Block SK96

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Map credit: UKOGL Interactive Map and ©OpenStreetMap contributors

SK96c is part of PEDL314
Licence Operator

Other blocks in licence SK86c
Licence type Conventional
Commitments None
Drill Or Drop clause One Drill Or Drop well

The licence in this area covers several blocks, including this one. The listed commitments are for the whole licence area, not per block.

Administrative areas covered by licence


Licence operator ADM

Partners Milroy Capital Limited, Aberdeen Hydrocarbon Development Limited
See the GreenPeace Energy Desk for more on the licencees of this block

Parliamentary constituencies and MPs

Sleaford and North Hykeham Stephen Phillips Conservative
Lincoln Boro, Karl McCartney Conservative

Wildlife Trust sites overlapping with block
Whisby Nature Park (Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust)

Anti-fracking and other campaign groups

Timeline of events

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