the health and safety of children in the Democrat Republic of Congo ( DRC ), but have ZERO interest in the health and safety of UK children .

        Why is that MARTIN, do you by any chance live in the DRC ????????

        MARTIN , You keep banging on about this £200 billion ….. Let’s now see your evidence to support your comments regarding this money , or is this just more Collywaffle ?????

        MARTIN , your imaginary £200 billion is PEANUTS compared to the cost of global warming this century …… At potential figure of 51% of global GDP , YES I did say 51% ……. I think you need to get your priorities right old chap .


        • MARTIN ,

          Just read through your long winded Collywaffle.

          Didn’t you know MARTIN , you are NUMBER 1 climate change denier 🤣

          Your desperate, frantic push for the use of Fossil Fuels is legendary . Spinning all sorts of unsubstantiated nonsense , backed up with zero evidence and your continual negativity against ALL green energy , puts you at NUMBER 1

          You NEVER have a good word to say about Green Energy , but are willing to say ANYTHING , no matter how far fetched it is in a relentless push for fossil fuels .YOU totally ignore the PROVEN FACTS regarding the damage burning fossil fuels cause to the planet… Yet again I say , that puts you at NUMBER 1 climate change denier , or do you just hate the whole of the human race ?????

          What’s this nonsense about electricity and forest fires in the USA ??????? What do you suggest MARTIN , ban electricity, go back to gas street lighting ?????? Are you by any chance a redundant Gas lamp lighter ?????

          YES , we are using GAS from the USA and LOOK AT THE PRICE OF OUR BILLS , they’ve gone through the roof .

          • Ahh, so you replied at 1.31pm without having read what you replied to, Jack! Thought so, it was obvious to me, but nice of you to let others know.

            Then, there is 2.04pm! Full of errors-as usual. I have debated with others on this site about my heat pump. I have been quite positive about that Jack, yet I have NEVER seen anything from you showing any use or experience regarding green energy. The bit of green attempted from you was some nonsense about pigeons, which rather indicated your knowledge of the natural world is pretty non existent. You have been asked at least six times to share your experience of EVs and have NEVER replied. You have NEVER supported any form of green energy, all you have done is use fossil fuel to post negative nonsense about same fossil fuel. Some can’t get the alternatives to add up Jack, you haven’t even attempted to get off the start line. I tried two hybrids Jack, I have posted about that several times. They would have needed a sail and a wind behind them to get off the starting line, but at least I tried, got some experience and decided, not for me.

            You have been supplied with the source of information regarding forest fires in USA several times Jack. Do you have problems with reading? You find other US links, why the problem? You have no problem, you are simply trying to deflect.

            As far as ignoring, then how come in addition to the above which you ignore, you ignore all the benefits from the use of fossil fuel, apart from your ability to post nonsense which I suggest would be pretty low on that list?

            No, I do not hate the human race, and certainly not those who live in DRC, Greenland or gain their livelihoods from the oceans. Do you hate the human race because many in UK will end up with a nuclear power station close by, to add to those who had such a great experience in Ukraine or Japan?

            Yes, LNG is a lot more expensive, Jack for very obvious reasons. Use a lot instead of domestic gas and the result is as you indicate Jack for UK energy bills. Even domestic gas in USA at $7 saw imported gas in Holland at $47! That is even before the emissions. There you go Jack, you are back on the road of stating the obvious fact, but rather unpicking all the rest of the nonsense you have posted. You might like to see Chesapeake Energy are not alone in planning to reduce their gas output in coming months due to weaker prices. That is what you get Jack, rely upon others and others will manage things to suit themselves-and contribute no Windfall Tax to help those in UK to pay their energy bills, whilst engineering to control prices. What were you on about regarding those crocodile tears, Jack?

          • MARTIN ,

            What’s full of errors ??????

            Let’s discuss this right here , right now.

            MARTIN , just like all your other comments they are totally VOID of any evidence . SURE , SURE you have a Heat Pump and I’m Elvis Presleys Uncle . You having a Heat Pump or a Hybrid car , is like a Lion trying to convince people it’s gone vegetarian.

            Referring to your above comments , I could say what my wide experience with Green Energy is , BUT who would believe me . I can’t exactly prove it on here .

            Instead I prefer to present credible evidence from reputable sources , qualified people who are experts in their chosen field …. People who are willing to put their REAL NAMES / organizations on the internet to back up what they say , not people who can hide behind made up names and NEVER present a single shred of evidence .

            MARTIN as the readers will know, we , me and you have debated the forest fires in the USA a number of times before . At that time I questioned your strange , unusual dislike of electricity generated from Green sources… That’s where this nonsense about forests fire in the USA caused by the electricity network first reared its strange head … Do you remember how the readers laughed when I asked you if you were hoping for a return to Gas for lighting in hospital operating theatres ????

            Oh boy , how we all laughed .

            Referring to US fuel prices , take note .

            Gas prices are the most expensive in US history, breaking record from 2008


            • What a lot of errmmm…..errors Jack. 2022 is not 2023……still. Etc, etc, etc.

