Block SK56i

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Map credit:   DECC Habitats Regulations Assessments of 14th Onshore Oil and Gas Licencing Round
(Maps are in the Appendix E link at the bottom of the DECC page)

SK56i is part of PEDL307
Licence Operator   INEOS
Partner          INEOS Upstream Ltd

Other blocks in PEDL SK66b
Licence type Shale
Commitments 1 well, 1 hrz frac well, new 2D & 3D seismic surveying
Drill Or Drop clause None

The licence in this area covers several blocks, including this one. The listed commitments are for the whole licence area, not per block.

Administrative areas covered by licence

Parliamentary constituencies and MPs
Mansfield, Ben Bradley, Conservative
Bolsover, Dennis Skinner, Labour
Sherwood, Mark Spencer, Conservative
Bassetlaw,  John Mann, Labour

European areas overlapping with licence block       No records

European areas outside block which could be adversely affected         No records

Wildlife Trust sites overlapping with block
Meden Trail (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust)
Spa Ponds (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust)
Strawberry Hills Heath (Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust)

No conditions proposed.

This block has European sites within it, or within 1km of the block boundary. In general, land within approximately 1km of a European site is considered to be of a potentially sensitive nature (due to its proximity to the European site) such that mitigation and/or alternative siting may be required by authorities further considering HRA issues for specific project-level operations. .

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