Breaking: INEOS oil and gas licences now cover 1 million acres

ineos2INEOS is the big winner in today’s oil and gas licence announcement. The company has been granted 21 licences covering 37 blocks. The company now has exclusive rights to exploit oil and gas from 700,000 acres, to add to its existing licence area covering 300,000 acres.

The INEOS licences are in Yorkshire, the east midlands and Cheshire.

The chairman, Jim Ratcliffe, said:

“We are delighted with today’s announcement. The UK government has demonstrated it is determined to move forward with this exciting new industry. This is the start of a Shale gas revolution that will transform manufacturing in the UK. INEOS has the skills to safely extract the gas and we have already committed to both fully consult and to share the rewards with the local communities. ”

“We believe Shale gas could revolutionise UK manufacturing and we have the resources to make it happen, the skills to extract the gas safely and the vision to realise that communities must share in the rewards for it to be successfully developed.”       

Other leading companies are Cuadrilla with eight licences, IGas with 11 and South Western with nine.

Cuadrilla’s licences are in Yorkshire, while IGas’s are in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex and Hampshire. Third Energy’s licences are in Yorkshire and north east England, and South Western’s are in Dorset, Isle of Wight, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Licence summary

We’ll bring you details soon of which licence area have been offered to which companies. But here’s a summary of the numbers. The OGA has grouped some blocks offered in the 14th round together into licence areas.

ADM 2 blocks, 1 licence

Alkane 6 blocks, 6 licences

Angus 5 blocks, 1 licence

Aurora 5 blocks, 3 licences

Blackland Park 2 blocks, 2 licences

Celtique 2 blocks, 2 licences

Cirque 6 blocks, 4 licences

Cuadrilla 18 blocks, 8 licences

Egdon 6 blocks, 4 licences

Europa 2 blocks, 1 licence

GDF 6 blocks, 3 licences

Hutton 7 blocks, 4 licences

IGas 17 blocks, 11 licences

INEOS 37 blocks, 21 licences

Infrastrata 2 blocks, 2 licences

Norcross 1 blocks, 1 licence

Osprey 4 blocks, 3 licences

Perenco 2 blocks, 1 licence

Reach 4 blocks, 1 licence

South Western 23 blocks, 9 licences

Third Energy 5 blocks, 2 licences

Warwick 4 blocks, 3 licences

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  1. Ineos will soon find out just how unwelcome they are. The majority of people do not want fracking – Kevin Hollinrake MP has admitted that 80% of his constituents are against fracking. We will fight every step if the way.
    And as for their billionaire owner who says he likes an industrial North – well come and live amongst the fracking licences and leave your Swiss tax haven!

  2. The “majority” are quite simply the thinking, caring people of the world. The frackers and the despicable government cronies giving them licences to wreck must have lost their brains and scruples a long time ago. Massive environmental disasters have already been chronicled as a result of this cowboy “industry”.

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