              Within all of that nonsense, there is the glaring omission. Okay, so there it is, again. Jack is the classic propagandist, no experience just “talk the talk”.

              Jack, I have a heat pump for supplementary heat. It cost me £3k. I like it. I have an estimate to install a full heat pump system for my property. It is over £20k, and the engineer admitted I would probably not get the heat I require. I don’t like that, and will not be doing it.

              I have tried two hybrid cars on short leases (2X7 months) to enable me to try them. I didn’t like them, so I will not be doing that either.

              You may try and imply I am not telling the truth, but I am not the one trying to claim 2020 was a normal year, or that 2023 is 2022 or even that the membership of an organization will support the organization, when members of that organization were actively protesting about the organization at that time and ever since! Hiding behind made up names Jack the Lad still doesn’t remove responsibility for what is posted.

              • MARTIN ,

                YOU ONLY say things , YOU don’t / can’t prove ….. It’s all just words , you never show a single shred of evidence to back up any of your comments .

                What’s this nonsense , or should I say poor diversionary tactic 2022 , 2023 about ?????

                The ” normal ” year of 2020 , yes I remember . That was the year the American Shale industry had 300 BILLION of debt and bankruptcies . Chesapeake Energy had 9 BILLION of debt .. Even with the very LOW environmental STANDARDS , the US shale industry still couldn’t make it pay …

                Fast forward a couple of years , what difference a war makes.


                BUT $300 BILLION was only the TIP of the shale industry ICEBERG .


                Another $450 BILLION LOST in invested capital

                • Well, well Jack.

                  When up against it-play the debt card, again. However, Tesla operated for a very long time not only with debt BUT also making no profit!

                  One day £200B was peanuts, another day on and it is somehow a terrible issue.

                  Debt is only a problem if it is difficult to service. It became so in 2020 for a lot of companies in a lot of sectors, as 2020 was an exceptional year. However, today Jack, there is the outcry regarding oil and gas companies making “obscene” profits. Windfall taxes are being applied in UK, dividends are being paid in generous amounts to shareholders and share prices are rocketing-Chesapeake Energy +84% since 2020. Will such companies pay off debt? Probably not, if they can borrow at interest levels which are below what they generate. If they want to, will they be able to take on more debt? Probably, as the financial sector will see them as a pretty good bet, whilst a few poor lost souls waffle on about stranded assets! Will start up companies be able to start up, being financed through debt? Probably less, as debt costs have risen.

                  Meanwhile, when I last looked (Feb 2023) US public debt was around $31,458 TRILLION. Will now be higher-and would be even higher without US oil and gas companies producing their products locally for domestic use and industry use way below European prices and additionally making “obscene” profits from export. Jack’s world? Nope, not happening, as gas peaked to $7 and ignoring that in Europe at the same time it was not $7. Nope, it was $47!! Then, of course that can not be so as the mantra has to be there is only one world market price, even when records show that to be fake news.

                  Sorry Jack, even before the war in Ukraine the GDP of Texas was greater than that of Russia, and the gap is widening.

                  Jack, are there any subjects you actually have any real knowledge around? By the way, my young grandson who is now two and a half, is up to counting to 20, and this week is learning about counting in 10s, so perhaps he can then teach you that 47 is a lot more than 7? Chocolate buttons can help for when you run out of fingers and toes, Jack.

                  Jack, your version of propaganda is just like very poor marketing. It simply draws attention to a very poor product, very badly packaged and poor value. But, keep it going. Your “Green credentials” will surely generate some converts, but maybe not in the direction this site would like!

              • As if I was a new Nostradamus, the Greens have just found out in Bremen how expensive it is to try and force expensive heat pumps upon people and get rid of gas! However, no evidence?

                Oh dear, oh dear….oh no.

        • UK children Jack? Well, they should not live anywhere there are electricity cables, as there is a lot of scientific evidence that in USA they cause many forest fires and people die. There is this “person” who frequents this site that feels what may happen in USA is bound to happen in UK, so pretty damning-except the same person wrote “careful propaganda can be used to turn the public against them”, and as your propaganda is not careful Jack perhaps it excludes you?

          £200B, cost of new nuclear for UK, except new nuclear has never been achieved according to budget, so it will be more. Not imaginary, but interesting that is how you approach such things Jack-you are the classic DENIER!

          As far as the Could, I could win the lottery tonight. I think you need to get your costs of the brave new world calculated Jack. That would be a start.

          • There you go again MARTIN , trying to turn the public against electricity 🤣

            What do you suggest, everyone have their own oil fired, low voltage generators in their back yards …. Maybe we could Frack the Hell out of the UK and supply piped gas to power peoples generators ………. SORRY MARTIN , the UK electrity distribution network is here to stay , but don’t worry if safety is your concern , increasingly pylons are being taken down and better insulated cables buried underground.

            Now I know that you despise the thought of a fully electric future , powered by Green Energy with fossil fuels playing only a small part , but that’s the way it’s going wether you like it or not .

            Much to the delight of the public , even the major players in the fossil fuel industry are increasingly embracing a green energy future with large investments .

            Here’s some GREAT NEWS ,


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