Who’s got an oil and gas licence in your area?


We’ve compiled a list to show which companies have been granted oil and gas exploration licences and where they are.

The licences were confirmed by the Oil and Gas Authority today (17th December 2015) and cover England only.

Each licence is made up of blocks which are based on map squares. You can check the map for the block where you live or search by county/region.

The light green squares on the map are blocks announced on 18th August 2015 and the dark green are blocks announced on 17th December 2015. The light brown areas are already licenced.

Some of the blocks don’t exactly match with counties/region so apologies if we’ve assigned them to the wrong one.

Each block is linked to a page on our 14th Round portal. We’ll be updating these pages during the next few days.



Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green on the map)

SJ56 INEOS, shale

SJ57 INEOS, shale

SJ64 IGas, shale

SJ65 IGas, shale

SJ66 INEOS, shale

SJ67 INEOS, shale

SJ75 IGas, shale

SJ76 IGas, shale

SJ77 INEOS, shale

SJ78 INEOS, shale

SJ84c Norfros, coal bed methane

East midlands and South Yorkshire

Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, S Yorks

Awarded 18th August 2015 (light green)

SK43 Warwick, shale

SK45 INEOS, shale

SK48 INEOS, shale

SK49 IGas, shale

SK52 Egdon, shale

SK53 Egdon, shale

SK58 INEOS, shale

SK72 Hutton, conventional

SK86c ADM, conventional

SK87b Blackland Park, conventional

SK87c IGas, shale

SK88b IGas, shale

SK89e IGas, shale

SK96 ADM, conventional

SK99a IGas, conventional

Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green).

SK29 Warwick, shale

SK36 INEOS, shale

SK37 INEOS, shale

SK38 INEOS, shale

SK39 INEOS, shale

SK46c INEOS, shale

SK47b INEOS, shale

SK55 INEOS, shale

SK56i INEOS, shale

SK57c INEOS, shale

SK59b IGas, shale

SK66b INEOS, shale

SK66c INEOS, shale

SK67a INEOS, shale

SK76b Blackland Park, conventional



Awarded 18th August 2015 (light green)

SD61 Osprey, shale

SD62 Aurora, shale

Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

SD17 Reach, shale

SD20 Aurora, shale

SD21 Aurora, shale

SD26a Reach, shale

SD26b Reach, shale

SD40 Aurora, shale

SD45 Warwick, shale

SD50 Aurora, shale

SD55 Warwick, shale

SD60 Hutton, shale

SD63 Osprey, shale

SD70 Hutton, shale

SD71 Hutton, shale

SD72 Hutton conventional

SD73 Osprey, shale

SD81 Hutton, shale

SD83 Osprey, shale



Awarded 18th August 2015 (light green)

TF06 Cirque, conventional

TF07 (north and south) Cirque, conventional

TF17 Cirque, conventional

TF18 IGas, conventional

TF36 GDF, shale

Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

TA30 Egdon, shale

TF38c Egdon, shale

TF39b Egdon, shale

TF46 GDF, shale

TF47 GDF shale

TF48b GDF, shale

TF56 GDF, shale

TF57 GDF, shale

Yorkshire, East, South and North

Yorkshire inland

Awarded 18th August 2015 (light green)

SE40 Cuadrilla, shale

SE41 IGas, shale

SE42 Hutton, shale

SE95 Cuadrilla, shale

Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

SE30b INEOS, shale

SE31c IGas, shale

SE32b Hutton, shale

SE50b Cuadrilla, shale

SE51b Celtique, shale

SE52 Alkane, vent

SE57 INEOS, shale

SE61d Alkane, vent

SE65 INEOS, shale

SE66 INEOS, shale

SE67a INEOS, shale

SE68b INEOS, shale

SE69 INEOS, shale

SE72 Europa, shale

SE73 Europa, shale

SE74 Cuadrilla, shale

SE75 Cuadrilla, shale

SE76 INEOS, shale

SE77e INEOS, shale

SE78f INEOS, shale

SE79 INEOS, shale

SE84 Cuadrilla, shale

SE85 Cuadrilla, shale

SE86b INEOS, shale

SE87b Cuadrilla, shale

SE87e INEOS, shale

SE88c Cuadrilla, shale

SE96a INEOS, shale

SE97a Cuadrilla, shale

SE97c INEOS, shale

SE98c Cuadrilla, shale

SE99a Third Energy, shale


TA05 Cuadrilla, shale

TA06b INEOS, shale

TA07a Cuadrilla, shale

TA08 Cuadrilla, shale

TA09 Third Energy

TA15 Cuadrilla, shale

TA16 Cuadrilla, shale

TA17 Cuadrilla, shale

TA18 Cuadrilla, shale



Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

SU34b Cirque, conventional

SU44 Cirque, conventional

SU81 IGas, conventional

SU90a IGas, conventional

SZ38a Angus, conventional

SZ47 Angus, conventional

SZ48 Angus, conventional

SZ57 Angus, conventional

SZ58 Angus, conventional

TQ34d IGas, conventional

South West


Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

SO50 South Western, coal bed methane

SO51 South Western, coal bed methane

SO60a South Western, coal bed methane

SO60b South Western, coal bed methane

SO61 South Western, coal bed methane

ST04 South Western, shale

ST14 South Western, shale

ST24 South Western, shale

ST25 South Western, shale

ST34 South Western, shale

ST35 South Western, shale

ST36 South Western, shale

ST84 South Western, coal bed methane

ST85 South Western, coal bed methane

ST94 South Western, coal bed methane

ST95 South Western, coal bed methane

SY79a South Western, shale

SY88d South Western, shale

SY89b South Western, shale

SY97b Perenco, conventional

SY98c Perenco, conventional

SY99 South Western, shale

SZ07 Infrastrata, conventional

SZ08c Infrastrata, conventional

SZ09a South Western, shale



Awarded 17th December 2015 (dark green)

NZ51 Third Energy, shale

NZ52b Third Energy, shale

NZ52c Third Energy, shale

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  1. Really John?
    I do live on dairy land – in the Yorkshire Dales – my water is from a bore hole and I am very concerned that the ancient rivers that run deep locally and flood naturally here covering all the fields which the dairy and sheep use – could get contaminated from fracking. The wind farms don’t have this potential as I understand, so I can understand them being granted occasional licenses and I quite like them myself – I wouldn’t like the dairy, the sheep – or my family! being poisoned though – or the local wildlife.
    So next time you eat any cheese, milk, butter, dairy etc… beef, or lamb = human energy needs = any food – drink a glass of water or clean your teeth – think about it – and seriously check we are really really safe using fracking? – in an country well known for its water and an industry well known already for being dirty and leaking toxic chemicals into the water supply all over the place.
    I doubt the grannies and grandad’s and anyone with low immune systems such as the sick or children – let alone the livestock – will survive that also – without serious harm – just take a look at the dead cows and other livestock found in New York State! – as a direct result of recent fracking there – oh and the air pollution evidence!
    I wish I could be as confident as you but it just doesn’t look good to me – it looks like a seriously bad idea no matter what energy problems we have and I don’t see any evidence assuring me otherwise – just more bullish behaviour, spin and secrecy from business people and the government – and more seriously worrying evidence in the US – showing us what we have to come.
    This is an issue that is far far more worrying than keeping the heating on in winter.

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